15Keep Them Hydrated

Breastfeed or offer formula to infants to keep them hydrated. Although milk and formula are usually enough to starve off dehydration, it’s OK to offer small amounts of water as well. Much like ours, your baby’s body loses a lot of water through

sweating and essential body functions so it’s key to replenish this water loss as often as possible. Babies don’t necessarily know when they’re thirsty (don’t get me wrong, they know when they’re hungry and will let you know very quickly) so frequent feedings are helpful. Breast milk is already at the perfect temperature to quench your baby’s thirst. There’s no need to warm up formula if you generally do so. Serving it at room temperature ensures that it’s cool enough for your baby to enjoy and feel satisfied. When heading out for the day be sure to pack extra breast milk or formula just in case and store them in a cooler bag to keep them fresh.

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