15 Ways Women Hurt Themselves In The Last Trimester

When an expectant mamma can’t see her feet, getting hurt is kind of a daily thing. It’s her last trimester and she's feeling the aches and pains. Hey, these ones aren’t even the “typical” or “expected” ones. Nope, she's feeling little pings and pains that she had never really associated with pregnancy.

Okay, so the swollen feet, big ol’ belly and lower back pains are all part of the third trimester fun (um, not really) that every mommy-to-be cries about. We get it, and totally don’t blame anyone who feels this way. Walking around with another human being inside isn’t easy. Most women would rather not add to the pain (duh), but sometimes it just can’t be avoided.

That’s right, sometimes all of those expectant body changes add to extra pain – caused completely by the body itself. Obviously, an expectant woman isn't trying to hurt herself, it just happens. Between the shifting center of balance, inability to see the entire bottom half of the body and “pregnancy brain,” it’s a wonder that more moms-to-be aren't in the ER every day.

The third trimester combo of physical issues and complete forgetfulness may seem like they make it a challenge not to end up injured all of the time. Don’t stress. A sudden spike in clumsiness doesn’t mean that mamma's destined to fall, flop and fail from now on. It’s just part of pregnancy. Yay! Not really. Check out these ways that women hurt themselves in the last trimester.

15 Underwire Woes

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Your pre-baby bossoms are bigger than could have ever imagined. Seriously. You’ve gone from barely there to Playmate in the past nine months. With your growing bust comes the need for a new bra (or a few). So, you do it. You go out and you buy the “mom bra.” It’s not pretty, it’s not cute and it’s definitely not anywhere near being seductive.

But, it’s totally comfortable. You’re held up just right and finally feel like a human again.

Yeah, you feel good. Um, but you don’t exactly love the view. Tired of those frumpy maternity-issue bras, you decide to try a super-lacey push-up VS runway-looking piece of lingerie (not just a bra, but real lingerie!) Then you realize why you’ve stuck with those mommy bras for the past few weeks or months – they don’t pinch, dig and hurt.

Suddenly your under-boob is aching and you’re feeling the pain that your underwire is unleashing. Maybe you’ll go without the hurt, and go back to your comfy (yet unattractive) bra.

14 Fall Fails

No, you’re not a major klutz. Well, maybe you are. But, right now there’s more than just your lack of physical prowess going on. Pregnancy affects your balance. You’re getting bigger. Obviously. And you know that most of that growth is coming from your belly area. Unless you’re a Kardashian, it’s pretty likely that your butt isn’t balancing your belly.

Your changing body means that your center of gravity is shifting, and it’s much easier to fall. Your joints are also loosening (in preparation for birth). This can also contribute to last trimester falls.

Hopefully you’ll be able to joke at the time when you topped over and fell in front of your co-workers. But, in reality these types of last trimester pregnancy falls are serious business. If you do fall, head to the OB right away to get checked out – especially if you’re having any pain, bleeding or unusual aches.

13 Mid-Night Bathroom Sessions

You have to pee for the zillionth time. That baby of yours is propping her head up on your bladder and even the smallest of drinks is ready to come out with a rush.

So what do your middle of the night bathroom breaks have to do with hurting yourself? Well, you’re not exactly causing yourself any pain when you’re in the act. But, you might hurt yourself on the way. Huh? Imagine this, it’s 2 a.m. and you have to pee. Again. The lights are out, and you go to flick on your phone’s flashlight feature.

That’s when your S.O. turns over and moans, “Do you realllllllly have to turn on the light? I’m trying to sleep here.” Oh, really? You think, “You’re trying to sleep? Don’t you think I’d rather be sleeping than peeing every five seconds?” But, you don’t have a choice.

You sleepily stumble through the dark of your bedroom, stubbing your toe on the nightstand, hitting your hand off of the closet’s handle and slamming your finger in the door.

12 Delivery Dilemma

There’s a pang and a pinch and maybe even a pain. Is it baby time? You might be in labor. Or, you might have eaten a 12-inch burrito that doesn’t agree with you. Is that a contraction you’re feeling? Even though the answer to that question is a resounding. “Um, maybe,” you’re so excited that you jump up and slam your head off of the bookshelf that’s hanging above you.

Okay, so that’s a pretty specific example of how labor pains (real or not) can cause you to hurt yourself during your last trimester. But, it’s not so far off from what could really happen. During your pregnancy you may start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. While these are uterine contractions, they’re not the real deal.

