15Get A Preconception Checkup

Attending a preconception checkup should be step one for any couple ready to try for a baby. Once you've had "the talk" with your partner and you're both excited to bring a new addition into the family, set one up with your clinician or a local ob-gyn. Make sure to

bring in a list of questions beforehand to ask your doctor and bring in any relevant medical history. This way, the doctor can best tailor the preconception check-up around your needs and give you relevant information.

Preconception checkups are doubly important if your family has a history of medical concerns such as diabetes or chronic illness. Let your doctor know if you or any immediate family have had pregnancy complications in the past so they can help you through a safe pregnancy.

If your family has a history of birth defects, ask your doctor for their opinion on prenatal vitamins. Some have supplements such as folic acid which protect against common defects if taken during the early stages of pregnancy.

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