15 Ways To Turn Your Kid Into A Star

While many do not think show business and fame is good for a growing child, other parents disagree. If you are on the side of the parents who see the world of fame and fortune for kids in a more positive light, perhaps maybe you want to get your little boy or girl into the business of entertainment.

So you and your mate have a child, or multiple children, that are extremely talented in dancing, singing, acting, modeling, some other area of entertainment, or all of the above. That is great, and you might want to give him or her the wonderful opportunity to showcase their unique abilities to a wider range of audience members, not to mention a bigger audience in general.

However, once a parent has come to this conclusion, it can be difficult to find out how to help your kid get his or her talented foot in the door. So, in this list, there are a few pretty effective ways to get your little star well on their way to possibly becoming a bigger star later on down the road.

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15 Their Shell

The odds are that if you have a little one that wants to be in show business, he or she is not a shy child. However, there are some children who crave the limelight even though they are not sure how to handle it.

If you are a mother, father, or any other type of adult guardian of a child that has what it takes to make it in the often tough world of showbiz, yet they seem to become super quiet around individuals they do not already know, one thing you can do to help them is to teach them how to overcome social anxiety. Being bashful can possibly get in the way of things in life, especially when it comes to trying to break into the world of entertainment.

Something parents can do to help cure this shyness is to be sure to introduce their children to others. Also, when they are trying to make new friends, suggest that they discuss common interests to break the ice.

14 Social Situations

This is something that slightly falls into the category of teaching shy children how to be less shy and more talkative. However, some children are not as shy as others, but may or may not know how to act at certain times.

Our children have very active imaginations, and that is no secret. When they are very young, use this to your advantage as their mother or father. You can do this by using their toys to represent particular social moments that they might encounter, and by doing this you can show them how to make friends, as well as how to handle speaking with adults. This activity will not only help them become more social, but it will also help him or her feel closer to you, and like they can come to you when they are having other kinds of difficulties in their lives.

13 Do Not Push A Talent

Every person has different things they are good at, and other things they are not so good at. Additionally, the things they are good at may or may not be activities they enjoy taking part in.

Yes, we all have to do things we don't like doing at some point in our lives. But when it comes to nurturing your child's talents, likes and dislikes are important. We do not want to make them feel as though we are not proud of them for who they are, and pushing them to become better at just that particular thing might make them feel like we are not proud. For example, if a kid does not like to sing, and they are good at many other things, yet their parents push them to become a singer, that might make them believe that in some way, he or she is not good enough.

12 Find Out What They Like Doing

This is also along the lines of not pushing children into a profession they are not happy with. Instead of the parents deciding what they want theirs boys and girls to do in the future, let the kids decide. Here is how you can do this.

Pay attention to them. Find out what they have fun doing, and encourage them to not only continue to do it, but also to get better at it.

There are classes for certain talents, but for this particular point I will suggest what can a fun and great learning activity for both parents and kids, which is teaching them to hone their skills at home and with close family and friends. For example, if your child loves to sing, but only does so when he or she is alone in their bedrooms or somewhere similar, suggest that you and your boy or girl sing some karaoke together, or have them do it with their friends. The more this child would get used to singing in front of others, the more comfortable he or she would become with doing it in front of a bigger audience at some point.

11 Teach Them To Understand Others 

If your child would like to break into show business, there are a number of things they must understand about it. One of these things, especially if he or she wants to become an actor or actress, is how to understand others.

By understanding others, I do not just mean knowing what they are saying. I mean it is important that if our children want to be involved in acting on stage, in the movies, or on television, he or she must have the ability to see a situation from the point of view of another person.

This is also something that can be considered quality time between both parents and their children. Additionally, this is a healthy activity, even for kids who do not express an interest in being rich and famous. It teaches them how to analyze situations before coming to conclusions, as well as the fact that none of us should ever judge a book by it's cover.

10 Don't Get Upset When They Mimic You

Boys and girls, especially when they are very young, express their feelings in different ways. This is something that not only the parents should pay attention to, but also the other adults that are around these kids on a regular basis.

One of the ways little kids seem to deal with their emotions, especially when they are playing or being disciplined, is to mimic the adults they are often around. What many do not consider, however, is that this is a often thought of as a form of acting.

In this case, if you have a child that wants to get into the business, do not be upset when they mimic you. Instead, teach them to improve their mimicry skills, thus honing his or her acting abilities. This is also similar to the last point I discussed, which was helping children to understand all parts of a situation before judging someone. Mimicing someone when they are younger, if handled correctly, can be something they mentally go back to when it comes to acting.

9 Exercise Together

I know this is not usually the first thing we think about when trying to help someone break into show business. However, this is something to consider when you are attempting to help your child become healthier, as well as to come out of their shell and express creativity. But how can children be creative just by exercising with their mothers and fathers? Here is one way this can happen.

Add dancing to your workout routine, if it is not part of it already. This can not only be a fun way for you to bond with your child or children, but it can also help them discover something they like and are good at if they had not previously done that.

Dancing is one of many ways for adults and children to become part of the entertainment world. If you introduce your child to dance at an early age, perhaps they will develop a liking for it and want to further hone their movement skills in the future.

8 The History of the Arts

Teaching children about art in general is a very important thing to do throughout their childhood. If nothing else, it will help to educate them, which helps people at all points in their lives.