In other words, the baby isn’t coming out right now. That probably won’t stop you from getting super-excited when you feel that not-so-subtle sign. That crazy excitement may make you more likely to injure yourself. As you jump, run, spring or waddle to grab your hospital bag and get out the door, it’s easy to accidentally end up in some sort of whack-your-hand-off-the-wall pain.

11 Picking Anything Up

You just dropped your phone on the floor. Go ahead, and pick it up. Really, do it. It’s not exactly easy, right? You can’t bend in the middle and your thighs are totally not up for squatting. So you struggle, try using the broom handle and lean as sideways as you can without falling down. That is, until you slip. Yep. You fall on your side, and it’s very much not funny.

That complete inability to bend at the waist is a problem. Picking anything up off of the floor, a low shelf or a piece of furniture that’s TV table height is almost an impossibility at this point in your last trimester. Not only is it a major challenge, but it’s kind of becoming dangerous.

Okay, so dangerous might be an overstatement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get seriously hurt if you try to get around the bending issue by leaning way too much.

10 Forgetting About Food

You’ve got pregnancy brain – big time. You’ve locked your keys in your car at least five times in the past week and yesterday you went to work wearing two different shoes (one was a boot and the other was a ballet flat). Along with these little forgetful moments, you’re also forgetting to take your burger off the burner or turn that tea kettle down.

Yeah, you’ve ruined a few meals out of spaciness, but that’s not the worst way that your food forgetfulness has hurt you. It’s actually put you into physical pain. Whether you overheated the mac and cheese that you reheated in the microwave or just forgot to let your lasagna cool before you scooped up a forkful of cheesy-meaty noodle-packed goodness, you’re burning your mouth at every meal.

Sure, this type of injury happened once in a while before you were preggo. Now that you’re in a last trimester haze, it’s happening almost every day (or more!)

9 Furniture Flub

Baby is almost here! That means you need to get your nursery in order. Immediately. The baby’s room is filled with a stack of boxes. And, what do those boxes hold? Your baby’s furniture, of course. You’ve got a crib in a box, a changing table, a dresser, a nightstand and some sort of toy storage bookshelf thing.

You promised your baby-daddy that you’d wait for him to help you with the assembly process. Hey, no one’s saying that you need a dude to rescue you and put together that furniture in a totally manly way. You can take on the task all by yourself. At least, under non-preggo circumstances. That baby belly keeps getting in your way.

And suddenly you’re slamming your hand between two pieces of particleboard and hammering your finger instead of the crib frame. Whatever it is that you’re putting together, asking for some help isn’t a completely horrible idea. It might save you from dropping a screwdriver on your toe or a pinched elbow (and you can’t even figure out how that one happened).

8 Putting On Shoes

It’s so, so, so simple. You’ve been putting your shoes on since you were a toddler. Maybe not tying your shoes, but at least putting them on. So, why should this seemingly simple task be such a challenge now that you’re in your last trimester? Well, the primary pregnancy issue at play is your inability to bend.

Like picking up something that you’ve dropped on the floor, bending to slip your shoes on is now a major danger.

You lean forward, and nothing happens. You can’t reach your feet. Instead of going for the bend down to tie your shoes tactic, you switch things up and decide to pick your feet up and bring them to your hands. Great idea! Um, maybe not so much a great idea as an idea that may make you roll yourself over and off of the chair that you’re sitting in.

What happens when you tumble off of your shoe-putting-on chair? You bang your elbow, smack your hand and hopefully nothing worse.

7 Clothes Call

If you don’t fall to the floor while putting your shoes on, your pants are sure to get you (or maybe that’s the other way around). Because you can't keep your balance it makes it nearly impossible to balance on one foot while putting your leg through your yoga pants. No, this is not a yoga pose. You’re just wearing the pants to feel comfy.

As you clumsily jump around trying to get your pants on, you fall to the floor. It seems like it was just weeks ago that your belly wasn't stopping you from doing what you used to consider everyday activities. Now that you’re in your third trimester each and every action seems like a pain.

You’re just trying to put on a pair of pants, and now you’re turning your legs into some sort of pretzel-like contortion of what used to be your body. Not only do your legs hurt, but your back also aches (from all of the bending) and your toe hurts from smacking it off of the wall as you not so gracefully fumble to the floor.

