15 Ways These Women Embraced It All With A Bun In The Oven

Pregnancy is beautiful and these celeb ladies know it. They have learned to accentuate their pregnant beauty by doing all of the right things. Women who want to look gorgeous from the first trimester right up to childbirth may take their cues from these famous women.

There are so many ways to feel special and beautiful during pregnancy. It's a good time for a woman to put herself first. Of course, most women don't have a fortune to spend on self-care while they are expecting. Most of us are not rich celebs. Women who are more budget-conscious can cut corners by getting friends or partners to take their pregnancy photos and shop for great online deals on pretty maternity clothes. Some tips on the list are pretty affordable, such as using natural oils to massage pregnant bellies, with a mind to preventing stretch marks, or drinking tons of pure water to feel fresh.

Beyonce went for sensual pregnancy photos while she was expecting her twins, Sir and Rumi. She dressed up, but still showed plenty of skin (not to mention body confidence!) and her maternity photo shoot results are stunning. They celebrate everything that is special about expecting a baby. Other celeb ladies on this list pampered themselves with stylish clothes, or went for changes to hair and makeup which flattered their pregnant bodies.

Now, let's see what some of the world's most famous women do to stay body-positive as they move through pregnancy. Follow these tips and shine for the full nine months.

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15 Massive Hair Change

Via: PopSugar

Most of us have our hairstyle that we stick with because we know that it's flattering. We may occasionally go for small variations on our typical hairstyle, but we don't change it too much. Pregnancy is a good time to make a small change, such as growing hair a little longer or cutting it a little shorter.

When you change your pregnancy hairstyle to balance your bigger pregnancy shape, you'll boost body confidence.

Kate Hudson has gone into her third pregnancy with short hair and it does look great. In general, she's a long hair person, but she got a buzz cut in summer of 2017, according to Today.com. Her top layers have grown out quite a bit since she shaved her head. Now, she coaxes the long layers up, at the crown, and this added height makes her fuller pregnancy face look longer and slimmer.

Kate recently had a "gender reveal" party and her baby will be a girl. Kate and her partner, Danny, went out on the lawn, surrounded by friends and family, and Kate popped balloons that were covered in question marks. When the balloons were popped, pink glitter dust and smaller pink balloons came out!

The father of her baby is Danny Fujikawa. He's a musician, just like Kate's other two baby daddies, who are Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes) and Matt Bellamy from Muse.

14 Natural Oils For The Win

Stretch marks are something that many pregnant women worry about. They tend to come when pregnancy weight gain kicks in. To prevent stretch marks which may sap your body confidence during pregnancy and afterward, do what the celebs do. According to Good House Keeping, the Duchess of Cambridge swears by Bio-Oil and smooths this luxurious and natural oil blend onto her belly in order to prevent stretch marks. Natalie Portman and Victoria Beckham also rely on Bio-Oil to keep pregnancy stretch marks at bay.

Bio-oil isn't the only oil that may be used for self-massage. A bottle of Vitamin E oil or Almond Oil will also work well. Any natural oil which is relied upon to moisturize the skin will help you to keep your baby bump supple and soft. When your belly area is very moisturized, there will be less change of stretch marks, although there are really no guarantees. Some women seem more prone to stretch marks than others. Monitoring your weight during pregnancy and trying to keep your weight gain within a normal, healthy range should also help.

Self-care is relaxing. Be sure to make it a soothing ritual during pregnancy. Just a few drops of natural oil which are gently rubbed onto the belly area daily should be enough to moisturize your bump.

13 A Slight Investment

Celebrity and Red Carpet Style

Maternity wear has come a long way and celeb mommies, such as actress Reese Witherspoon, have relied of chic maternity wear to boost their body confidence during pregnancy. These days, there is really something for every woman, whether she's into classic style like Reese is, or prefers something a bit edgier.

According to the Today's Parent, Reese loved wearing bright maternity dresses to church, with high heels, and also enjoyed wearing loose sundresses with flip-flops. She would dress based on the occasion and always looked like the Southern Belle that she is!

Stylish dresses are an easy option during pregnancy. With a dress, you just need to throw on one piece of clothing and you're done. Plus, a lot of maternity dresses can be dressed up or dressed down.

To get the Reese Witherspoon pregnancy look, choose a simple shift in a bright color. This type of dress will be a smart buy. The color should be one that you know looks great on you. To dress it up, add a statement necklace and heels that you can walk safely in. To dress it down, add Birkenstocks. "Birks" are so comfortable and they come in a variety of fashionable styles nowadays.

