15 Weirdest Things To Show Up On An Ultrasound [Pictures]

It’s hard to think about going through an entire pregnancy without getting an ultrasound, but it wasn’t even that long ago that fetal ultrasounds became common practice. The ultrasound was developed in the 1950’s, but didn’t become widely available until the 1970’s. Even then, women only got ultrasounds if they were considered high risk or if doctors had a concern. It’s hard to think we went from that, to now having 3D and even 4D ultrasounds in such little time.

Now a days when a woman gets pregnant, she immediately starts dreaming about that day she will see her baby on the ultrasound for the first time. Ultrasounds can be used to determine baby’s gender and to make sure baby is growing normally and is healthy. Modern ultrasounds are able to detect fetal abnormalities such as microcephaly (an abnormally small head), absence of kidneys, and even spinal problems.

Not sure how my husband does it, but he can read the ultrasound photo almost as well as the doctor. I’m sitting there wondering what that big blob is while my husband talks to the ultrasound tech about the four chambers of the heart or the amniotic fluid. The worst part is that he always notices the gender before me!

After you get those ultrasound photos, you have to show them off. Technically it’s your baby’s first picture. If you’re like me, it might be hard for you to decipher some ultrasound photos. However, some ultrasound photos aren’t hard to decipher, they’re just weird. Just like these 15 weirdest ultrasound photos.

15 Ultrasound Or CAT Scan?

Were having twins - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

I can just imagine the happy parents to be when they got this ultrasound. They were probably so excited about finally seeing their baby. The ultrasound tech took measurements and maybe even revealed the baby’s gender. The ultrasound pictures were printed out and the parents went home. They looked at the picture of their baby and maybe even snapped a picture on their cellphone to send to family and friends. And then they noticed it — a cat, on the right, photobombing this picture of their precious baby! Is that really what they think it is? Yes, that is definitely a cat! Will family and friends think it’s funny? And then of course there will be jokes. Is that an ultrasound picture or a CAT scan? Because there is a cat in the picture. Get it? Without or without the cat, I bet the parents and family were just excited to finally see their baby.

14 Everything Good In There?

Thumbs up - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

Oh hey baby! How is everything going in there? Need anything? Oh you could use a a juice box and some goldfish crackers? Coming right up. All jokes aside, there is actually an amazing story being this ultrasound photo. The parents went in for their appointment, excited to see their baby. While they were getting some pictures taken, their ultrasound showed an anomaly with their baby’s skull. The parents were obviously scared, but were told they would schedule another ultrasound to check, but they just had to wait and see. After a long two weeks of waiting for a follow-up scan, they were finally able to check out their little one again. Imagine their surprise when they saw this image on the ultrasound! Their baby was telling them that everything was great. And as it turns out, the baby was right. The parents later gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy.

13 Charlie Brown, Is That You?

The story behind this ultrasound is that the baby’s mom got the ultrasound and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. When the doctor handed her the photos from her ultrasound, she went on her way. She took pictures of the ultrasound on her cellphone and sent them off to her mother. A while later she received a message back from her mother, including the ultrasound with a new addition — a picture of Charlie Brown that was stunningly similar to the ultrasound picture of her baby. I’m sure all her friends and family got a great laugh out of the new and improved ultrasound photo. And while I’m not sure I would have thought it was Charlie Brown before, they do share a striking resemblance. While there are worse people and things to resemble, hopefully this child isn’t doomed to kick a football that’s being pulled away from him like Charlie Brown.

12 Woodpecker

bird - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

As a woman who has carried two children inside of her, I can confidently say that carrying around a woodpecker would not be comfortable. Both of my babies liked to stick their feet up in my ribs. It hurt to sit upright and it hurt to lie down. It hurt to do anything. Even with all that, I would still do that again over having a woodpecker in there. All I can say is, “ouch.” Sometimes there are ultrasounds that bare a striking resemblance to something else right when you see it. Other ones take a little more effort to see what someone wants you to see. There is a phenomenon call Pareidolia in which the mind perceives a pattern that doesn’t necessarily exist. This commonly happens when people think they hear messages when music is played in reverse, when people see shapes in the clouds, or even when people think they see something in an ultrasound image.

