15Use Delicate Tissues

It’s no surprise that babies have sensitive skin. After all, they’ve spent the first 9 months of their life floating around in a sac of protective amniotic fluid without any disturbances. Now they’ve been thrust into the real world and their skin has no outer protection. This is

especially true for the skin around baby’s face.

Once the snot bubbles start and the cold takes over, your baby is exactly going to have the reflexes to wipe their own nose. That’s your job, along with all those other thousand and one jobs you have to do. Wiping your baby’s nose is going to become an automatic reaction quickly enough, but it is important to make sure you know what you’re wiping it with. Investing in some soft tissues that are gently and kind on the skin will make a big difference in getting baby through the first cold. Less tears, less snot, and less grotty dry skin on the nose afterwards.

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