15 Ways To Make Everything Great Again Down There

Pregnancy and childbirth can really do a number on a woman’s downtown swimsuit area, if you catch our drift. There may be some distinct slackening, to put it politely or it may look more like a wizard’s sleeve than the buttoned up rosebud it once was - to put it not so politely.

At the end of the day, a loose and liberated vajayjay is a sign that it’s done its job and done it well. In fact, the wear and tear can even be viewed as a badge of honor by some brave women. But for others, they may not be as willing to accept the ravages down below by simply shrugging them off. To them, fighting the flappiness tooth and nail may be of the utmost importance.

With all the available options to help freshen, decorate, beautify and tighten things up, there is no reason that motherhood should put a damper on a woman’s ability to reveal her inner Sharon Stone and flash her Basic Instinct moves if the moment’s right. That said - there’s no going back in time. But just because a pre-pregnancy hoohaw is a thing from the past, that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

So for women out there searching for solutions and others who are just looky-loos wanting to see what this list will entail, continue reading for 15 ways to make the V great again. Whether wanting actual options or just some mild entertainment - we promise women they won't be disappointed!

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15 Build That Wall

Herbal remedies are often recommended to help build those walls...vaginal walls that is. Found in both Thailand and Burma, the herb pueraria mirifica is often taken by women in menopause because of its estrogen-like effects. Oakgall and fenugreek are other herbs taken by women for the same reason. What these herbs share in common is that they are all rich in the ingredient necessary for restoring skin elasticity and are often associated with pelvic muscle regeneration.

Another plant-based concoction often used in treatment for a number of feminine issues including vaginal rejuvenation is called Chyawanprash. Originating in India, this mixture contains the three natural herbs: chebulic myrobdon, belleric myrobalan and India gooseberry.

Before jumping on the herbal band wagon, women need to know that herb ingestion should be handled with extreme caution. It may even warrant a conversation with a healthcare provider.

14 Yummy Mummy

Of all the descriptions used to characterize a woman’s anatomy, scrumptious and mouth-watering don’t necessarily jump to mind - until now! Most, if not all, sexual lubricants out on the market offer a line of appetizingly flavored options. So good news, ladies - kill two birds with one stone while in the bedroom: provide extra moisture when and where it is needed most while also adding the extra bonus of providing partners with a tasty treat.

Fruity flavors have proven highly popular and boast such options like kiwi and cherry yet strawberry continues to be the top seller. Other fan favorites include mouth-pleasing selections like cinnamon, spearmint, vanilla and even cotton candy.

For women out there whose partners are fussy-eaters or who are under strict dietary limitations, no need to get their panties in a knot. Many of these flavored lubes are vegan-friendly as well as free of sugar, gluten, dyes, parabens and glycerine.

13 Glow Down Below

Calling all women who enjoy a good steam and facial every once in a while - here’s something that may be right up their alley . . . or right up the hoohaw as the case may be - a facial for the vagina. Yup - all kidding aside - this is indeed a thing. Any women in need of a little pick-me-up for her nether regions - the vagacial may be the perfect fix.

According to Britain’s hot new vagina facialist, Lisa Palmer, it will help restore the glow down below and leave any woman feeling as fresh as a daisy. Palmer claims the service works wonders for women in a post-childbirth slump as well as anyone else looking for a bit of a boost.

The procedure itself involves a bit of steam (this particular trend was first promoted by actress turned beauty and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow) followed by an application of vitamins and egg white. Palmer maintains that the vagacial also helps restore moisture, tightness and elasticity. While definitely not as controversial as other forms of vaginal rejuvenation, many experts have stated that while the vagacial definitely left them feeling fresh and relaxed, they noticed no distinct difference in terms of tightness afterward.

12 Strike A Pose

via: http://vkool.com/yoga-poses-for-better-sex/

Because many yoga exercises work toward tightening a variety of muscles, it makes sense that yoga may be the answer to the age old question: how best to tighten the V? Specific postures will contract the muscles within the area of anus, genitals and perineum resulting in strengthening and tightening.

Yoga poses equated with creating taut lady bits include: bridge pose (often recommended for combatting incontinence, this pose is similar to a kegel), child’s pose, wide-legged straddle pose (this one improves circulation to a woman’s nether regions and is said to help improve sex drive), lizard pose, goddess pose (recommended to alleviate the affects of PMS and menopause), downward dog, pigeon pose (releases hip tension), plow pose and eagle pose (encourages blood flow to the cervix).

For women new to yoga, it may be worthwhile to seek the help of a professional when getting started to ensure the postures are done correctly.

11 Victuals For The V

A healthy and balanced diet is beneficial for many reasons but can tightening V-town be one of them? Heck yeah! Consumption of foods high in natural estrogens (like fenugreek, sesame seeds, pomegranates, soybeans, carrots, yams, apples and plums) can actually help strengthen the pelvic floor. Since these foods only contain trace amounts of estrogen, a carefully planned diet is recommended while continuing to practice other vaginal strengthening techniques.

