15 Ways To Hide A Pregnancy For As Long As Possible

Once a woman's pregnant, she has one important question. To tell or not to tell? As soon as she finds out she's expecting, she may think of keeping her pregnancy a secret or share it just with close family and friends.

Why are women thinking of concealing their baby bumps? There might be a few possible reasons. Most women decide to keep it a secret just for the first trimester, because of miscarriage risks or complications at work.

I am the type of person that wants to shout out to the world my big news. As soon as I’ve found out that my belly has transformed into an oven and it’s baking a baby, I wanted to scream so everybody that could hear me. “After nine months of training, I’ll be the next master chef!” I also have a friend who is so different than I am. Her family and friends found out she was pregnant with just two weeks before her due date. I don’t know what her reasons were, but she hid it so well, that not even her own mother discovered her secret.

I’m sure she’s not the only one who would want to hide her pregnancy from the rest of the world. Maybe you too are not quite ready to share your big news yet. Maybe you just don’t want to be scrutinised and judged by other people about what you drink, eat, wear and say. Whatever your reasons are, let me give you some tips on how to hide your baby bump.

15Don’t Wear Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are designed to show your baby bump. They basically scream “Look! I’m pregnant!” and, believe me, you don’t want that. Maternity clothes are made for those who want to show to the world that this is a special time in their life. Also, if you don’t change your style too drastically, people won’t notice any change in your outfits. Even though you are changing, you may show others you are still the same person by wearing the same type of clothes you wore before becoming pregnant, adding just a little twist.

You may hide your pregnancy for a while longer by confusing people, and making them think you’re just adding some weight by wearing just regular, looser clothes. A good suggestion would be to buy clothes that are one or two sizes larger than what you usually wear and avoid slim-cut clothes. This is a very good option in emergency situations, such as interviews for jobs.

14Layers, Layers, Layers

Do you want something that will quickly hide your baby bump? Then wear layers. The more layers, the better. Especially if you’re in the fall or winter. You can conceal your baby bulge by wearing a winter coat, a blazer, or a cardigan. But it would be best to wear it in a size larger than you usually wear. Hide your belly behind layers of clothes, jewelry, and jackets.

Make layers of clothing your new best friend. In the colder months, you can wear large sweaters and cardigans put over a shirt. This will definitely distract away from your belly. Also, in the warmer months you can wear a short sleeve cardigan or a long tunic sweater to cover your belly. Some other good ideas would be to layer on a lightweight vest, or to throw on a scarf for a good camouflage.. All you have to do before getting dressed is to think of layers.

13Don't Shy Away From Accessories

Are you looking for an excuse to go shopping for some new accessories? Well, you found it! Accessories are actually a great way to distract the eye from your belly, and you can also use them as styling tools. Use accessories to draw attention away from your baby bump, and bring attention to your face using big earrings. Also, gold accessories tend to draw more attention than silver, or black. You can also bring the watcher’s eye up with bright short necklaces.

You can also accessorize using long chains and fashionable scarves to conceal your protruding tummy during pregnancy. The scarf can be worn tied up, and let to fall on your tummy, keeping it from showing.

Yeah, you got it! When hiding a pregnancy, it’s all about getting people to look anywhere except your baby bump, or concealing it. Have a little fun and play with your newest achievements. Accessorize your way through pregnancy, and, for a little while longer, nobody will discover your little, or big, secret.

12Use The Dental Distraction

If you’re pregnant you know you will have to go to a lot of doctor appointments and scans, and you’re probably worried about raising suspicions at work. You have to come up with something to tell your boss, so you can safely monitor your pregnancy and also keep it a secret from work.

You want to know how you can do it? Use the dental distraction! You can tell you boss you have dentist appointments. You’ve got to have some teeth extracted or you’re putting a crown in. If you need more excuses for your doctor’s appointments, you can tell them you’re having some major dental works which requires more dental appointments. You can even extend the appointments over several weeks, and every time you need to be at another appointment, you can tell your boss you’re heading to your next dental appointment. It seems like a healthy lie, doesn’t it?

