15 Parenting Rules The Obamas Made Their Kids Follow

Being the kids of the president may sound exciting and fun - the parties, meeting celebrities, and dignitaries, first class service, traveling all over the world, hanging out with the coolest kids and tons of other perks that come with it! However, it’s no piece of cake and comes with consequences despite not signing up for it. Considering either mom or dad is now the leader of the free world, your life changes overnight.

First, your parent’s job is unfathomable, and there’s tons of pressure to look the part. Every single day, you have to look like the ideal citizen, smile for the cameras, look presentable (well, like a president’s child), always act graciously despite having a bad day and vulgar language is definitely a no!

Sounds like a full-time job!

Most White House kids could definitely write a memoir considering their experiences and retire living off the money made. People will never forget the times from either the Clinton administration up until the Obama administration. Despite whatever political affiliations each president relates to, rules are rules. The children who’ve grown up in the White House all share the unanimity of recognizing how it feels like to grow up there.

Sasha and Malia are therefore no different and below are the rules these girls followed while in White House.

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15 Must Be Accompanied By Secret Service

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Initially, having Secret Service all over you can be fun - the sense of security, your every need is attended to, and someone asking if you’re doing fine every now and then. However, this gets boring and can even make you mad eventually. This is because you get no privacy whatsoever if you wanted to attend a party, see your boyfriend, go to school, or even use the bathroom, there’s always someone accompanying you. Hanging out with your friends becomes a nightmare because Secret Service is trailing right behind you and you cannot do anything considered possibly “dangerous.”

It is no secret that kids who live in the White House are accompanied by Secret Service wherever they go for their own protection and safety. The United States Secret Service offered protection to the girls and their mum to ensure nothing happened to them while Barack was president.

14 Forget Social Media!

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As if life’s not hard enough, imagine living life without social media! Imagine not stalking an ex or checking up on friends and what they have been up to. Teenagers are a force to reckon with and there’s a high chance that they post pretty much all their private life on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Teenagers can get out of hand and we cannot rule out the possibility that the girls would have done the same. They were teenagers, nonetheless.

This rule makes sense because it was for their own safety and for the image protection of their folks.

The girls were only allowed to set up social media accounts when their parents left office.

The last thing the leader of the free world would want is for their kid to post something on social media and it made sense to prevent that risk altogether.

13 Not Allowed To Roll Down Their Windows

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Sounds weird, but rolling down windows is a no! So, even if you want to see that beautiful lake you are driving past, smell the rain, or feel the fresh air all over your face, there is no way you’re opening that window. Malia and Sasha were not allowed to open any windows, neither in the car or in the White House. Being the president’s kid definitely comes with a lot of rules.

The windows of the car are tinted, making you incognito and people who are outside won’t be able to identify your face clearly, compared to when you’re out in public. The White House windows are also covered, preventing anyone from the outside from seeing you.

It makes sense to close windows at all times since the White House is a famous tourist attraction and there are people touring the place most times. Michelle Obama even revealed that one of her dreams after leaving the White House was to open windows again.

12 Must Attend Private School

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Once your dad becomes president of the United States and most probably any other country, public school is no longer an option. Your life will definitely not be the same and you have to get accustomed to the many changes that follow suit. Washington’s power elite have a tradition of sending their kids to private school and when Barack was elected president, the family had to enroll the girls in a private school.

According to the Washington Post, the girls began studying at Sidwell Friends School when the family moved into the White House.

Initially, Michelle considered sending her kids to public school, but upon further consultation, they eventually settled on Sidwell. At Sidwell, the Obama girls followed in the footsteps of Chelsea Clinton.

Former President Bill Clinton took his daughter to the Quaker school where she studied for eight years while her dad was president and graduated. Amy Carter was the last presidential kid to attend public school in Washington during modern times.

11 Had To Do Their Own Chores

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The moment your dad becomes president, it feels amazing of course (until you get to know it’s not so easy). Now that housekeeping will be at your every beck and call, you can bask in the sun by the poolside, listening to Taylor Swift’s new album. Malia and Sasha, however, did not evade their chores even though they lived in the White House. Barack and Michelle were very organized and ran a tight ship in their home. Moving to Washington, DC made it no easier for the girls and they still had to apply the working ethics that their parents instilled in them.

According to the New York Times, Obama defended himself saying that he was no softie, but his wife certainly hollered at the girls a little bit. Malia and Sasha still had to perform their chores at the White House, such as cleaning dishes and sweeping floors.

The Obamas wanted to ensure that their daughters didn’t grow up spoilt brats or feel entitled. Obama prided himself on being a cool dad who read all seven Harry Potter books aloud to the girls. So adorable!

10 No TV During Weeknights (And Bed At 8pm)

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No social media, no driving, chores and now no TV. The Obamas were definitely strict parents and it was for the best since their kids turned out just fine.

Michelle restricted her girls from watching TV during the week unless it was on the Discovery Channel and was intended for educational purposes. The girls' TV time was limited to the weekend when they could watch their favorite shows including American Idol, Cheetah Girls, and Hannah Montana.

The girls had a strict bedtime at eight every night and they had to set their alarms to wake up early the next morning for school.

Before the girls could leave for school, they each had to keep their rooms tidy and make their beds. Clearly, the Obamas were keen on ensuring their daughters adopted a proper character.

9 No Driving Cars On Public Roads

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Former President, Barack Obama and his family lost all their driving prerogatives the moment he became president. This is the norm for politicians in eminent power including presidents, senators, vice presidents and congressmen, just to name a few.

This is a security restraint put in place to protect our politicians and their loved ones. This is because there is a recurrent threat to important US officials. The agents hired to accompany both former and current presidents have training in both defensive and evasive driving tactics.

