15 Ways Pregzillas Are Created

Right about now some people reading this are wondering what is Pregzilla? It is the sister to Bridezilla. Both are monsters respectively born of a desire to have the perfect birthing experience (not to mention baby) or the best wedding in the history of ever.

The "zillas" tend to be angry, cranky, and can even become violent when confronted. Usually, they are women, but a couple fathers-to-be and grooms have reared their ugly heads (and personalities) while gearing up for these milestones.

Society pokes fun at these characters. There was even a reality TV show, Bridezillas, that documented just how crazy and mean brides could get as they inched closer to happily ever after. Thanks to social media, women have overshared their pregnancies and deliveries.

What society has been lax in doing is accepting responsibility for the role it has played in creating these monsters.

Here and now the community must take a good look in the mirror and study this phenomenon of acting the fool as a result of growing up. Begin with Pregzilla for she is easier to comprehend and tolerate. Pregzilla is more noticeable and not as much of a joke by today's standards as Bridezilla.

Plus, she's a mom, which requires more reverence. Because she's a mom she's almost certainly not getting enough attention anyway. Now is the time to change all that. Put on the old' anthropologist's cap and study Pregzilla in her wild, natural habitat.

She's probably wielding her belly at the mall or office or unable to get comfortable on the couch in her living room. Regardless of where one finds Pregzilla, discover the ways she is created:

15 Haywire Hormones

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Pregnant women are hormonal. It's a fact that the body experiences numerous and rapid hormonal changes during pregnancy, especially in the initial stages. These hormones can contribute to mood swings that many pregnant women experience.

"Wildly fluctuating progesterone and estrogen levels do account for some of pregnancies infamous mood swings," according to an article in Parenting. Of course, as the article suggests, hormones aren't the only reason for the emotional roller coaster experienced during pregnancy.

But it is one of the physical symptoms that contributes to the creation of Pregzilla. In other words, haywire hormones could have something to do with the fact that the mom-to-be was showering her husband with love one minute and throwing him under the bus the next.

Certainly, everyone around the pregnant woman in question will blame the hormones, even if they play only a partial role.

14 Overwhelming Emotions

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Becoming a mom, especially for the first time, is a big deal. Processing the wave of emotions that rush over moms-to-be on a daily basis during the nine months they are pregnant can be overwhelming.

Women experience happiness about the seed they are growing inside them, sadness about the life they are leaving behind, worry about the future and doing a good job of parenting, fears about money and health, and the list goes on and on.

Experiencing this wide range of feelings in rapid succession can make anyone feel as though she is losing her mind. Yes, she might act out as a result. Compound these emotions with the hormonal changes and a Pregzilla moment is born.

Next thing you know the mom-to-be, belly and all, is swinging from the chandelier and literally kicking her guests out of the house. Overwhelming emotions are a primary ingredient in making a Pregzilla.

13 Morning Sickness And Discomfort

No one is in a good mood if she is sick. Pregnant women who experience morning sickness and discomfort might very well get cranky. Crankiness is a perfectly natural reaction to illness. Those feelings might lend themselves to irritability, which will have Pregzilla roaring at those around her.

One of the ugly truths of pregnancy that many women don't realize until they are deep in the trenches is that "morning sickness" doesn't only happen in the morning.

"I was surprised that everyone calls it 'morning sickness,' because it lasted all day," said Kourtney Kardashian, according to BrainyQuote. "For me, it was even worse at night. During my first two pregnancies, I felt so nauseous all day that I could only eat plain toast and bland foods - no proteins."

Indeed, pregnant women often experience nausea and vomiting at all different times of the day. While it usually stops or improves after the first trimester, it can last for the entire nine months.

Add to this the discomfort that comes with an ever larger belly, swelling, water retention, and having to urinate frequently, all of which are common symptoms of pregnancy, and one can understand a pregnant woman feeling down and acting out. Discomfort can bring out the worst in people.

12 Living Large

For pregnant women, living large doesn't refer to "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" a la Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Unless mamma bear is a Kardashian, living large is a reference to the big belly that she will be hauling all over the place.

Dealing with the new heft to her body is no easy feat. It can make moms clumsy and awkward when they move. Of course, this can make mom feel unattractive and beastly even. Certainly, the name Pregzilla makes one think of a pregnant dinosaur, monstrous and stomping through the streets.

Even if this is not the reality, mom may feel as though she really is this humongous monster of sorts. That sentiment alone could turn a woman into Pregzilla. If she looks in the mirror and sees a monster, and she feels gross and unlike herself, why shouldn't she start to become that monster in her attitude and behavior?

It's not a big leap to make, and one can understand - perhaps, even sympathize - with a woman facing such dramatic changes. Just make sure not to give Pregzilla a reason to sit on you.

11 Being Hangry

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Many a pregnant woman has experienced hunger pains. Some women become ravenous at a certain point during their pregnancy, even if they previously experienced severe morning sickness. When someone is constantly hungry, she might have a hard time satisfying her cravings.

