15 Ways Peta Murgatroyd Is Killing It As A First-Time Mom

Pro dancer on Dancing With the Stars, Peta Murgatroyd has only been a mom for a few short months. She and fiancée Maks Chmerkovskiy gave birth to an adorable baby boy, Shai Aleksander, on January 4th. Despite her inexperience as a mom, she has become out newest celebrity mom crush. She has become one of the most relatable celebrity mama’s out there, as she “keeps it real” through her posts on Instagram and Twitter.

Murgatroyd has not been shy about sharing her post-partum body struggles, breastfeeding issues, and her decision to return to work after becoming a mom. Her willingness to open up and bare all is encouraging other mothers to be honest with both their struggles and their successes. There is no perfect mother out there, and we should all be supporting each other no matter what choices we are making.

Fiancée Chmerkovskiy can’t stop gushing about his baby mama, and we can definitely see why. She’s drop dead gorgeous and insanely talented, but seems so down to earth and normal. You don’t need be act fake to impress her. She’s the best friend you dream about having – the one you can act totally normal and weird around, because she’s probably the same way.

Read on to find out how PetaMurgatroyd is crushing this mom role. We think you will become as obsessed with her as we are.

15 Smoking Pregnant Body

Peta Murgatroyd captured our hearts when she bared her full-term pregnant body for all to see. As a professional dancer, she was in great shape to begin with so it’s no surprise that her pregnant body was rocking as well.

What we love about Murgatroyd is that she was not afraid to show off her growing belly. After having a perfectly toned athlete’s stomach, she was proud to flaunt her expanding waistline.

Growing a baby did not seem to slow down Murgatroyd one bit. She continued to live the fast-paced life she was moving in pre-pregnancy. She remained involved in many activities that she was before she became pregnant. She shared with the world how important it was to her to stay active throughout her pregnancy. Even though being a couch potato sounded much better, she vowed to exercise every single day throughout nine months.

14 Glammed Up For Delivery

While in labor, Peta took the time to put a little make up on. In fact, her fiancée, Maks Chmerkovskiy, even posted about it, adding the caption, “but first…a little makeup.”

Many moms look back on the first photos they have of them holding their newborn and cringe. After undergoing one of the hardest events in their lives, it’s no surprise they don’t look like they are ready for a magazine cover. Some labors last many hours, some women get sick during it, and some push for so long that they break out into a sweat. Regardless of how put together your look, be proud of what you have accomplished.

However, there is also nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to apply some foundation, mascara, lipstick, or even run a brush through your hair. If it makes you feel better about yourself and more confident in the photographs, then go for it. Peta Murgatroyd had no issues doing it.

13 Working Mom

Peta has had a very fulfilling career as a professional dancer on the hit television show Dancing with The Stars. She even won the coveted mirror ball trophy in Season 14 with her celebrity partner, Donald Drive from the Green Bay Packers. Once she became pregnant she had to take a step back, but made no secret of her plans to return once she had her son.

Peta has shared the struggles all working moms face. She has to have the entire day planned out, especially the feedings since she is still nursing. She only wants to miss one feeding a day, so she tries to work around her sons breastfeeding schedule.

In today’s world, more and more moms are returning to work either because they want to, or because they need the financial stability a second income brings to their homes. It’s great to see a celebrity sharing how she can get it all done.

12 Date Night

Even after having a baby, Peta makes sure to spend time on her relationship with her fiancé. She made sure to spend some alone time with her husband just weeks after they welcomed their son, and has since been spotted on several date nights.

When you become parents your focus shifts to keeping your newborn fed, diapered, and loved. It’s also focused on grabbing sleep whenever you can. It’s important, however, to plan date nights regularly to keep your relationship strong, and to also keep you sane.

Date nights allow you to be able to communicate with your partner without being interrupted. You can truly focus on each other, and that helps to feel like you are supported. Dates don’t always have to mean dinner and a movie. Work it around your schedule and go bowling, hiking, or even have a picnic in the living room while your baby is snoozing.