11Use The Detox Excuse

Another healthy lie is the “I’m on a detox” excuse, and it’s a great one too. You can use it to avoid all kind of food and beverages that you’re not allowed to have during pregnancy. Instead of saying “I can’t drink wine. I’m pregnant,” use “I can’t drink alcohol. I’m on a detox diet,” and no one will figure out your secret. Using the “detox” excuse you can also avoid coffee and raw meat. You can also avoid soft cheese by using your diary-free diet.

You only have to remember one word, “detox”. If your co-workers ask you why you’re giving up coffee, the answer is “Detox.” If your boss starts to see you’re glowing with vitality, the answer remains “Detox.” And also, if eyebrows are raised at work when you’re using the toilet twenty times a day, you can show them how much detox tea you’ve been drinking. It’s a great way to hide so many pregnancy related symptoms.

10Be The Designated Driver

Are you invited to a party? Great! It’s a known fact that alcohol is an important part of all kind of social events. But how could you refuse the alcohol without raising suspicions? If you can drive, you’ve found your key out of drinking alcohol. Be the designated driver! It’s the perfect excuse to refuse alcohol during your pregnancy, if you want it hidden a little while longer. And you can still have a great time with your friends. This is your way out of drinking alcohol, and drink one of the alcohol-free drinks available at the party. The good part is that your friends will be feeling so grateful.

You can also tell people you need drinks to be non-alcoholic, because you need to be driving your friends or family around. Also, make sure you don't over-do it with the same group of people, because they may catch on and start raising questions.

9Cover Up Trips To The Loo

I know a very nasty thing when it comes to pregnancy, and that is morning sickness. The worst pregnancy symptom there is. I don’t even know why they call it “morning sickness”, because it happens all day long. It’s like a hangover, when you feel nauseous the day after you party. And the sad part is that it can last up to five months.

Morning sickness is one of the pregnancy symptoms you can’t hide. But you can use some tricks to avoid the suspicions from your co-workers. If your co-workers see you taking too many trips to the toilet, you can tell them you have a stomach flu.

Another problem that’s causing your trips to the toilet is the constant need to pee. Your baby is starting to press on your bladder and you feel like peeing all the time, so you’ll start visiting the toilet more often throughout the day. Use little white lies, such as drinking too much tea, or a bladder infection.

8Hands Off The Belly!

I can recall that I’ve seen most of my friends touching their belly as they were pregnant. They were holding and caressing their baby belly, but I found it a little peculiar. Why does my friend have this silly grin on her face? And why does she touch it all the time? So weird.

As I experienced the miracle of being pregnant and feeling that something is living and growing inside of me, I began to understand what the touch of the belly means. As my tummy was growing I began to touch it more often myself, just to feel the baby move, and to feel that there is something in there.

Most pregnant women touch their tummies, and they do it extremely often. Make sure you don’t do this in the presence of people you want to keep this a secret from. Just remember to keep your hand off, so you don’t draw attention to your belly.

7Doctor’s Orders!

As we want to do what’s best for the little one growing inside our bellies, we start and change our diet so he will have the healthiest start possible. This also includes quitting our beloved coffee, or drinking a lot less.

I love drinking coffee, usually with milk or a tasty cappuccino. But, while I was pregnant, I had to reduce the amount of coffee I usually drank before, knowing that caffeine is one of the drugs that crosses the placenta directly to my baby. Not good.

Are you wondering how can you quit coffee so your co-workers won’t be curious on the sudden change and start raising questions? With another little white lie. If they invite you to your usual cup of coffee tell them you’ve had a rough time falling asleep last night, your doctor suggested giving up coffee for a few days. You can also use a ploy and bring a travel mug with you. You can fill it with water and no one will ever know.

6Camouflage With Colorful Patterns

Some women begin to show from the first trimester. If you’re one of them, you’ll have to think of solutions to hide that lovely bump. One trick to do this is to use colorful patterns for your clothes.

