15Sudden Maternal Instincts

Okay, so in the case of a planned pregnancy, it is expected that both parents would be overjoyed at the news of expecting a baby. Maternal vibes will be radiating from the woman who’s expecting and she’ll resign herself into the full time job of finding the perfect name for

the baby and other such mommy stuff. So perfect.

But even in the cases of unplanned pregnancies, wherein the complete pregnancy is what blindsides the woman (which is another issue in itself), there is a good chance that such a woman will also feel maternally inclined. It is mostly because of the various hormonal changes going on inside her body.

Which means that even if the pregnancy can wreak havoc in the her life, she would want to protect the baby at all costs

With this comes the nesting instinct. It's when women clean the house up and make it perfect before the baby arrives. Women who never vacuum can now be seen willing to carry a full blown spring cleaning routine out. This often takes women, as well as their families, by complete surprise.

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