6 Intimacy Injuries

Yes, you feel kind of like a whale. But, your S.O. thinks you’re totally hot. Pretty soon your baby will be here, and you’ll have at least six weeks of no intimacy. Along with the doc telling you to wait, you won’t exactly be jumping to let anyone touch you anywhere near where that baby came out of.

So, you decide that even though you’re not feeling your most alluring, it’s now or never. Or, at least, it’s now or not for maybe a few months.

You make your way to the bed, start getting romantic and then it happens. No, not anything good. You try to move your extremely expectant body and you strain your back, sprain a muscle or in some other way end up aching. That’s not to say you won’t have fun as you get frisky with your other half. But, it’s probably not as easy to make the most out of your bedroom sessions as it was in your pre-preggo days.

5 Walking Into Things

You’ve known for some time now (pretty much your entire adult life) that having a newborn makes you beyond bleary-eyed tired. Even though you haven’t given birth yet, you’re already mentally prepping yourself for those sleepless nights, midnight feedings and 3 a.m. diaper changes. Yep, you’re totally ready for being a new mama. You know exactly what to expect. Right?

What you hadn’t prepared for was the fact that you’d have plenty of sleepless nights leading up to baby day. As you make your way through your last trimester, you’re finding it harder and harder to sleep through the night. Between the constant bathroom breaks, your general discomfort and the stressful stories that are running through your mind, it’s nearly impossible to sleep.

The constant tired feeling that you’ve got going on makes you do things you normally wouldn’t – like accidentally walk into walls, doors, street signs and just about anything else.

4 Exercise Gone Wrong

As long as your doc okay’s it, you’re good to go when it comes to exercise. Are you running marathons at nine months? Probably not. But, you can still do a modified workout. You’re getting closer to your due date, and the hormones that you’re releasing are causing your ligaments and tendons to relax.

While this is fab for labor and delivery day, it’s not so stellar when you’re working out. You want to be limber, but this is kind of getting ridiculous. One moment you’re getting in a workout, and the next you feel a major strain.

Whether you’re on a jog or just doing some light walking, exercise has the potential to end up in an injury. Obviously, exercise-induced injuries are common in expectant and non-expectant women alike. But, when you’re almost at the end of those nine long months, it becomes much easier to accidentally hurt yourself.

3 Getting Into The Car

Your body isn’t made for that two-door sporty little car your S.O. so desperately wanted. It’s his baby (at least for right now) and you felt perfectly fine in it nine months ago. You got in and out of the car with grace and ease. Actually, you never thought twice about entering or exiting just about any vehicle.

With your growing baby belly and shifting center of gravity, getting into any auto is now a major challenge. You’re trying to get your expectant body into that small-sized sedan your BFF drives around and you find yourself bumping your head on the door frame and hitting your calves against just about everything. And, that’s just getting into the car.

When it’s time to get out, you’re falling over and sliding around – that is, unless you have someone to help you. So, you’ve hit your head, banged your leg and hopefully not slammed your fingers in the door. Maybe taking the bus is an easier option at this point.

2 Tripping Over Baby Gear

Your shower was absolutely lovely. You had a darling day with friends and family. And bonus, they totally “showered” you with gifts galore. Between the bountiful booty you brought home from your shower, all of the packages that have been showing up on your doorstep and everything that you’ve bought, your home is now filled with baby gear.

There are baby carriers littering your hallway and you may have five different strollers. The onesies are falling onto the floor (the drawers just can’t hold them anymore) and there are bath toys everywhere but the bathroom.

Yeah, you though the baby gear mess wouldn’t even start until you brought your little bundle home from the hospital. But, it’s happening well before that very special day. Between your inability to see past your bulging belly and the hoarder-like amount of gear that’s all over your house, you’re tripping and falling like it’s your new job.

1 Living Life

Just about everything you do is that much more difficult when you’re expecting. And you thought it was bad during the first two trimesters, just wait until the last one. You’re walking down the hall and suddenly your swaying belly is making you bump into the wall. Ouch.

Maybe you’re at the park for a day filled with outdoor fun (and play for your preschooler) when you trip over our own feet and spill onto the mulched playground surface. Super ouch.

If it seems like everything you do is causing you pain, you aren’t wrong. Living your life may cause you ache, after strain, after sprain, after total discomfort. Whether it’s your pregnancy brain that’s making you walk around like a zombie, or it’s your growing body that’s causing problems, you’re getting hurt all of the time.

Don’t worry. In a few short weeks you’ll go into labor and give birth to the most beautiful baby ever. And, of course, that doesn’t hurt at all.

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