Besides paying attention to wear the right clothes, you have to also pay attention to colors and patterns. Fabrics such as satin with bright colors and loud prints, or stripes and plaids need to be avoided, as they attract the watcher’s eye to the belly. You can wear dark, and solid-colored clothes, which make you look slimmer. Also, another tip is to combine a darker colored pant with a colorful lighter top. You can also choose printed flowers on your tops. These colorful patterns combined with dark colors have an amazing minimizing effect, and also don’t attract attention to your growing bump.

So remember to pattern it up! You should definitely check out some new tops and dresses with stripes, polka-dots, or flowers. It can be your new fashion style!

5Two-Person Trickery

If you are pregnant and already have a child, hiding your pregnancy can be a tricky task. Children often don’t understand the baby news, or you just want to wait until the first trimester is over. Whatever your reason is, here are some tips to avoid the pregnancy unfriendly activities that you once did with your preschooler.

When you kid wants you to join him in the carousel or on the merry-go-round, and you’re thinking you may throw up from the spinning, try and tell him that it is too crowded. Distract his attention from those dangerous activities to some other safe ones, like the swings.

You can also plan ahead some fun activities where Dad can join you. He can help and supervise the little kid while you can rest for a little while longer and don’t stress about the pregnancy unfriendly games. Mom will just look like she wants to take some pics of her little one and partner for some lasting memories. Come on Dad, give us a helping hand!

4Eating For Two?

While you probably didn’t already start to eat for two, you definitely started to have some cravings and eat a little more. Be extra careful when you lunch with your work pals. If you’ve done this before, they already know your diet, so any changes will make them ask questions.

Try the following tips. Eat your extra food while you’re on your break. You can also go out where nobody can see you. Tell them you have to make an errand. This way you can go out and nobody will see what you’re doing.

Another tip would be to staff your desk drawers with your extra cravings, and eat them while you’re alone in the office. If you’re eating small pieces of food, you can also do it while nobody is watching you.

If your co-workers do see you eating your fruits stacked in your drawer, you can tell them that you’ve just started a new fruit diet for health reasons.

3Less Of A Workout

Working out was an important part of your healthy lifestyle, but since you’ll be experiencing a lot of pregnancy symptoms, such as fatigue and morning sickness, your workout schedule will likely change. You may not be able to keep up that five-mile run when you have a growing baby inside of you. That’s fine, if your workout partner does not see the change and start raising questions.

Your morning exercise sessions needs to be rescheduled due to a higher risk of morning sickness. You can manage some easier exercises during the day. Schedule a Pilates class one afternoon together with your gym partner, and she won’t be asking you to come to that Zumba class she talked about last week.

You can also tell your gym partner that you have some allergies or a stomach bug, and you can’t attend your scheduled gym class. You can also blame it on a work deadline or on a minor injury. That should do the trick.

2Wear Loose Dresses

A loose dress is a great way to hide a baby bump that’s growing bigger and bigger. You can now go to the mall and start shopping for some new dresses. I know you’re thinking of it. Just be careful that the dresses are loose, but not too loose. Choose pieces of clothing that skim over your body nicely. If the new dress will be too loose, you may draw more attention and you don’t want that.

You could also wear a loose blouse or a cute shirt that has a banded bottom that hides your belly. By doing this you won’t have to wear loose clothes all the time, or people may start noticing the change in your style.

Another great way to hide your bump are long tunics, or those loose dresses that have ruffles on them. Those ruffles over your belly are a great choice in concealing your baby bump.

1Bags Are Your New Best Friend

What’s the easiest way to lift your spirits if you’re in a bad mood? A beautiful bag. If you don’t already have a bag, go shopping now. You should buy one or two big bags or totes, so that they can hide your pregnancy. They don’t have to be designer bags, but you may want to be in style.

The “it bag” is a bag big enough that can easily hide your baby bump. Place the bag strategically to camouflage your growing belly. Carry the bag in front of your belly and no one will notice your little secret. You can also accessorize your bag with a trendy scarf. This will definitely cover your front.

Here is another tip for keeping your secret a little while longer! And it is a TV-star inspired tip. Combine your new fashionable big bag with standing behind chairs or counter tops when someone wants to speak to you directly, which usually happens at work. It’s all about covering your belly part.


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