11 Rock On

Rock on - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

Party in my womb! It looks like baby is ready to throw a serious party. Or maybe just listen to some rock music. Either way, maybe this baby is going to become a great musician. I’m sure he will be able to rock on inside or outside the womb. Although when you look at it further, it is possible the baby is just a University of Texas Longhorns fan. The world may never know. Although by looking at the parents, maybe there is a way to know. There is a story behind this ultrasound photo. Turns out that the baby’s parents were both musicians. Sorry University of Texas, guess he’s not a Longhorns fan after all. The baby’s mom is a violinist while his dad rocks the drums. The parents can do it all. They write, perform and record music. I guess their baby loved all their late night recording sessions and wants to become a musician, too!

10 Raise The Roof

Hands in the air - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

As soon as I saw this ultrasound, I thought it looked like the baby was raising the roof. You know that dance move from the 80’s? When I hear raise the roof, I picture an older person with not so stellar dance moves trying to dance to 80’s music while lifting their hands up in the air. You know, something like this:

This is also something my husband would do, and he’s not very old at all so I’m not sure what that says about him. I’m actually pretty sure this could be a picture of my babies while they were in my womb. I also think of another oldie, but goodie — “now wave your hands in the air, and wave ‘em like you just don’t care.” Maybe this baby will have an old soul, or maybe he will just love to dance. Either way, he seems like a kid I want to hang out with.

9 Hello, It's Me

15 weirdest ultrasound photos

Hello, it’s me. Anyone else think of Adele when they saw this? Well, either way, it is such a sweet surprise to see your baby wave to you on the ultrasound. This 20 week ultrasound was shared by mom, Amy Jedrysek. Along with the picture she shared, Jedrysek wrote: “This is an ultrasound picture of my son when I was six months pregnant with him. This is my favorite one out of all of my children in fact because it’s as tho he’s saying ‘Hi mom’!” Amy is a pro-life mom who wanted to take the time to share the intricate details of her 20 week old baby while still in utero. While the baby wasn’t actually saying hi to his mom, it’s still such an amazing picture that Amy will treasure for the rest of her life. I’m sure baby will hear about this when he gets older!

8 Is That A Middle Finger?

middle finger - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

What a surprise these parents got when they finally got a glimpse at their baby for the first time. If I was sleeping and someone tried to wake me up, I wouldn’t be a happy camper either. This was the scan of Anne-Marie when she was 25 weeks pregnant with this rambunctious baby. The mother said that she was completely stunned when the baby stuck its middle finger up at them. Ann Marie also stated: “The sonographer had been trying to move it to get a clear view the face. Then we just saw this middle finger flash up it was if the baby was annoyed with the sonographer for being disturbed.” The parents just looked at each other and started laughing. Mom thinks he or she might grow up to be a real hell raiser while dad is convinced it is going to be a rock star with a real attitude.

7 Cheesin'

smiling - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

A 3-D ultrasound takes thousands of pictures of the baby at one time, and then translates it into a 3 dimensional image. It’s amazing that we have technology that is able to get such a great image of a baby in utero. This 3-D ultrasound shows a 17 week old fetus. If you’re going to see anything on an ultrasound, this is what you want to see — your precious baby smiling right back at you. Now why is this weird? Well when babies are born, they don’t even smile for about six weeks. We used to think that babies didn’t smile in the womb but studies are now showing that babies do in fact exhibit facial expressions. They can smile, blink, and even cry. However, they are not crying because they are sad or smiling because they are happy. These facial expressions are just a reflex in preparation for birth.

