15 Ways To Take Care Of The Sacred V While Pregnant

The changes that happen to the body during pregnancy are, to put it plain and simple, downright terrifying. No matter how prepared you are for pregnancy and no matter how much you understand about what’s going on, actually seeing those changes in your body can be really off-putting.

There are certain areas of the body that are more affected than others by pregnancy. Obviously, the breasts, stomach, and hips get hit by the growing uterus pretty hard. These are the parts of the body that have to change the most to support that growing life inside the womb.

There is another part of the body that is often overlooked during pregnancy. This is the part of the body that gets most of the attention it needs after the birth has happened. This is fair enough, considering this is the part of the body that (in most cases) the baby pushes its way through to enter the world.

However, during the actual pregnancy period over those 9 long months, the Sacred V goes through its fair share of changes too. It certainly shouldn’t be overlooked, and it should certainly be tended to with care and attentiveness. Make sure you take good care of your Sacred V during pregnancy with some of these useful tips.

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15 Trying To Neutralize 'Smells'

During pregnancy, the downstairs area can start omitting some odd smells that perhaps haven’t lingered like this before. This is largely due to the increased blood flow to this region of the body during pregnancy. Also, the changes in hormones and disruption to regular pH levels can also contribute to this smell.

Once you get a whiff of what’s going on downstairs, it can be tempting to douche it out or cover up it up with a vaginal deodorant. Basically, the short answer is don’t do this. Putting any foreign bodies or chemicals in the vagina during pregnancy just isn’t the best idea. It probably won’t lead to an infection, but it might. And that is a risk just not worth taking.

14 Don’t Overdo The Washing

Going on from the same train of thought with the douching or spraying the smell, trying to wash it away can be tempting as well. This is fine to wash the region, perhaps twice a day. If washing just once was the norm before pregnancy, increasing it to twice a day is standard during pregnancy. Since there is a more discharge during pregnancy, this is fine.

However, don’t get too overly enthused and try to wash it more than twice a day. Giving your vagina a thorough clean twice a day will help clean up the excessive discharge. It is important just to use clean, warm water and steer away from any soaps or anything. The vagina is still self-cleansing during pregnancy so don’t try to help it too much.

13 How To Dry The Area After Washing

Now, one of the major changes to the downstairs region during pregnancy is the increased amount of discharge. This keeps things nice, clean and moist (yes, a cringe is allowed here) throughout pregnancy. With all the hormones raging through the body, the response of this area is producing more discharge.

This isn’t exactly on the list of things that any woman want, pregnant or not. The excess discharge can be uncomfortable. It is natural, therefore, to wash the area more and more (remember, just twice a day, though!). Anytime you wash the vaginal area, make sure it is thoroughly dried. This can involve letting it air dry for a bit as well as using a towel. Any excess moisture from washing is just going to make things even more uncomfortable.

12 Cotton Is Your New BFF

So, we’ve established that drying the Sacred V Area is super important. This is the best way to clear things up and keep a dry sensation in the midst of all the excess discharge - thanks, pregnancy. However, there are still certain ways to ensure the drying process is done right.

Ultimately, you want only cotton towels in your life, especially for these precious 9 months. Using towels that are 100% cotton are the least irritable of any type of towel. Using other towels can stir things up around the vaginal area and lead to irritants, such as infection or itching. It is hard to understand why this is since mixed blend towels were fine before. But hey, the vagina becomes a bit more sensitive knowing what’s at the end of those 9 months of pregnancy, so just bear with it on this one!

11 Nylon Panties Aren’t Cool

Just like a mixed blend towel doesn’t make the cut for the downstairs region during pregnancy, the type of underwear worn too can be a dilemma. Wearing nylon panties aren’t as breathable during pregnancy and this can lead to a whole lot of avoidable discomfort.

Basically, nylon panties keep the moisture in. Since the vagina is making excess discharge during pregnancy, you really want something that lets the whole region breathe comfortably and keep cool. There is also an increased blood flow making its way around the body and landing smack-bang around the vagina. This means that the whole region is heating up throughout the day. Therefore, the more cool and breathable cotton underwear can be, the better.

10 They Way You Wipe

This ought to be a standard practice when cleaning up after a visit to the washroom, but it is worth a reminder during pregnancy. Since this is the time of a woman’s life where an infection of any sort is the least desirable thing on the planet, it is super important to be attentive when cleaning up the area after emptying the body.

Wiping from front to back, so from the vagina to anus, is the best way to ensure no nasty bacterias or foreign bodies even have a chance of entering the vaginal space. During pregnancy, this is even more important since the whole region is more sensitive and prone to infection. Letting any bacteria get near the front of runs the risk of said bacteria making its way into the womb. This is a big no-no, so just wipe from front to back carefully and attentively.

9 What Goes In Matters

The key to a happy body and a happy pregnancy really is the diet. This is true for the downstairs region as well. Since there are certain bacterias and balances that the body needs to keep the pH levels regular around the all important nether-region, it is handy to give the body a helping hand during pregnancy.

Obviously, fruit and vegetables go a long in keeping all the balances of the body at ease. Also, increasing your supply of yoghurt (natural, organic stuff without all the added sugar) will help to keep your vagina happy during pregnancy. This is because yoghurt is jam-packed with antioxidants and has good bacteria, known as live and active cultures. This helps to regulate things around the vagina and help prevent infections as well.