The only way Malia and Sasha could have gotten their hands on a wheel is probably on a golf course for fun or at an off-road expedition on a private property. To add onto that, the Secret Service still had to accompany them even for such a minor excursion watching their every move. It totally sucks that the girls didn’t get to practice for their licenses while in the White House.

8 No Choice But To Live In The White House

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This comes as no shock, since every family, whether royal or not sticks together and lives under the same roof. Therefore, just because Obama became president, doesn’t mean he’d leave the family in their former home and go live alone at the White House.

The family moved from their Chicago home and into the White House in Washington, DC.

This is not just a lifestyle modification that impacts the new president, but his family has to get used to their new status. Sasha and Malia definitely had to forget their old friends in Chicago, and even though the moving and leaving behind friends was inevitable and sad, their dad was now president and their lives had to change.

The perks were that their dad was now president of a superpower and they got to reside in the White House, which was definitely impressive.

7 Pick Your Words Carefully

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Considering that your dad or mom is president, the whole world is watching your every move, what you say, how you behave in public and how you carry yourself.

Actually, the media is probably hoping that you make one tiny mistake that will trend for a couple of days. Every newspaper, tabloid, and news channel will publish the story and make good money while it lasts. The problem, however, is that the Internet never forgets, you will have to live with those scars permanently.

The girls were always careful and definitely prepped before they said something in public since it was a reflection of not only the parents but their American ideals and beliefs. While their dad was in office, the girls made sure to shy away from the public, speak only when they needed to and choose their words carefully while at it.

6 ... And Always Dress Conservatively

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The girls got to attend many events and therefore had to look good since they were constantly photographed.

A teenager will wear the right outfit but to the wrong event. The girls, however, always looked spot on and were never photographed looking too skimpy or looking like some of us do on our lazy days!

They definitely took after their mom, who despite looking like the laid back type, always dressed impeccably. The girls wore designer dresses every time they attended an event, sending a signal of stability and dignity all over the country and internationally.

The Guardian.com reports that the only incident was reported when Elizabeth Lauten, former Congressional PR spinner questioned the girls’ dressing choice and ended up getting fired.

We feel that she went overboard since teenagers love to experiment with trends and that is exactly what Sasha and Malia were doing.

5 Spending Time At Camp David Is A Must

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Camp David is acknowledged as the presidential retreat. This is where all the United States Presidents go in order to get away from some of the pressures and stress that come with being the leader of the free world.

Being president is obviously a daunting task considering the responsibility and expectations it comes with, not forgetting that you’re still a family man. Each time former President Obama needed some space, he would whisk Michelle and the girls off to Camp David to relax.

The specific location of Camp David is unknown by the public for obvious safety reasons. This is the one unique privilege that Malia and Sasha got to enjoy while growing up in the White House. The girls were in on a secret the rest of the world will never get to know. The girls definitely hold Top Secret valuable information, which is a perk! This sounds a lot like Area 51.

4 Not Allowed To Help Mom Redecorate

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Michelle, like all first ladies before her, got the privilege of redecorating the White House depending on her personal taste and preferences. However, this wasn’t entirely easy since there were terms and conditions, including the fact that she was only limited to redecorating specific floors within the White House.

Considering how responsible the girls were and enjoyed their chores, they weren’t able to help their mom redecorate the restricted areas within the White House. According to Cheat Sheet.com, the changes are restricted to the 2nd and 3rd floor and the Oval Office. As stated earlier, the girls were neither allowed to recklessly run around the place or touch some things within the White House to preserve American history.

The family was not allowed to redecorate The Yellow Room and The Lincoln Room, which are considered off-limits. Rumor actually has it that the Lincoln Room has always been a haunted place. No one would wish to interfere with the room’s interior décor considering you might upset the ghost!

3 Always Respect The White House's History

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There have been so many families that have lived in the White House since 1800 and the place is therefore considered a historic tourist attraction. Residing in the White House is therefore like living in a museum due to the history that can be found there.

Basically, Malia and Sasha were not allowed to just touch things within the place since most of the items had and still have to be preserved. This is no regular home where moms childproof the house so that their kids can acclimatize to their living environs.

In the White House, it is a completely different affair for kids growing up there.

During their first time in the White House, the girls were kept under scrutiny and their every move was supervised because they were children. There are valuable pictures, paintings, and monumental history pieces in the White House that need to be watched to prevent damage and this was made clear to the girls early on.

2 Must Attend Special Events

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Yaay! The election is over, so here comes the inauguration! Finally! It was definitely no walk in the park and former President Obama did it twice. You can imagine the sleepless nights that the family had to spend while the ballots were being counted in order to find out if the dad had become president. This was definitely tiring and nerve wrecking.

To make matters worse, prior to the elections, there were other events such as the presidential election debates, the campaign trail, all-week activities and the all-day affairs that the family had to make appearances at. Still, the family had to stick around for their dad’s inauguration and look the part.

Malia and Sasha made appearances looking all cute to show support to their dad for becoming President. We understand why this is a rule since you can only imagine how bad it would reflect on a newly elected president if one of his kids decided to not show up.

1 Even Moving In Has Its Own Set Of Rules

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Say what? We thought that the one privilege that the president gets to enjoy is that he is moved by the government together with his family. Apparently, we thought wrong.

When Obama was elected president the family definitely had to move into the White House and the family was responsible for not only the moving but the costs that came with it. You would assume that the government should at least assist from taxpayers money, but the government is in no way responsible for the moving.

Granted, to be elected US president means you’re obviously rich, so the family could afford to move into Washington, DC. This has been the rule since time immemorial. The girls, together with their family, officially moved in on Inauguration Day afternoon.

The move normally takes place very swiftly in a 12-hour time frame, which we can only compare to a military strategy. The staff within the residence will then take custody of their belongings and start to unpack.

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