12 Mommy Mode Transformation

Via: Marie Claire

Chrissy Teigen is a natural beauty and she typically goes for a nude makeup look which looks fabulous with her skin tone. During pregnancy, she took the focus off of a fuller face by adding bright red lipstick. Brighter lipsticks are great choices for wider faces as they draw the eye in visually.

If you're pregnant and not in the habit or wearing anything but subtle nude lipsticks or soft pinks, consider a vibrant crimson, coral or hot pink. You may find that adding a quick slick of bright lip color is the best way to feel more confident in mere seconds.

According to Pregnancy.com, Chrissy overcame a battle with infertility and she and her hubby, John Legend, were ecstatic when she got pregnant 31 months ago. Chrissy is very open about her life (in her honest Sagittarius way), so she's shared tons of fun facts about her pregnancy.

Aside from loving bright lipsticks for special events, she confessed to craving a combination of Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles cereals. She would mix up the two cereals in a bowl, add milk and enjoy. She also wanted buffalo chicken. She tried to eat healthy most of the time, but gave into cravings when they were out of control

Chrissy's daughter is named Luna Simone.

11 Booked A Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Via: Rolling Stone

Beyoncé gave birth to her twins, Rumi and Sir, on July 13, 2017, according to Bet.com. Before she welcomed her baby boy and girl into the world, she commemorated her pregnancy with an over-the-top pregnancy photo shoot. In the age of Instagram, more and more pregnant women are doing what Beyoncé did. They are getting dolled up and then posing for the camera while they are pregnant.

Lots of photographers who do engagement, pre-wedding and wedding photo shoots offer family and maternity photographer services. If you want pro photos, checking out local wedding photographers will be a good way to find a photographer who has years of experience making pregnant women look amazing.

Beyonce's photo shoot was so glam. She wore crimson lipstick, got her hair done and donned some sensual lingerie which put her baby bump on display.

Posing with fresh flowers and elegant furnishings, just like Beyoncé did, will be a great way to access incredible pictures which are elegant and timeless.

According to Essence.com, Beyoncé even went underwater to capture the magic of her pregnancy in a series of mermaid-inspired, "under the sea" pregnancy photos. While you may not be this ambitious, be sure and get creative. It's fun and it will give you more body confidence during this special time in your life. You deserve to feel like a superstar.

10 Focused On Good Nutrition

When women nourish their bodies properly during pregnancy, they have more energy and this makes them feel good about life...and their pregnant bodies! Pregnancy can be very tiring, whether you're famous or not.

Getting the right nutrients is the key to maintaining a positive attitude during the first, second and third trimesters.

Cardi B. has made some funny comments about pregnancy, food and energy levels. According to People, she quit performing around the end of May 2018 because she was heavily pregnant and needed to rest. She'd been chowing down on chicken wings before her last live performance. Despite getting some healthy protein, she told the crowd that her energy level was "ten percent".

Chicken is a common thing to crave during pregnancy. Chrissy Teigen wanted Buffalo Chicken, Cardi indulged in six chicken wings to power up for a performance, etc. Chicken has heme iron, which is very good for energy. The iron in chicken may not be enough to help a woman in the last stages of pregnancy feel energized, but it's always helpful. Plus, a typical cooked chicken breast without the skin delivers thirty-one grams of protein, according to the National Chicken Council.

Good nutrition during pregnancy isn't just about chicken. A balanced diet is what it's all about. Women who do get the nutrients that they need will look better, because they'll avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

9 Prenatal Workouts Every Week

Via The Baby Post

Jenna Dewan Tatum is a big believer in exercise and she continued to exercise during most of her pregnancy. There are plenty of photos online of her dressed in workout gear, with a prominent baby bump.

According to the Daily Mail, Jenna would attend prenatal yoga once a week. She was very dedicated to hitting that yoga class regularly. She's a dancer, so she's used to intense exercise and probably doesn't feel good when she isn't active. Dancers work very hard to tone and train their bodies. They have awesome discipline.

People who exercise a lot tend to get addicted to the endorphins that are released after a workout. These endorphins give a feeling of confidence and euphoria. If you want pregnancy body confidence, do prenatal yoga or another doctor-recommended workout regularly. You'll love the way that it makes you feel. The natural mood high that get afterward will make it easier to feel great about yourself.

Jenna has displayed admirable body confidence before, during and after her pregnancy. She wore form-fitting clothes in all three stages. She's gorgeous no matter which stage she is in.

