15 Ways to Recycle Baby Items

When you have a baby, you end up with a lot of stuff. Babies outgrow clothes and toys pretty quickly. Here are 15 ways you can reuse, re-purpose, and recycle all of your old baby stuff!

16 Donate Clothes

If you can't hand 'em down, donate 'em! Look up women's shelters or foster homes in your area. Some organizations, like Purple Heart Pick Up, will actually come to your house to pick up your donation.

15 Yard Sale

You can always have a yard sale to try to get rid of baby items that you no longer need or use. Baby items tend to go quickly at yard sales. You can clear out your closets and make a little money.

14 Make a Quilt

If you're crafty, consider turning saved onesies and baby clothes into a quilt. Pinterest is full of DIY quilting ideas. If you can't do it yourself, you can also look for someone to custom make a quilt for you on Etsy.

13 Onesie Wall Art

Turn a onesie into a cool piece of art on canvas! It's as simple as stretching and stapling a onesie onto some canvas. You can put a onesie in a shadow box or frame--a great way to preserve the outfit your baby wore home from the hospital.

12 Sleeper Stuffed Animals

Turn old PJs into sweet stuffed animals! This cute craft is all over Pinterest, but if you aren't skilled with a sewing needle, find someone to do it for you or check out Etsy.

11 Formula Can Cookie Tins

Finding yourself with a lot of leftover formula cans? Cover with decorative duct tape or Washi tape and use them to give homemade cookies or candy as gifts over the holidays.

10 Baby Wipes Storage

Use leftover baby wipes containers to store small toys, pacifiers, blocks, and cars. You can easily use the containers to store crafts and activities for road trips and quiet time.

9 Baby Wipes Emergency Kit

It's a good idea to have an emergency kit in each vehicle so that if you're hurt or stuck somewhere, you have what you need. Use a wipes container to stash things like spare change, first aid items, snacks, books, and small toys that will keep the kids occupied.

8 Keep Your Cards Together

Playing cards and flash cards hardly ever make their way back into the box they came from. Plus, those cardboard boxes get pretty beat up. Store cards in wipes containers or formula containers instead! Great for game and puzzle pieces, too!

7 Contain Craft Materials

Containers of wipes are a great way to organize all of your craft items: markers, crayons, buttons, beads, rubber stamps, etc. Print or make labels so that you can easily identify your materials.

6 DIY Drawer Dividers

Use wipes containers in dresser drawers as a way to separate smaller items of clothing like socks and underwear. They can also be used to separate scarves, hair ties, and barrettes.

5 Re-Purpose as a Piggy Bank

All you need is a little decorative tape and you can easily turn a wipes container into a plastic piggy bank. You won't need to break the bank to open it, either! Just pull off the top.

4 Toy Box

Cover a diaper box with tape or paper and you have an easy to DIY toy box. It's big and easy to pitch toys in, with handles that make it easy to tote around. Then again, the kid will probably love just playing in the box itself!

3 Diaper Box Pinata

A diaper box, streamers, and glue are basically all you need to make this Minecraft inspired pinata!

2 Diaper Box Clothing Storage

Diaper boxes are so sturdy, they can hold a lot! Keep your closet organized with diaper boxes! Label boxes with clothing sizes or seasons and use them to pack away clothes until you need them again. Diaper boxes are also great for moving!




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