However if a little girl or boy you know well chooses to pursue a career in a certain area of the arts, teaching them about the history of that particular subject can be very interesting to them, as well as beneficial when they begin working to achieve goals in this type of business.

As an example, if your little boy or girl wants to be a musician, teaching them about the legendary musicians that are current as well as ones who came before them might be a good idea. Additionally, they should know about all the different genres of music, in case they would discover a type that they did not previously know existed. Different genres include country, rock and roll, jazz, pop, folk, and classical.

7 Different Roles in Show Business

By roles, I do not mean the ones actors and actresses play in plays, movies, and television. I am talking about the different jobs that are available to those who dream of being involved with great films, awesome music, and popular television programs.

By doing this, you not only expand their knowledge of the topics they are interested in and the famous people they may be a fan of, but you also might spark their interest by talking to them about all the various opportunities they have before them. For instance, movies do not just require actors or actresses. They also need writers, producers, set designers, costume designers, directors, and videographers, among many other people. Also, depending on the type of show, they might also involve musicians and choreographers, as well as sound engineers and editors.

Teaching your child about this will show them that there is more to the entertainment industry than just men, women, and children who sing, act, and dance. It will possibly open up an entirely new world for him or her that the child had not thought about before, and perhaps they will discover that their passions are in one of those other types of show business careers.

6 Take Them To a Photographer

One of the many steps to getting your child involved in show business is to get their name and image out there as much as possible. Exhausting every opportunity for networking and meeting people who might potentially play an important part in his or her future career is a very big part of assisting your child in achieving his or her professional goals.

One of the best and most well known ways to do this to take your young boy or girl to a photographer to get their headshots taken. During this process, if you choose a professional who knows what they are doing, your child might be asked to visually portray certain moods, such as happy, sad, excited, etc. Additionally, he or she may have to wear different outfits or have some makeup on to make the photos memorable. As a general tip though, most casting directors tend to want headshots to include photos of the client in a very natural state, which means not wearing much makeup, if any at all.

5 Have Your Child Meet A Professional

When it comes to getting into showbiz, whether someone is trying to get themselves in the limelight or they are trying to assist their young ones in doing so, there are a number of very effective ways to do it. One of these ways is something that many do not consider a huge deal, but it can be.

If you have a son or daughter who has dreams of being in the spotlight, working behind the camera, etc., then a great thing you can do, if you know someone whom you can get in touch with somehow, is to have the child meet a person who is already in his or her desired profession. Talking with people like this can give them a heads up on what show business is like in real life. It can also make them consider their career choice even more, and make him or her realize exactly what it is they have to do to become whatever it is they want to be when they grow up.

4 If They Want To Dance, Take Them To Classes

The fact of the matter is, children really like to dance. This includes both boys and girls, as it seems to be something we just naturally want to do when we are little. However, some kids have more of a passion for it, and they dream of taking the stage professionally one day.

If what your kid has a passion for is getting down to boogy, do not just let them do it, but take them to dance classes as well. I cannot even begin to express how good this is for kids. But I will say this: it helps in so many different ways.

Aside from the obvious, one thing kids get from classes like these is another chance to meet friends, and to talk with someone who has dance experience. The other benefit is that they are learning how to improve their movement skills, and learning what experiences come with being a dancer.

3 Acting Classes

Classes that cover the arts can often feel less like an actual class, and more like a fun and enjoyable activity. This is especially true when it comes to children's classes, as they usually allow the students to bring out their fun and wild sides.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of placing your boy or girl in dance classes, let me tell you how what your little ones can get out of being a student in another type of performing arts class.

Not only do they get the exact same types of experiences as children do in acting classes, but they also learn other things as well. Acting class takes your child's imagination to a new level, and it opens up a new atmosphere for them. A place where they can be themselves and express all of their creativity, as well as their emotions and thoughts.

In acting classes, children are taught how to better pronounce their words, which may help if that is something your child has some trouble with. They are also taught how to present themselves to others in many different types of situations.

2 YouTube

These days, it is not as hard as it used to be to become famous and have people all around the world see your work and recognize you. Thanks to the world wide web, people are finding new ways all of the time that help them get further in their pursuit of fame and fortune.

If you have a boy or girl who has a knack for acting, singing, or even hosting television and radio shows, Youtube is a wonderful website to use. Youtube allows users to showcase their talents and abilities, as well as displaying them in front of people all around the world. This can often give them the upper hand when it comes to getting the gigs they want, because they can use these clips as a reel and show it to casting directors, and others.

1 Take Them to Auditions

The things I have mentioned earlier in this article have proven many times to be very effective for those who are looking to get into acting, singing, or whatever type of performing art he or she chooses to pursue. But there is at least one other very important part of this journey that we will now discuss.

If you have a little boy or girl who loves to act and wants to do it more often, make sure to take them to any auditions that are acceptable for children to be a part of. Many times there are movies being filmed in our local areas that may be looking to cast extras, which are people who stand in the background of scenes to make it more realistic on camera. Also, there are lots of companies who are looking for children to star in their commercials.

Another type of audition that has proven to be great for kids are those that are for plays being produced by local community theatres. Often times, there is much less pressure involved in these, and the atmosphere is more laid back and allows your child to meet other kids in the area who have similar interests.


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