6 It's Just A Scratch

picking nose - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

Babies do funny things in the uterus. 3D ultrasounds are even better to see your little one doing amazing things. Maybe baby was just scratching his nose or maybe he was digging for gold. While it’s fun to think that babies know what they’re doing when they pick their nose or smile when they are in utero, that’s actually not the case. When it looks like baby is smiling or blowing bubbles with their mouth, they are really just practicing their facial reflexes. When baby looks like they’re waving or picking their nose, they are just moving around. They don’t have coordination enough to say hello to you or to scratch their nose and won’t start developing that coordination until they are about six months old. Regardless of whether they mean to do these things or not, it’s doesn’t take away the beauty of growing a precious baby inside of you.

5 Sitting Duck

ducky - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

Well how did that get in there? I know I said I don’t read ultrasound photos very well, but this definitely looks like a duck to me. If that’s a baby, where are his arms and legs? This particular photo was taken very early, so the baby wasn’t developed enough to make out much on the ultrasound. An early ultrasound is usually done to confirm the baby is the right size for gestational age and you can usually detect a heartbeat as well. If the parents would have gotten the ultrasound even a week later the baby could have looked dramatically different. The baby gets bigger and more advanced in it’s development week by week. Don’t worry, the family had a good sense of humor about it all. They referred to the child as “Ducky” until they settled on a name for the boy he turned out to be.

4 Creepy Eyes

creepy eyes - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

Seeing your baby for the first time is amazing, even if it’s just on an ultrasound. You get to see them wave or even figure out if they turn out to be a he or she. This ultrasound, however, is not as exciting and is probably not the picture the parents thought they were getting. This baby looks like he’s staring right at you! Regardless of whether it’s a cute ultrasound or a rather weird ultrasound picture, a mother’s love is like nothing else. Scientists have recently begun to link the way a woman acts with what’s happening in her prefrontal cortex, midbrain, parietal lobes. Activity increases in regions that control empathy, anxiety, and social interaction. These changes, which are brought on by the influx of hormones during pregnancy, help attract a mother to her baby. Basically, a mom will love her baby even if his ultrasound is is pretty weird.

3 L Is For...

L is for... 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

Does this remind anyone of The Little Rascals? L is for the way you look at me. Well this little one seems like a sweetheart for sure. Wait, unless baby meant to say that L is for loser? You know, like everyone was doing in the 1990’s.

Maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t. I prefer to think that L definitely stands for love. Because a fetus doesn’t have any coordination, this is pretty amazing for a baby to be making this gesture with his hands. Of course he didn’t mean to make this gesture, but it’s fun to think that he did. I would say that baby’s ultrasound was a success. I’m sure mom and dad were so excited to see their baby and for baby to act so coordinated was probably quite the surprise. I’m sure it will be a picture that mom and dad show for ages to come.

2 Flexing

flexing - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

It’s true that sometimes your mind can make you see things that aren’t actually there such as shapes in the clouds, but I don’t think this is one of those. This ultrasound photo definitely looks like baby is flexing his teeny tiny muscles — and it’s super adorable. Who knows, maybe this baby is going to be an olympian weight lifter. It might be that he’s already a ladies man and is trying to flex his muscles for the ladies. On second thought, the more I think about it, the more I think it might not be the most comfortable thing to have an ultra strong baby inside of you. I can just picture him pushing up against ribs and making it difficult to sleep. Let’s not even get started on the damage he could do to a bladder. For his moms sake, I hope he was just trying to show off to the ladies.

1 Peace Out

Peace out - 15 weirdest things to show up on an ultrasound

When a woman is pregnant, especially for the first time, it’s so hard to picture what their future baby will look like. When you first see those lines on the pregnancy test, it’s almost hard to believe that you even have a baby inside of you. I think I took a test once a week up until we went to the doctor and were able to finally see our baby, just to make sure it was real. Then all the questions start to arise. I wonder what color hair they will have to whose nose they will get. So when you see your baby on the ultrasound doing such a human thing such as flashing you the peace sign, it can be so exciting! It makes everything seem real and solidifies the fact that you are growing another human inside of you and that you will see them so soon.

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