15 Ways to Best Describe The Feeling of Your Water Breaking

If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy I am sure there is one thing that is on the forefront of your mind. Water breaking. OMG! Will you be in line at the grocery store? God, please just don't let it happen at work. Will you even know when it breaks? How will you know what it feels like?

These are very questions that you are asking. Like most things in life there is a wide range of normal when it comes to water breakage. In my reading from Parents.com there was some reassurance that in the majority of cases you are going to begin contractions before your bag of water breaks. That means you will not likely be totally blindsided. Also some women never have their water break on their own. It's done by the doctor. Below are the 15 ways to best describe the feeling of your water breaking.

15 Pin Popping a Balloon and Then Whoosh

This was probably the most popular way that it's been described. There you are doing your thing and there is a little "tink" feeling. Then the flood gates open and you find yourself pretty well soaked from the waste down. Unfortunately when you pop a balloon, it happens fast and before you know it all the air is out and the balloon is completely deflated, well that's less the case when giving birth. Although the feeling a popping a balloon is similar to your water breaking, the process of things happens a little slower when having a baby.

14 Leaking Down Leg

This isn't always Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am. Sometimes you are going to have leakage down your leg. Yep, that's right. No woman ever wants to think of what it must feel like to have any leakage dripping down their leg - insert embarrassing period story here- but as a pregnant woman, you're excused. It might feel like a stream of urine but it's not so don't be worried or embarrassed by this Mamas. You can tell it's not urine because it doesn't smell like pee. Also, if you have trouble with potential urine near you, boy do I have some parenting things to review with you.

13 Slow Trickle

This one is like number 14 or a lot less noticeable. There is wetness, but not a stream. You find that you are damp, but can't really figure out what the deal is. Babycenter.com describes that it can start out as a trickle and work into a gush. You might not even realize what is happening until the "gush" part. So if you're close to that 40 week mark and you feel some moisture down there, have a looksy - your water may be breaking!

12 Peeing

You may also find that it does straight up feel like peeing. You may be using the bathroom when it happens. You may find that this one particular trip to the bathroom is running extra long. Be aware that it may in fact be your water breaking right there into the potty. You don't mind me using the word potty, do you? Or it's going to make you think that you really should have been doing those darn kegels all along! Really, though it's your water breaking, so don't beat yourself up.

11 Popcorn Popping

We all love the smell of popcorn, but the feeling of it popping - not so much. Well, that's what some moms-to-be expressed was what it felt like when their water broke. The popcorn popping is something that usually happens prior to the all hell breaking loose. You know the ones that stubbornly don't pop when the time is up on the bag of popcorn. I imagine these are the ones that are popping when your water breaks.

10 Hose Turned Full Blast

If you are going to do it, do it big. You might not have a choice in the matter but that is what it seems some of our bodies think about this whole water breaking business. You may feel like your body just decides to say to your garden hose-"nah, this plant watering thing looks so easy. I got it this time." And whoosh, it pours out of you like your watering the lawn. Next time maybe you can get a heads up from the hose and save yourself a pair of pants.

9 Warm Water Thrown on Lap

Well, if we are looking at the bright side, at least it's warm. At first it must feel comforting, like being wrapped in a warm blanket or taking a hot shower. But if we are looking at the less bright side: WTH? Nobody wants water thrown on their lap. I know, I mentioned this previously, but I really liked the way Babycenter.com had a range of ways this happens. Is there anyway around this that won't make you feel wet and for the most part, confused?

8 Baby Pulled Drain on Bath

Well how long can you stand being in a bath? Even a warm bath. Your baby decided things just got real. He/she has made the brave decision to pull the plug. Watching as the water starts circling the drain. Now judging by the cries that will come after he/she is born they immediately regretted this decision. Not as much as their mom who feels the warm water run down her leg and make a rush for the hospital.

7 Relief From Pressure

You may find that the feeling you have is a huge relief. Pregnancy can be a stressful nine months, so your water breaking might be exactly what you need, literally. Your body has been carrying and building up this fluid for quite awhile and you can imagine the feeling of finally getting to release this. You people that like to watch those pimple popping videos on YouTube may find this to be your zen. Like pimples, after the messy pop comes a sense of relief.

6 Rubber Band Snap

It's hard not to turn away or cringe when someone is standing in front of you pulling back a rubber band ready to release. The anticipation in itself can probably cause your water to break - just kidding. Although that pull back and release of the elastic rubber band is just what it can feel like just as your water is breaking. Sadly we may have to retire this description in a decade, so you bet your sweet bippy we should use it now.

5 Slip and Slide

Hear me out on this one. You know on the slip and slide, depending on where you place the hose there can be some areas that are slick as a whistle and others that you slow down a bit. You may find with contractions you will have a similar pattern. You will have some times of almost no water leaking and then with the next contraction you find the sweet spot where the hose went. Hopefully you don't expel so much water that you could supply the water for the slip and slide.

4 Hook and Release

I debated on including this, but you can handle it You can. When your bag of water doesn't break on it's own a doctor will break it. There is a special instrument they use to accomplish this that is kind of like a hook to cause a hole. That might sound scary, but from experience it's not. I have had my water break spontaneously and by a doctor. Both were pretty equal in the feeling.

3 Tug and Relief

If you go to the hospital to have your water broken by the doctor, it is possible that you feel a little bit more of a tug and a little bit less of a popping sensation. The doctor may only break your water after you get an epidural. Therefore, you might not even feel a thing. If you do, a slight relief of pressure is the most you'll experience, which at that point will be the least of your worries.

2 Sweatpant Elastic Band Snap

You know how when your sweatpants used to be a little loose you would pull them out and let them *Thwack back to your stomach. The snap? That's it. You'll be sure that's it when you look down and you're standing in a puddle afterwards. Hopefully you're not standing in line at the grocery store.

1 Can of Biscuits Popping

Your water breaking can feel a little bit like when you open a can of cookies, a little suction follow by a pop, except instead of having a delicious cookie, you'll be rushing to get to the hospital.

A woman's water breaking is always an interesting time of the pregnancy. It signals that the end is near and that a whole new beginning is fast approaching. Whether you know it's happening or have no idea why the floor is suddenly all wet - it'll feel weird. Just know, it's one of the lesser weird feelings you will feel throughout your pregnancy.



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