15Breaking The News With A Game

According to the website Parenting, the best way to give the news it keeps things simple. 

With children under 2 1/2, it is better to wait until we can see a little more of the belly to inform them, because trying it before can be confusing for the toddler. And something that can be done to give them the great news is to let them

know through a game or try to make a fun dynamic. Many parents begin by explaining "When moms and dads love each other, they sometimes decide to have a baby", and we can point to our bellies and explain that the baby is growing inside mommy. Moreover, something that also helps is to find an album of photos of the baby and tell them how it was when they were in mom's belly.

Children under 3 years are usually still "egocentric" and require more attention, so it is always advisable to explain step by step the type of situations that the family will face when the new baby arrives, such as explaining that mommy needs to feed them, or situations like "Mommy will carry the baby a lot, just like she did with you." And we can always take advantage of the 9 months of gestation to take that time and explain to our son or daughter, everything we think necessary about the new baby, in that way, when the time comes it will not be a shock for them

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