15Applying Ice Packs

To reduce the swelling or inflammation caused by perineum tears during delivery, women should apply ice packs to the affected region for about ten to twenty minutes at a time. Ice packs help to reduce swelling. They also help to reduce bleeding into the tissues.

They decrease pain in the torn

and surrounding areas by numbing the area and limiting the effects of inflammation. The ice packs are to be applied to the affected region for around ten to twenty minutes only.

It is very important to note that she does not use an ice pack for more than twenty minutes at a stretch. This is because it can cause damage to the nerves. Ice pack treatment can be repeated every two to three hours and is one way to assist the healing process. Ice packs that look similar to sanitary pads are available at medical stores.

These ice packs are worn within the panties and release materials that become cold. Women must ensure to cover the ice pack with a clean cloth cover to protect the skin from damage caused due to the cold.

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