• 15 Ways Your Garbage Eating Habits Are Affecting The Baby

    Pregnancy is an extremely exciting, emotional, and interesting moment in a woman’s life. Suddenly, we go from only needing to take care of ourselves to planning the future we are going to have with our unborn boy or girl.

    One thing that seems to be true for all pregnancies is the fact that everything about our lives change. We take part in less strenuous activities that might cause harm to the baby, we begin making our homes more appropriate for children, and we start to decide exactly how we want to raise them.

    Additionally, we tend to kick any bad habits we might have previously had. These include drinking, smoking, and other potentially harmful things.

    However, something expectant mothers tend to think less about is what foods they put in their body. This especially seems to be true when they begin to feel those weird cravings that often accompany pregnancy. What many do not know is that some of those foods they love are not so good for them, and therefore they are also harmful to the baby growing inside their bodies.

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    Rare and Uncooked Meat

    While most people prefer not to eat uncooked meat, there are some who enjoy it that way. Though, this is known to cause health concerns. Additionally, the risks are even higher when you are carrying a child.

    Meat that is prepared this way can make you and your child very ill. Eating meat that is rare or even just a little bit pink in the center can potentially infect a mother-to-be with a toxoplasma parasite.

    This parasite could lead to more dangerous things down the road, such as illnesses that are similar to the flu. Also, it could take a while to notice if this has happened, because these illnesses can take up to a few weeks to develop inside of our bodies.

    Do not let this discourage you from consuming meats during your pregnancy, though. Well cooked meat is a great source of vitamins and protein, which are especially needed in the time of pregnancy in order to support the growing child.

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    Put The Fish Away

    In recent years, there have been many articles written about new things we have discovered are harmful or not harmful to unborn children. Some of these recent discoveries have been focused on fish, and whether they are all bad to eat during pregnancy or if you can eat some and not others when you are expecting.

    While some experts disagree on if pregnant women should eat some fish and avoid others, there are some facts to know about this topic and how it can affect unborn boys and girls. The dangerous thing about consuming different types of fish is the mercury that is contained inside of it.

    High levels of mercury in an expectant mother’s bloodstream can travel to the baby, and there are many ways it can affect him or her. Some of these include birth defects and premature birth, which is when children are born before the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy.

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    Don’t Pay A Visit To Your Local Deli

    Many people love to eat deli meats. Plus, they are things we can use to make quick and easy meals and snacks, like sandwiches and other things we might eat for lunch or dinner.

    But, there are some negatives to eating this type of meat, and this is especially important to know when a woman is pregnant. The problem with it is that people who eat this meat are somewhat likely to be diagnosed with Listeria. This is not very likely, but pregnant women may want to take caution before consuming it because they are much more susceptible to getting sick than those who are not pregnant.

    Part of avoiding these meats is knowing the other names they commonly go by. Aside from deli meat, foods like this are often referred to as lunch meat, cold cuts, sandwich meat, and sliced meat.

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    Be Cautious With Cheese

    A lot of people like to eat cheese, and the fact that there are so many different kinds to choose from does not help the matter. But when it comes to the health of a mother-to-be and her unborn baby, the variety of different types and consistencies of cheese may be a good thing if it is a hard food to give up eating for the duration of a woman’s pregnancy.

    In the section above, I discussed why it is not safe to eat deli meats when you are pregnant, and the fact that you can get Listeria from doing so. But that is not the only time when this can happen.

    Often times, pregnant women are told what they can and cannot consume, but they may not be given much of an explanation as to why these foods are or are not good for them and their unborn children.

    The problem with eating cheese is that some of them, usually the soft ones, can also make a pregnant woman’s risk of getting Listeria higher than it might usually be, which is not good for her or the baby. Some cheeses to avoid during this time are brie, camembert, and cheese made with goat’s milk.

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    Chill Out On The Caffeine

    Caffeine is something most of us consume a lot of. It gives us that extra jolt of energy we need to get things done every day. It also helps us stay awake late at night when we may have some extra work that needs to be done.

    Also, pregnant women may find that they are in need of extra energy due to the fatigue many of them feel throughout the journey of pregnancy. But here’s the thing, caffeine is not exactly good for anyone, especially when they have a growing baby in their tummy that needs all the healthy nutrients he or she can get in order to be a strong, healthy child.

