14Introducing The Belly


Explaining to our eldest son or daughter, that the baby is growing inside Mommy's belly and creating a connection between both brothers or sisters is necessary.

Using the gestation period is an excellent option to explain to our toddler all the changes that are occurring and will happen after the arrival of the baby, in a non-invasive or drastic way.

Whether it's reading stories before going to sleep, listening to music together,

feeling when the baby moves or even talking to our belly and giving kisses to it, these are activities that will help our eldest kid to adjust to the arrival of the new member of the family.

It is important to create a periodic or daily presentation of the baby that is growing in our belly with our oldest child, to teach them to call him/her "the baby" and in the case that the mother and her partner find the perfect name for the baby before birth, it is important to teach the toddler to call the baby by her/his name. Besides, involving the child in the process will make the toddler feel more familiar with the change, whether it is showing the kid the sonograms and making a comparison about when they were in Mommy's womb, all this will help at the time of the arrival of the newborn, and our eldest kid will not feel that he/she is a complete stranger who came to steal their family.

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