11 Baby Sharing

Many celebrities cash in on their baby’s first public photos. Some donate the money made to a charity, and others seem to do it just for attention. Peta and Maks were upfront when they shared they would not be publicly sharing baby Shai’s photos. They thanked everyone for their well wishes, and stated that they were keeping him private during the most crucial weeks of his life.

On Valentine’s Day, Peta and Maks finally showed the world a picture of their adorable baby boy. At five weeks, old, she admitted that privacy for a celebrity eventually runs out. What’s great about Peta, is she explained why she waited to share the first photo. She explains that her mama bear instincts kicked in immediately and she was protecting him. She then goes on to say that babies aren’t meant to stay secret and keeping him hidden isn’t realistic.

We’re glad she shared. Shai is the cutest little boy ever!

10 Leaky Breasts

We love the fact that Peta Murgatroyd is documenting her parenting moments with all of us. She is dealing with the same issues that mother’s all over the world are dealing with. In fact, Peta posted a picture of herself wearing a white crop top, with a large wet spot created from her leaking boobs.

When you are breastfeeding, you will most likely experience your breasts leaking at some point. It usually seems to happen at the most inopportune times. Some women have been grocery shopping and heard a baby crying a few aisles over, and it cause their breasts to leak.

Our advice is wear a nursing pad, and make sure you have a couple extras in your purse, car, and even desk. If you know you will be gone for an extended period, you can try pumping to relieve some of the pressure also. A plus to that is you can freeze the expressed milk to be used via bottle at a later time

9 Strong Baby Names

We live in a world where weird celebrity names are a normal occurrence. Famous people are choosing names such as North, Moxie Crimefighter, Blanket, Blue Ivy, and Apple. It’s refreshing to find a celebrity couple who has chosen a strong name with meaning behind it.

Peta Murgatroyd shares that they chose the name Shai Aleksander for their son after putting a lot of thought into it. They faced the same struggle that most couples face – finding a name they both agreed on. They focused on shorter names since his last name, Chmerkovskiy, is a bit difficult. We’re guessing the kid will have to do a lot of pronunciation corrections with people as well as spelling it out.

They chose the name Shai because it means “gift,” and they felt like their son is a perfect gift. His middle name, Aleksander, was chosen because it is the name of Maks’ dad. They wanted to honor the little boy’s grandfather.

8 Body After Baby

Peta Murgatroyd wanted to be very transparent in how a woman’s body looks post-partum. She shared a picture of herself clad only in stretch pants and bra, just eight days after giving birth to her son. Like many new moms, she left the hospital looking 5 months pregnant. Murgatroyd has described the female body as “incredible and resilient.” On her Instagram post she wrote; “Now is the time for patience and hard work.”

On average, a woman only loses about 12 pounds after giving birth. The baby accounts for 7 or 8 of those pounds, and the remainder is made up of placenta, amniotic fluid, and blood. It also takes about four weeks for your uterus to shrink back down to its pre-pregnancy size after giving birth. Because of all of this, you will likely still look pregnant when leaving the hospital.

It’s a good idea to pack comfortable maternity pants and a looser fitting top to wear when you are discharged from the hospital. If you bring your pre-pregnancy jeans to wear home, you might feel a huge blow to your self-confidence, when you can’t yet fit them over your tummy.

7 Cord Blood Banking

Peta announced that they made the decision to store their newborn’s stem cells. It’s a potentially lifesaving decision that was important for her to do and she wanted everyone to be aware of it.

The blood in a baby’s umbilical cord contains stem cells, which can be used to treat many diseases. It’s a non-invasive procedure of collecting the blood that’s left in your newborns umbilical cord. It’s then stored for a possible future medical need.

Parents have the option of donating their baby’s cord blood to a blood bank for anyone who may need it, or they can pay to store if for their own families possible use. Unfortunately, cord blood banking isn’t exactly cheap. It’s free to donate it, but if you want to store for your own use, plan on shelling out up to $2300 to the private banks. The chance that your child may need it is pretty slim as well, and cord blood can’t be used to treat every disease out there.