According to People.com, Jenna split from her husband, Channing Tatum, in April of 2018. The couple had been together for nine years. While Jenna's going through some changes right now, she says she and Chad are on "good terms". The couple shares a daughter named Everly.

8 Embraced the Calming Power of Meditation

Via People

Kristen Bell believes in meditation. She's one of many celebs who use it to center their minds.

According to The Chalkboard Mag, Kristen keeps it together by creating a schedule which gives her time to "waste" on meditation and general relaxation. Meditation is deep and even breathing and it's very calming. Anyone may learn how to meditate and use it to clear their minds of negative thoughts. It induces a peaceful state of mind.

Part of loving your body during pregnancy is feeling at peace with the changes. If you want to feel serene, meditation may be right for you. It's a safe and free way of managing stress during the gestation period and afterward.

Kristen also did short yoga workouts and a bit of Pilates. She did a lot of self-care that helped her feel good while she was expecting. Kristen has two kids with her husband, Dax Shepherd. Their kids are both girls and they are named Lincoln and Delta.

Kristen is smart to embrace meditation. According to Mind Body Green, even five or ten minutes of meditation will be enough to reduce the quantity of stress hormone in your body (cortisol).

It's hard to feel gorgeous when you're stressed out, so learning how to meditate for just several minutes per day may be the key to looking fresh, feeling calm and boosting your body confidence.

7 Treated Themselves To Things They Don't Need

Via People

Pregnancy curves should be wrapped in silk and lace. They should be showcased in racy lingerie, like the sensual designs that Beyoncé wore during her pregnancy photo shoot. She posed for photos while she was expecting her twins, Sir and Rumi. Women don't need to wear granny panties just because they are expecting kids. There is lingerie out there which is very stylish and feminine.

According to People.com, Beyoncé got dolled up in Agent Provocateur underwear when she announced her last pregnancy to the world. In true Sasha Fierce fashion, she let everyone know about her pregnancy on Instagram. She was thirty-five when she made the announcement. Her Instagram post showed her glowing in a mismatched set of bra and briefs. She topped her ruffled underwear and bra with a veil in a mint green shade.

Lingerie designs from Agent Provocateur are not budget designs. Women who want to spend less may shop for similar styles at lower price points. To get the Beyoncé pregnancy lingerie look, search for a bra with scalloped edges, an array of small bows made from satin and pretty embroidery. The veil is definitely optional.

There's no good reason not to treat yourself to pretty underwear while you're expecting. It will help you to appreciate your gorgeous pregnancy curves.

6 Not Afraid To Trip

Via Pinterest

Some celebs stick with high heels, even when their baby bumps are sizable. While high heels can be treacherous, s lot of female celebs clearly feel that they are capable of prowling the streets (or the red carpet) in high heels, no matter what stage of pregnancy they are in.

If you think that flats are frumpy, you may want to borrow style tips from the stars by donning heels, whether you go for high-heeled boots like Blake Lively occasionally did, or opt for platform heels like Kourtney Kardashian did.

Heels may give you more body confidence while you are expecting.

Heels should probably be worn now and then, rather than all of the time. High heels do put a strain on the body and boost the risk of trips, slips, and falls. If you're having a good day and want a dressier look, it will be the right time to slip on some high heels. Just be sure that you feel very comfortable walking in them.

According to the AZ Central, Blake Lively would not part with high heels during pregnancy. She just doesn't feel as attractive without them. She continued to wear racy Christian Louboutin heels, which have wicked red soles (as well as other brands of high heels) while expecting her babies.

Blake has two daughters with her hubby, Ryan Reynolds. During Blake's time on Gossip Girl, she wore high heels in almost every scene, so she's probably mastered the art of walking gracefully in them, whether she has a baby bump or not! You can do the same!

5 Showed Off With Form-Fitting Tops

Daily Mail

Rapper MIA wasn't afraid to wear wild tops and dresses which were sheer and form-fitting as she prepared for the birth of her son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman. MIA wore exactly what she felt like wearing and this is one of the keys to feeling pretty during pregnancy. If your style is body-conscious, stick with your signature style during pregnancy. You don't need to hide behind your tops and dresses.

One memorable MIA ensemble was a sheer, body-conscious long-sleeved top with bold polka dots at the bosom and belly! This was a stage outfit and she rocked the look effortlessly. According to the Daily Mail, she chose this ensemble for her performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards. It was important to look good and to stand out and she did. She had her child just a few days after wearing her form-fitting outfit.