Other foods considered to be pro-V or equated with vajayjay health and tightness include:

  • Whole grain carbs
  • Lean animal protein
  • Fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C
  • Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale
  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, nuts and avocados

In the past (and even in present day), vinegar was sometimes hailed as a cure-all for any intimate female issue. Women have been advised to bathe in it, ingest it or even apply it to affected areas - but unfortunately this is now considered a wive’s tale.

10 Skin Tight

via: http://www.instyle.com/news/kim-kardashian-latex-dress-maternity-style

Compared to surgical procedures, using tightening creams or gels are obviously the less invasive way to go for firming up that hoohaw. But do they work? Many creams and gels promise instant results while others play it safe by claiming slow and steady improvement when paired with exercise and diet. Instantaneous or not, these products guarantee tighter vaginal walls and heightened sensation during sex. Some of these creams even offer the added bonus of preventing bacterial or fungal infections.

How they work their magic is most likely similar to how lip plumping gloss or even deodorant works theirs. Comprised of a mineral compound, the cream or gel causes swelling within skin cells and as a result, vaginal walls become temporarily engorged and thus feel tighter and tingly.

With product names like “18 Again” and “Like a Virgin”, any woman is bound to be somewhat disappointed in the results. But if looking for a quick and temporary fix, this may be it!

9 Get A Grip

via: http://nypost.com/2015/10/01/this-vagina-laser-will-improve-your-sex-life/

Based on a series of clench and release movements, kegels are often prescribed to help women suffering from incontinence, stretchiness and/or weakness brought on by childbirth. It is often recommended that women perform a daily dose of kegels while pregnant and afterward in order to maintain a strong pelvic floor.

Here’s how to do them: using the same muscles that would cut off urine flow mid-stream, squeeze tightly for three seconds and then release for another three. Keep in mind that stomach and thigh muscles should not tense up when done correctly. Add another second to the regime each week until squeezing for up to 10 seconds. Work up to 10 to 15 kegels per session, three times a day.

The beauty of kegels is they can be done anywhere at anytime and no one ever has to know. Just refrain from doing them when peeing as this can hurt the bladder. As with most exercises, consistency is key. It may take several months of daily practice before a woman notices the positive effects which not only include a more taut swimsuit area but sometimes even longer and more pleasurable orgasms!

8 Waxing Poetic

As times have changed, so have the grooming habits and styles for lady gardens. In the 1970s, the trend leaned toward the au naturel while a more tailored and trimmed approach was adopted throughout the 80s. A bit more edging was in order as we slipped into the 90s proven by the ever popular landing strip design. And once the millennium was upon us, lady carpets started to disappear as the Brazilian took intimate grooming by storm.

When it comes to pubic hair styles in present day, basically anything goes. Talk to any salon staff and they will admit that they have seen and done pretty much everything. As most women already know - sometimes a new hairstyle is all that is needed to affect a welcome change. A word to the wise though - when it comes to planning a pubic hair design it’s best to keep it simple as the canvas is small. Also, refrain from complicated angles and consider enlisting the help of a professional. Some designs that have worked well in the past include the lightning bolt, arrow, martini glass and letters of the alphabet.

7 Under The Knife

via: http://www.theperiodblog.com/category/stories/

If it’s a quick fix that a woman is looking for then surgery may be the answer. Nowadays, many plastic surgeons are marketing a whole vaginal rejuvenation process in a similar vain as other cosmetic procedures like facelifts or botox injections.

Vaginoplasty is the procedure undertaken in order to tighten up a slack vajayjay. While some doctors may guarantee heightened sensitivity or more intense orgasms following the operation, this is not always the case. Another negative is that most often this surgery is considered elective rather than necessary which means health insurance rarely covers the costs incurred.

For women seriously contemplating the surgical route, there’s a few things to keep in mind. While surgery may help enhance beauty and confidence, it’s still not a time machine. It can also prove an extremely costly option. Some experts in the field remain skeptical about the process as not much research has been conducted regarding long-term effects. And as with all surgeries, they are never completely risk-free.

6 Glitz And Glamor

So until the exercise and diet start taking effect, feel free to distract and decorate downstairs with some vajazzling. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt first brought this glittery trend to light in 2010 when she openly discussed the fact that she often adorns her pubic area with adhesive crystals.

These far from permanent decorations are considered a fun and light-hearted way to glam up a woman’s nether regions. Many salons that offer waxing services also provide experienced professionals willing to gussy up women’s private parts with ornamental designs. For more private individuals out there, it can easily be a DIY project with the help of a kit and a few constructive youtube videos. It is also not unheard of for people to actually throw vajazzling parties.