Registered dietician Frances Largeman-Roth reminds BabyCenter readers that many pregnant women feel hungry all the time.

"The first trimester is an odd combination of feeling ravenous and nauseated, all at the same time (what fun!)," she writes. "The second trimester usually brings welcome relief from morning sickness, but it can also be a time of insatiable hunger. You have a growing life inside you that needs nutrients to create bone, muscle, and other tissues."

That inability to relieve hunger can cause irritability that some have labeled as being "hangry," which is a combination of the words hungry and angry. Even the Snickers commercials have pointed out that hungry people don't always act like themselves and can be a bit angry and even mean.

Under normal circumstances, hunger can be a turning point and cause of bad behavior. Compound these hangry feelings with all the other changes and complications of pregnancy, and one can easily understand the reason Pregzilla might be born of hunger.

10 Membership To The Lonely Hearts Club

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Some women are going solo as they become moms. Others are not physically alone but might feel emotionally abandoned. Or they are just having a hard time feeling understood as they transition into this new phase in life.

Regardless, the feelings of fear and concern - or even sadness - can make a mom-to-be feel isolated. What makes these feelings of loneliness worse is the belief in society that pregnancy is a time of joy. On top of feeling blue, many moms-to-be feel guilty for having such sadness.

After all, they're supposed to be overjoyed. For some, the thought that their baby is always with them can ease the loneliness. For others, baby's presence only makes it worse because they are constantly reminded of the responsibility that lies ahead and the concerns they have about becoming a parent.

Baby's presence in the form of nausea, kicks, and indigestion can also make mom recognize she's doing this on her own. Parenting can be overwhelming when you have a partner, so no one should be surprised that a single mom (or one who is in a challenging or unequal partnership) is feeling alone, scared, and angry.

Of course, those feelings can bring out the Pregzilla in mom.

9 Insensitive People

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One woman recently remembered someone calling her a Joker card when she was 9 months pregnant. Another recalls her mother-in-law poking fun of her big belly in front of everyone at her baby shower. And many have described apathetic souls on the bus failing to get up and give them a seat.

Insensitive and callous people are everywhere. Some don't mean to be mean, while others are just plain nasty by nature. Regardless, they are going to disappoint and demean mom. If moms-to-be are constantly encountering these thoughtless people, they might start to feel ignored.

They will also undoubtedly begin to feel like bringing a child into such a cruel world may have been a mistake. Moms, who feel this way, could end up walking over to the Dark Side. Enter Pregzilla. What's important is for mom to realize that not everyone is a jerk. She should replace negative thoughts about the world with positive ones.

And she should make as big a deal out of the kindness of strangers as she does the insensitivity. Surely, someone will help her with her bags or give her that seat on the train. She should show gratitude and try to remember the light some shine on humanity. That kind of positivity can keep Pregzilla under wraps.

8 Past Disappointments

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Moms-to-be who have experienced miscarriages, stillbirths, or difficulty getting and staying pregnant have a harder time enjoying pregnancy. Much of the time, they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. They are worrying about spotting, the stillness of their baby, and the possibility of the worst.

Getting over the past disappointment and heartache can be a really big challenge even for the most stable moms. The loss lives like a darkness inside her. It tears away at innocence and makes it hard to believe in that joy everyone else seems to associate with pregnancy.

Having these fears makes the mom-to-be feel out of place and even wrong. Of course, this constant fear takes a lot out of a person. It can make someone crabby and combative. Those reactions can be mistaken for Pregzilla. They are really just defense mechanisms for getting over the tragedy and trying to move on.

People must also remember that mom might even feel guilty for feeling happy about this healthy pregnancy. They want to devote themselves to this new baby, but they don't want to forget the one they lost. A little compassion and affection could be the cure for this Pregzilla.

7 Spoiled Brat

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Sometimes, there's nothing complex about Pregzilla's presence. She is just spoiled and thinks the world should revolve around her because she is pregnant. She expects others to cater to her every whim. She's used to getting whatever she wants.

Many of these Pregzillas grew up in rich homes or just had family who paid for their affection. Perhaps, she has a similar relationship with her spouse now. When she doesn't get what she wants, she gets nasty, says ugly things, or behaves poorly. She is without gratitude and might be described as narcissistic.

Those around her feel belittled and annoyed. Her difficult personality can cause resentment and anger on the part of her loved ones. Those harsh feelings can bring on drama of Real Housewives proportions. Someone needs to gently remind this mom-to-be that pregnancy does not give her carte blanche to be mean.

She also has to realize that she cannot be selfish much longer. Baby is coming, and she will no longer be the center of the universe. Ultimately, friends and family have to give this mom-to-be a reality check.

While they should be sensitive to her needs and the fact that pregnancy might be causing discomfort or even sickness, they don't have to enable her to be Pregzilla. They have the power to stop the beast.

6 Mean Girl

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The mean girl is the close cousin to "Spoiled Brat." She is contrary for the sake of being contrary and rarely, if ever, has a nice thing to say about others, even those who are supposed to be close to her. She has built up walls, and lacks empathy herself.