6 Baby Blues

Murgatroyd recently opened up on her blog about dealing with the baby blues after going home with her newborn son. She admits she struggled with getting baby Shai to sleep and trying to figure out why he was crying. Something I think all new moms can relate to. She also had to deal with a plugged milk duct which made breastfeeding difficult for her.

As the case with many new moms, Peta also did not feel good about the image she saw looking back at her in the mirror. It takes time for a mom’s body to get back into the shape it was before having kids, so the engorged breasts and still enlarged stomach did not leave her feeling beautiful.

Peta credits the support from her loved ones to getting her through these rocky moments. Her fiancée reassured her that she was still beautiful and she looked to the other moms around her for advice on other issues.

5 Love Letters

All moms have such high hopes and dreams for their newborns. They want their children to have the best life they possibly can. Peta expressed all of her feelings towards her new son on her blog recently. She tells him he’ll feel sad and angry at times, but she’ll counter those feelings with laughter and love. She goes on to share with him her struggles growing up, and encourages him to follow his dreams. She assures him that she and his daddy will stand beside him in whatever he does. She also praises baby Shai’s father, Maks, in the letter.

Writing a letter to your newborn, or even an older child is a great way to show them how much you love them. You can use that time to tell them how proud you are of them and how you want to help them reach their dreams. List examples of how your child has shown kindness and the funny things they have done to make you smile.

Giving your child a letter like this will mean the world to them. They will likely pull it out and read it well into adulthood.

4 Treats Her Man Like a King

When you have a baby, they consume your entire life. Most moms can say it’s a love so deep; it’s hard to put it into words. It’s common for their partners to feel a little rejected as the baby now receives all the love and attention.

Peta posted the sweetest photo of her fiancée, Maks, holding their son on his birthday. She added the caption, “To my best friend...my partner, for the remainder of the most incredible years to come. You are forever the light that makes my soul ignite, you're the text book definition of my true soul mate. I never believed in one until I met you. My love for you is never ending." It totally melted our hearts, so we can only imagine what Maks felt when he read it.

Even finding small ways to assure your husband that he still holds your love and attention will go far. Taking the time to connect with him will only make your relationship stronger. It’s quite possible that he will reciprocate the love also.

3 New Mom Struggles

Thirty year old Peta has not held back when sharing her struggles with parenthood. From lactating mishaps to body image issues, the professional dancer has bared all. She’s even admitted to being so exhausted one day that she walked out of a store with only one shoe after buying a pair. She said that it was a bit embarrassing to explain that one to the clerk when she returned.

New mom struggles are nothing to be ashamed about and we should all feel free to share without feeling judged. Most of us can relate to doing something crazy due to lack of sleep. Leaking breasts, forgetting the diaper bag, days without showering – we can all admit to experiencing things like this. We love that Peta doesn’t hold back with her struggles too.

2 Multi-Tasker

One of the greatest strengths a mom has is her ability to multi task. Peta Murgatroyd proves she is no different by posting pictures such as this one showing her pumping milk while getting ready for a show. Murgatroyd has admitted to having to schedule practically every minute of her day out so she can remain productive both at work and at home.

Moms today are juggling more than they ever have before. They are driving carpools, helping with homework, making meals, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, and more. Some are doing all of this while also working a full-time job. Moms must learn to multitask or they don’t survive. They wouldn’t be able to get half of the things done that they do if we only focused on one thing at a time. It can be overwhelming as a new mom, but reaching out to more experienced mamas can earn you some great tips.

1 Work In Progress

Not only did Peta Murgatroyd show her body just days after having her baby boy, but she also showed the world what she looked like two and a half weeks later. She was making progress, even if she felt like it was slow by stead. She offered encouragement to all the women out there who were trying to get back into shape and stressed the importance of having a strong support system.

It can be frustrating to see little change to your body weeks after having your baby. You might realize you won’t have your pre-pregnancy body back the moment you walk out of the hospital, but you hope it won’t take long to bounce back. Try to keep in mind that it took nine months for your body to adjust to creating a new life. It’s going to take time to get back to normal, and will probably never be quite the same as you were before. Be proud of that. Your body changes are proof that you created the greatest thing in this world.

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