15Assemble Medical Support

Before even getting pregnant, a woman who suffers from lupus should think about assembling a team of experts to help her assess her current health status and monitor her wellbeing during the pregnancy. Anyone with lupus should have a rheumatologist. This is a specialist that focuses on lupus and other

auto immune diseases. A perinatologist or high-risk obstetrician should also be part of the woman’s medical support team. Some women with lupus have been known to have a pediatric cardiologist involved as well.

Preconception discussions with a medical team not only address any fears that the mother might have, but also gives doctors an idea of how lupus has affected her in the past. Some pregnancies may require lupus treatment early on and those treatments often counteract more serious complications later on in the pregnancy. Since the risk of complications are greater when a woman has a lupus flare-up, keeping the lines of communication open with a healthcare team, at all stages of the pregnancy is important.

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