In 2017, MIA was dealing with child custody problems. Her ex-partner is part of the super-rich Bronfman family and that family has a lot of money for lawyers. According to the Orange County Divorce Lawyer Blog, MIA wanted to take her son back to her native England. She wasn't allowed to move away from New York to London with the four-year-old boy because her husband took legal action to stop the move.  She and her ex were never married.

4 Remained Sensual With Their Partners


Don't stop at first base just because you are expecting. As long as your doctor gives you the ok to be intimate with your partner, you should make sensuality a priority. One celeb couple who looked very romantic during two pregnancies is VS angel, Behati Prinsloo and her husband, Adam Levine. They were definitely "loved up" while Behati was expecting a baby!

According to People, Adam Levine is very romantic while Behati is pregnant. He spoils her with love, as well as fine chocolates. On February 14th, 2018, Behati was expecting her second daughter, Gio, and Adam made sure that she could enjoy some bonbons in bed. This couple seems rock-solid. I'm sure they both enjoyed the chocolates in bed together.

Staying romantic is so important. When you do maintain your sensuality during pregnancy, you'll love your body more.

You may not always feel amazing while you're pregnant, so take advantage of good days and nights to connect with your partner. That being said, listen to your body. If you really don't feel well because of pregnancy symptoms, give yourself a break. You don't have to be everything while you are pregnant. You have to baby yourself.

3 Avoided Looking At Models On Social Media

Celeb Baby Laundry

If you're pregnant, feel free to go off the grid once in a while. You don't need to see the Instagram feeds of Facebook swimsuit models while you're expecting. A lot of women hang on to great body image while they are pregnant by avoiding social media, which is typically loaded with images of skinny models. If these sorts of images make you feel bad, just detach and unplug. Most of those pics are Photoshopped, anyway. Anything that makes you feel bad or insecure during pregnancy should be avoided. Why torture yourself?

Go for a gentle walk in nature instead, like Mila Jovovich did almost every day while she was expecting. Being out in the fresh air will be better for you than staring at your smartphone while you're on the couch. According to Motherandbaby.co.uk, Mila hiked six miles per day while she was expecting and believes that she would have gained twenty more pounds if she hadn't done the daily hikes.

We're all hooked on the online world. Few people live without it for long these days. Pregnancy might be a good time to let go of checking out glamour images of women. Your pregnant body is beautiful and seeing very thin models at this time may make you believe otherwise.

2 Shared Feelings When They Needed To

Pregnant women need to vent sometimes. Every woman does this in her own way. Some celeb mommies used pregnancy as a time to connect with others. For example, WWE Total Diva (and Total Bella), Brie Bella, shared her feelings about pregnancy with her sister, Nicki. Brie also connected with her fans by posting updates about her pregnancy online. Brie and Nicki are avid YouTubers and their YouTube channel is called, The Bella Twins.

Pregnancy does dredge up a lot of emotions. Pregnancy is a tiring experience which leaves many women feeling emotionally ragged. It's not uncommon to burst into tears during pregnancy, just because of hormone overload or fatigue.

Having someone to talk to about how you are feeling is really important. Women who have good body images during pregnancy usually have strong support systems, too.

They have people to turn to when things get hard and these people build them up. When you feel heard and valued, it's good for self-esteem.

Like Mila Jovovich, Brie hiked to stay fit while she was expecting. Lucky for her, she was in Arizona, where there are some gorgeous places to hike. The hiking would have contributed to Brie's amazing pregnancy body confidence, too. Brie wasn't afraid to post pics of her bare belly bump during pregnancy.

1 Drank Plenty Of Water To Feel Fresh

Hydration is essential to good energy, whether you're pregnant or not. If you are expecting, don't forget to drink plenty of water. 75 percent of people in the USA are not drinking sufficient water, according to TrueLemon.com. Lack of hydration usually leads to fatigue. When you're pregnant and already prone to tiredness, you'll find that drinking a lot of water helps you to stay alert. It will definitely help your body to function at its best.

Kim Kardashian is one super-famous celebrity who believes in drinking a ton of water, when she's pregnant and when she isn't. It's one of her beauty secrets and one of the reasons why she has incredible body confidence.

To make the most of your curvy pregnancy body and enjoy ultimate body confidence while you're expecting, be sure to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Water will help your skin to glow by moisturizing from the inside out. It'll also be great for your overall energy level.

Now that you know some awesome ways to keep body confidence high during pregnancy, just like the celebs do, you'll be ready to feel like a queen while you await the newest addition to your "royal family".

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