15Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Your Loved Ones

The loss of a child is the worst scenario for parents and their families. Although, this impacts a mother deeper, as they are the ones who are connected by womb. Women carry their babies for months and feel them grow inside, only to feel the loneliness of an empty womb. It's understandable

that women suffer harder and longer.

After the loss, avoiding human contact may feel like the best option for her. Just the thought of seeing another baby or child, or even talking about what happened, can feel like the event is happening all over again.

Grieving mothers need to feel supported and heard. While locking herself away, in a dark room with heavy blankets, may seem like it's the only way to cope, bottling up those feelings is the worst thing she can do. Although it might feel like the hardest thing to do, women should reach out to their husbands, or partners, and let out everything they are feeling. Chances are, the fathers will understand what a grieving mother is going through, since they, too, are grieving and may not know where to turn.

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