    The problem that comes with consuming a high amount of caffeine is that when it find its way to your baby, it can increase his or her heart rate. Though, small amounts of caffeine seem to be okay. To get more information on this, it is best to talk with your doctor.

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    Diet Soda is Not Safe, Either

    Some say that diet soda is better for you to drink than regular soda. In fact, you have probably heard this whether or not you have been pregnant before, because it has been discussed for years due to the growing popularity of diet drinks.

    However, the evidence is quite the contrary. Diet sodas, such as diet Coke, diet Pepsi, diet Mountain Dew, as well as many others, are still very harmful to consumers.

    This is very important to know, especially if you are pregnant or you plan to have a child soon and are trying to get on a more healthy diet. The reason that it is worse for pregnant women is because there is evidence to show that ingredients inside each can of diet soda can cause preterm labor. That can be dangerous for both the mother and the child, because when a baby is born too early, their chances of survival can be slim.

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    Wash Veggies Before Eating Them

    There is no denying that vegetables are needed to make your diet healthy. We need to eat them at all points in our life, as they have many ingredients that are very much needed when it comes to the health of our bodies.

    This is no different when it comes to eating for two when you are expecting an unborn little girl or boy soon. However, it is very important to remember to wash any fruits and veggies you may get on your next trip to the grocery store.

    Anyone that eats unwashed veggies can make their risk of becoming sick with a food born illness higher. This is definitely another thing pregnant women should take into consideration when they are looking to buy food for upcoming meals and snacks, because this is something else that can be contaminated with Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can get in the dirt that surrounds vegetables when they are growing, which is why they are supposed to be washed once you bring them home.

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    Avoid Smoked Seafood

    Many of us really enjoy seafood, especially the flavor it has when it is smoked. This can make it an especially hard eating habit to kick when you find out you are expecting your little pride and joy, but it is important that pregnant women take caution when it comes to consuming this type of seafood.

    As with the other foods mentioned in this article, eating any kind of smoked seafood can be very dangerous during pregnancy. This is not necessarily due to mercury, as some of the other problems with eating seafood when you are pregnant are, but it can cause something else to occur.

    If a pregnant women consumes any type of seafood that is smoked, she is putting herself at risk for getting the bacteria Listeria. Seafoods such as this type might be labelled as lox, jerky, novastyle, or kippered. These types of smoked meats can be found in your local deli, as well as delis that are in big, well known stores.

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    Alcohol Is Dangerous As Well

    We have all heard about different kinds of things we can and cannot consume while pregnant with our little boys and girls. Many of them are already on this list, but there are a few more important ones to mention.

    Perhaps one of the most dangerous things to consume when you are expecting your future little pride and joy is not even something to eat. No, I am not talking about coffee.

    What I am about to discuss is the dangers of drinking any type of alcohol while pregnant. Just think about this, for example. When we drink, our motor skills slow down.

    Our vision gets blurry, we tend to be more reckless, and not to mention the fact that it makes some consumers become sick with nausea or something else caused by drinking alcohol. Since our fully grown bodies have such a hard time dealing the effects alcohol puts us through, imagine what it could do to an unborn child that is growing inside of our body.

    Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, also known as FASD, is cause by the expectant mother consuming alcohol while her child is still in utero. This can have many harmful effects on the baby, including learning disabilities, physical, mental and behavioral problems later on the child’s life.

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    Raw and Undercooked Eggs

    When many of us think about eating food that is raw, or even not cooked as long as it should be, we think about meat. When it comes to the dangers of eating food this way, meat is also the most commonly talked about food because eating it when it is not cooked thoroughly can be very dangerous.

    However, there are dangers that involve eating raw and undercooked foods that are not meat as well. Eggs seem to be a very healthy food, and many people enjoy them as breakfast and health foods, as well as in snacks such as fried egg sandwiches.

    But there are dangers with eggs that women should know about. These facts are very important to know when you are pregnant.

    Before I begin talking about the dangers of eggs during pregnancy, let me first add that you can still eat them. It is just important to know what ways are safe (or unsafe) to eat eggs.