When it comes to decorating down below, women in the know have used items as classy as Swarovski crystals, as gaudy as fake rhinestones and as temporary as cupcake sprinkles. If vajazzling sounds appealing to any woman out there, consider choosing a design that is meaningful or fun and then prepare to treat her partner to an intimate surprise.

5 Pumping Iron

via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3429696/Intimacy-coach-lifts-objects-big-surfboards-vagina-teaches-women-technique-claiming-improves-health-makes-look-younger.html

Before the grand canyon gets any grander, consider some weight training for down below. Yup - it’s a thing. Two of the more popular lady weights include Ben Wa balls and vaginal cones.

Believed to have originated in Japan around 500 A.D., Ben Wa balls are made of plastic, silicone, metal or glass and are comprised of two attached hollow balls. One ball is empty while the other is filled with a smaller, heavier ball. In order to use the Ben Wa balls, the empty one is inserted into the vagina back near the cervix. The loaded ball goes in next until it touches the first. It will be second nature to tense muscles in order to keep the balls in place. While often used to strengthen and firm things up, some women enjoy Ben Wa balls for the pleasurable sensation derived from their every movement.

Vaginal cones are a series of cone-shaped weights inserted much like a tampon. They are of varying heaviness and rely on a woman’s muscle strength in order to keep them in place. The more they are used, the stronger the muscles in the vagina and pelvis become.

4 Wave That Magic Wand

via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2315136/Pregnant-Kate-Middleton-Prince-William-battle-Harry-Potter-film-studios.html

For any women hoping to get their hands on a magic wand that will literally shrink their lady abyss, allow us to introduce the highly controversial product known as the tightening wand. According to the makers of this product, the wand is a cigar-shaped object about five inches in length comprised of a mishmash of natural herbs and algae. Once inserted vaginally, a woman is to leave it for a prescribed number of minutes so that it can work its tightening magic. It is then carefully removed and within 30 minutes, this lucky lady should not only notice a distinct tightening down below but the intensity of her orgasms should also be greatly improved.

Sounds too good to be true? Probably because it is. While many women claim to have used the product and reaped its promised benefits, just as many others have labelled the tightening wand a bogus and even harmful device. It does make sense for a woman to conduct further research and possibly even seek the advice of a healthcare professional before sticking any foreign object into her lady tunnel.

3 Pretty In Pink

via: http://www.notey.com/blogs/blush-makeup

Here’s one more thing for women to fret over - whether or not their labia are enticing enough in color. Apparently there is a preferred tone and it is light pink. Anything else is just plain wrong.

As a woman ages, her labia tend to go grey...who knew? In order to get back to pretty in pink, there is a temporary blush-like product on the market that will pinken the area right up. For women concerned that their labia are too dark to be attractive, there is the more permanent trend of labia lightening, whitening and bleaching.

A growing number of salons are offering labia bleaching and tinting services. There are also many intimate whitening products on the market so women can take care of their labia bleaching needs within the privacy of their own home. Sort of gives new meaning to being beautiful from the inside out.

2 Let's Get Physical

via: https://draxe.com/kegel-exercises/

After popping out a few kids, it’s no wonder that delicate flower is a tad wilted. Perk up those droopy lady bits with two common exercises: squats and leg lifts. Based on holding and releasing, both exercises can help tighten vaginal walls, stop incontinence in its moist tracks and enhance a woman’s sex life.

Known for its vadge tightening capabilities, the squat also happens to be an awesome workout for the bum, legs and core. To master the perfect squat, hold a light bar just above and in front of the shoulders. Using the hips, pretend to sit in a chair with bent knees - thighs should be parallel to the floor. Then slowly return back to a standing position. Do not rush the squat as the slower and more controlled they are, the better the results.

Leg lifts will tone a woman’s vajayjay as well as her legs and bum and they are extremely simple to do. She should lay on her back on the floor and raise each leg into the air, one at a time, keeping them straight. When she gets to the highest point she can manage, pause for a beat before slowly lowering the leg back to the floor.

1 Some Like It Rough

Women looking to give back in a sort of “ribbed for his pleasure” sort of way need look no further than the practice of genital beading. Sometimes called pearling, this intimate form of body modification basically entails a woman implanting beads, stones or crystals under the skin of her labia for a more textured approach.

Thought to be an ancient Japanese practice using pearls, most beads used today are made from titanium, silicone or surgical steel. Once beads are permanently embedded, the results are two-fold - the modified area is visually pleasing while also enhancing pleasure during intercourse.

Because this controversial service is most likely not offered at a run-of-the-mill salon, it may take a bit of detective work to find a place that will perform genital beading. Most likely, any place offering up body modification will undertake the job or at the very least point a woman in the right direction.

Keep in mind that when it comes to embedding anything in the swimsuit area, less is more. Otherwise a woman runs the risk of turning her coochie into a larger than average pencil sharpener!

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