8 Do The Toilet Dash After Doing 'It'

Now, there are certain activities between partners that are totally fine during pregnancy. It is completely ok to get intimate between the sheets while carrying a baby. However, all these amorous activities stirs things up around the downstairs area and encourage discharge on top of the already excessive discharge of pregnancy.

Therefore, after having some fun with your partner, you should take a dash to the toilet before cuddling and snuggling. Urinating after intercourse or sexual activity helps to keep urinary tract infections away. The risk of these is slightly higher during pregnancy due to all the hormonal changes, so just keep this one in mind after the fun time in bed.

7 The V's Sacred Elixir

There is a good reason that water is referred to as the elixir of life, because it quite literally is. This simple, miraculous substance of h2o is the best way to keep the body cleansed, healthy, and pure. As it seeps from the tongue to the toes, water really does do amazing things throughout.

During pregnancy, getting the right amount of water into your body is super important. This is largely due to the increased amount of blood flowing around the body. It needs plenty of water to help it circulate and do its job properly. Also, drinking enough water helps to keep the vagina clean and happy. The vagina is self-cleansing, but it cleans itself even better when there is enough liquid provided. Also, drinking water means urinating often. Keeping the bladder tract regular and active during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of STIs.

6 Where You Relax Matters

The thought of a nice, cozy bubble bath on a Friday night with a nice glass of non-alcoholic champagne in hand can sound like just what the doctor ordered for a pregnant woman. However, it isn’t as relaxing as it seems when one considered the nitty gritty of a bath.

Bathing in water for a prolonged time basically means stewing in your own bacteria and skin cells. Not so glamorous, now. While under regular circumstances, this isn’t such a big deal, during pregnancy it means that the already sensitive vagina is vulnerable to nasties surrounding it. Since the vaginal muscles relax under the influence of warm water, they open, meaning more can get in. And you don’t want anything getting in when there’s a baby growing inside! So stick to just relaxing under a warm shower, standing up, instead.

5 Keep An Eye On The Discharge

So, it might come as a surprise to see excess discharge coming out of the Sacred Region of the body during pregnancy. But really, nothing about the body changing in crazy ways should be that surprising. Excess discharge is very normal due to the hormonal changes of the body and the increased blood supply to the pelvic region throughout pregnancy.

Now, just because there is extra discharge and this is acceptable, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be wary of it. If discharge starts looking like weird discharge, it means that it is even weirder in pregnancy. There is no point risking anything in pregnancy. Therefore, if you experience vaginal discharge that comes with a nasty odour, too much thickness, or a gross brown color, definitely consult your doctor. You don’t mess around with anything during pregnancy, especially not discharge.

4 Check It Out In The Mirror

Since it is really important to be aware of the Sacred V during pregnancy and keep a close eye on it, it is worth contemplating the question just how to keep an eye on when there is a large, protruding belly getting in the way. Naturally, as the baby bump grows bigger and the uterus expands, it can be harder to physically see any part of the body below the belly button.

So, during pregnancy, it is worth getting used to using a mirror to inspect things down below. This is relevant for cleaning and washing the vagina, taking a closer look at the skin around the labia, and also shaving the hairs away if you wish to keep up this maintenance during pregnancy. The mirror trick can be harder and harder to manage as pregnancy goes on, but it is worth the maneuvering and balancing act to know that the Sacred V is ok.

3 Know The Risks

The all important downstairs region is a sensitive one at the best of times. During pregnancy, it becomes even more sensitive and runs a greater risk of infection. The last thing any pregnant woman needs is an infection in the part of the body where the baby is meant to come out. Therefore, staying informed and being aware of infections and their risks is helpful during pregnancy.

There are four key infections to look out for during pregnancy. These include bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, Group B Streps, and trichomoniasis. To take the stress away from these weird names, it is also good to know that these are all easily treated, especially if they caught early. The best way to be on the lookout for a vaginal infection is to inspect the discharge coming out. It might be gross, but once you see or smell something a little off, get straight to see doc and clear that up (literally!).

2 Dress Her Right

Comfort is key when there is a baby growing inside the uterus. This is relevant for every part of the body, especially the downstairs area. Basically, the body heats up during pregnancy, especially around the hips and the pelvis. This is because the body literally has to pump blood for two beating hearts now.

What this means for the vaginal area is that it heats up even more than before. Now, the vagina is on red alert on a daily basis. More sweating and more chaffing just aren’t pleasant during pregnancy. Therefore, wearing loose pants or skirts can help to keep air moving and circulating around the body. Also, make sure those comfy panties you put on each day are made of cotton for maximum breathability.

1 Dealing With Itching

Here is the news that no woman really wants to hear: itching downstairs is super common during pregnancy. Thanks to the increased amount of estrogen and progesterone doing the rounds around the body, itching downstairs starts to become a more frequent occurrence. Fortunately, there are plenty of home based remedies available to soothe the itch.

For instance, taking a warm, clean, cotton towel and placing it between the legs for a bit can take away from the itchy discomfort. Also, making a baking soda paste (just good old baking soda and water) and letting this sit around the skin around the vagina (never insert it internally) can also ease irritation. And when it doubt, just start downing cranberry juice. Apparently, the antioxidants are perfect for taking away itchiness around the vagina. Plus, it tastes delicious!

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