So, it's hard to understand why she expects others to be nice to her. Unlike the "Spoiled Brat," meanies sometimes have evolved into this behavior. Parents, other family members, or companions, such as boyfriends or husbands, have verbally or physically abused her.

She might have had a string of bad luck. The world may have been cruel to her. Being mean is her defense against all this ugliness and hardship. Often, pregnancy has little to do with this attitude. Basically, the mom-to-be was mean before she became pregnant and will likely remain mean afterward.

This Pregzilla, however, has one hope. She just might soften with the arrival of her baby, a flash of those eyes, one of those baby gurgles, those chubby fingers and toes.

5 Swelling

Swelling, also known as edema, is another normal symptom of pregnancy. It is to be expected.

"During pregnancy, edema occurs when body fluids increase to nurture both you and your baby and accumulate in your tissues as a result of increased blood flow and pressure of your growing uterus on the pelvic veins and your vena cava (the large vein on the right side of your body that returns blood from your lower limbs to the heart)," according to What To Expect.

Still, the expectation of swelling doesn't make mom looking in the mirror and seeing Baymax any easier. Obviously, blowing up like a balloon is hardly comfortable. Once again, the discomfort and disheartening appearance can turn a mild-mannered mom-to-be into Pregzilla.

The swelling and bloating only enhance the image of a monster stomping around and acting grouchy. The good news is that when the swelling goes down - after baby arrives - Pregzilla will likely turn into mom. And memories of the monster will fade away.

4 Dealing With Complications

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Pregzilla might appear if moms-to-be face pregnancy complications, such as a breech baby, an umbilical cord around the neck, or gestational diabetes. These hiccups in a pregnancy can be scary because each brings with it risks for baby's health and even survival.

They can put mom, who is probably already worrying about the welfare of her child, over the edge. In addition, each of these complications requires mom and medical professionals to change their birth plans or make modifications to their behavior.

It can be trying, especially when one is already dealing with the normal inconveniences of pregnancy. All this can put mom in a bad mood. A bad mood is one step away from turning into a full-fledged Pregzilla, replete with a foul mouth and negative attitude.

Those around this Pregzilla should be sympathetic and recognize mom is just scared about what's happening. She'll likely return to her old self once the complication is behind her and baby is safe and well. Until then, watch out for fierce and furious Pregzilla.

3 Fear Factor

Humans naturally fear the unknown. For first-time mothers, pregnancy is the beginning of a walk along unfamiliar territory.

Add to this sentiment the fact that mom and baby might face health risks or challenges, the concerns about baby's future and mom's parenting skills, and the physical changes that are a constant reminder of how quickly life is changing, and one can understand why mom is lashing out at the universe.

Fear, after all, can make people irrational and erratic. It could mean a loss of sleep and more discomfort, all of which can make mom downright monstrous. It's no wonder that Pregzilla surfaces.

When the fear is overwhelming and overshadows any joy or excitement that comes with anticipating birth, mom might feel as though she is losing her mind. Such feelings only exacerbate any other discomfort mom is experiencing. Being scared heightens one's senses, also.

All that pumping adrenaline can put mom on red alert 24/7. That kind of awareness takes a lot of work, which can be exhausting. And pregnancy is exhausting enough, frankly. So, mom gets cranky and once again Pregzilla enters the picture.

Trying to allay mom's fears by presenting her with logic and fact about what's happening sometimes helps. But if Pregzilla is out in full force just stand back and let mom blow off some steam. She'll eventually come to her senses.

2 Sadness And Depression

People have finally begun to talk about postpartum depression. But few discuss moms-to-be who face depression. Sadness can complicate a new mom's behavior and attitude toward others. Pregzilla may appear if mom is dealing with depression or a simpler bout of the blues.

Some level of sadness, although rarely discussed, is a normal part of pregnancy, especially for first timers. Pregnant women are stepping into an entirely new life with major demands. Some feel the need to mourn their previous self. This feeling can make mom feel guilt.

But she should not be hard on herself. She can love her baby and still miss the life she is leaving behind and the sense of self that she might be losing. Throwing a pity party for herself is all right, as is a good cry.

But if the sadness is getting to be too much, or she has been diagnosed with clinical depression, then she should seek professional help and lean on other for support. "If you experience persistent symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, especially if you're unable to function normally, get help.

Symptoms of depression include: Being in a depressed mood most of the time for at least two weeks," according to Parents.

1 Morphing Into A Mother

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Slowly, over the course of nine months, the pregnant woman is becoming a mother. Certainly, women have the title from the moment they begin caring for that little seed. But it takes some time for most to fully accept and understand the weight of the responsibility being bestowed upon them.

Whether moms planned the pregnancy or not, they still have to grapple with the big changes that are happening. Their lives will never be the same again. Even if it's a second or third pregnancy, the family is going to evolve. Morphing into a mother is overwhelming and brings with it all the demands of the title.

During this transitional phase, mom is losing herself (at least a bit) and figuring out how to navigate this new role. But she will soon be gaining love eternal.

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