    Eggs that are undercooked, raw, and even runny are something pregnant women should not consume. This is because they may have salmonella bacteria in them, so keep that in mind next time you think about eating any foods that might contain eggs that are prepared this way.

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    Unpasteurized Dairy Products

    Even when we are not pregnant, dairy products are extremely beneficial to our bodies. They help us grow when we are little, they keep our bones strong, and many other parts of our bodies also see health benefits when we consume lots of dairy as well.

    That is why it is so very important to make sure you drink tons of milk during pregnancy. It will help you, as well as helping the growing boy or girl inside of you grow to be the healthiest they can be before they are born. Doing this may also cause your child to like to drink milk after he or she is born.

    But before you pour yourself another tall glass of milk, make sure it is pasteurized. Drinking unpasteurized milk, as well as consuming other dairy products that are prepared the same way is not a good idea, whether you are pregnant or not.

    Unpasteurized dairy products can contain bacteria such as salmonella and listeria. This is especially dangerous for those with weak immune systems, such as pregnant women and children.

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    Throw Away The Leftovers

    Leftover food can be nice to have. Many times, we will have some food leftover from lunches, dates, holiday dinners with family, etc. They are a quick and easy meal to heat up (or just eat out of the fridge, if the food is meant to be cold) and that is part of the reason why eating leftovers is such a popular idea.

    But, this is not always a good idea. Along with the other meal options I have mentioned in this article, eating old food has its risks that come along with it.

    Something to keep in mind, though, is that you can still eat them if they have been stored properly. But if they have not been stored as they should, leftover foods will carry bacterias that can be harmful to both you and your growing little one.

    There are ways to make sure leftover foods are stored properly and will be safe for consumption later on in the day, or the next day. Refridgerate or freeze them as soon as you are finished eating, then heat them up thoroughly when you plan to eat them again later. Also, knowing when to throw the foods out is equally important.

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    Eating Licorice 

    Many men and women like to eat candy. One form of candy that is known to have some small health benefits is licorice. The main ingredient in it, which goes by the scientific name Glycrrhiza Glabra, is a small plant that can be found in southern parts of Europe, the middle east, and central Asia.

    This plant is used in many medicines, and it has a good number of health benefits. Some things about licorice that make it more healthy than some other things to consume are the fact that it strengthens the immune system, prevents common cold, sore throats, the flu, and also fevers.

    Licorice is also helpful to many people for other benefits. It can help those who have asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders and infections.

    However, there is a negative side, and because of this, pregnant women are advised not to eat it. If you are expecting a child, it is best to avoid eating this because it can cause preterm labor.

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    Taking Too Many Prenatal Vitamins

    Vitamins are extremely important to many of us, especially during a time when the majority of people these days eat very unhealthy things. Vitamins are meant to replace what we lack in important nutrients in order to maintain and improve our overall health and bodily conditions.

    A lot of people mistakenly think that there can never be too much a good thing. This is not true, and it is especially untrue in the case of pregnant women and the health of their unborn offspring.

    Vitamins that are considered fat-soluble are stored within our bodies. If a pregnant woman ingests more than is needed for her individual body, then the excess vitamins she has taken in will be stored in her liver and body fat. This can be highly harmful to both the woman and her child.

    Those that are water-soluble can also be dangerous if too much of them is consumed. The quantities of it that exceed what is needed will be flushed out, but it can cause irritation on a pregnant woman’s digestive system.

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    Toss Those Canned Foods 

    Many people purchase canned foods without giving it much thought. These are another quick fix when it comes to mealtime, and there is such a variety of them offered in every grocery store that there is sure to be something everyone likes in the canned food section.

    While these do have their plusses, there can be dangers to eating them for anyone. Pregnant women and their unborn baby girls and boys are definitely not an exception when it comes to this type of quick and easy to make meal.

    While they often taste good, people in general should be careful when they buy and consume these. This is especially true for pregnant women, because when you are pregnant, you are more open to different types of illnesses. Not only that, but your growing baby does not have a strong enough immune system to combat many illnesses.

    It is always possible that canned foods have been sitting out in the store much longer than they should have. This can cause many bacteria to grow in the food that is contained inside of them, which is harmful to both mother and child.

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