15 Whisper Confessions About Nasty Back-Stabbing Moms

Betrayal of any kind from anyone is utterly debilitating for the person being betrayed, but back-stabbing that comes from one's own mother must be the worst kind of betrayal of all. This is a woman who is supposed to love you unconditionally, is supposed to always be there for you, and by whose very nature is to support you and be loyal to you 100%.

Unfortunately, not all moms are perfect, not all moms are loyal, and not all moms put their children first. Some moms can be very selfish and put their own wants and needs before their kids’, but they may also betray their children when they think it’s in their kids’ best interest for them to do so. Such as a mother going through her child’s personal belongings, hoping to discover why her child is having issues in school, or a mother who tells her daughter’s secrets, but does it because she’s seeking help or advice.

Some people might believe the mother is a back-stabber, but she might NOT actually be the one at fault. It’s also possible that some people complain about having a ‘back-stabbing mother’, but the mother is really just trying to help.

Whatever the reason, here are 15 Whisper Confessions about back-stabbing moms. If you have personal experience because you have a back-stabbing mother, you may want to see if you can relate to any of these confessions. If not, you might be a bit shocked to learn what some moms have done to their children or to their families.

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15 It's Killing Me

Most kids love their mothers...even when they have really bad ones. It's tough to let go of a parent, no matter how much they are hurting you. The person confessing in this Whisper Confession admits that although she hasn't talked to her mother in four years, it's killing her not to. Of course it would be, she's her mother. This is a deeply personal decision to make, and it can't be easy. On the one hand, every person needs their mother, but on the other hand, if your mother is toxic and destroying your happiness, you might have to let her go. You also have to be honest with yourself though, because if she did something that is worthy of forgiveness, you might not want to hold a grudge forever. It might be best to forgive and put it in the past. If what she did is truly beyond your capability to forgive, you must learn to let go of that relationship. Find others that sustain you, and can help fill the void.

14 I'm Outta Here

Well, this confessor is quite sure of themselves and that's great, but he/she might regret this decision later on in life. A lot of us feel like our mothers are out to get us when we are young and mom is trying to teach us responsibility, but later we realize that mom wasn’t so bad after all. I remember in my teens and early college years that I was often frustrated with my parents. Still, even though I was excited to gain my independence, I'm not sure that I would never speak to my mother again.

We all have different feelings though, and some of us just can't take the abuse. If this mother is really as bad as this confessor is saying, then maybe it is best that the connection be severed. I know that there are some family members that I would be perfectly fine to never speak to again, but my mother's not one of them. I need my mamma.

13 She Made The Wrong Choice

I can't even imagine what this confessor went through all those years ago. I have never felt like my mom chose someone over me, but sometimes I felt like my mom's work was more important than whatever I was going through. Still, this betrayal seems particularly horrible, as every child feels like they should come first. It's possible this mother just wanted to find her own happily ever after. After all, the kids are eventually going to move out of the house, but it's the boyfriend/spouse who stays. Right? Maybe mom was really lonely and needed companionship terribly. Those aren't excuses, but I'm just trying to make sense of why this mom did what she did, putting her abusive boyfriend before her child's happiness. If you have it in you, try talking with your mom. Communicate with her how you feel about this betrayal. Maybe she regrets it, maybe not, but if it's still bothering you, you need to either let it go, or try to fix it.

12 She Didn't Leave Him

I don't know how you all feel, but this is a criminal act and the authorities should have been contacted. Raping a seven-year-old child is beyond despicable. I'm pretty sure that some people have been given the death penalty for such a thing. It's no wonder this Whisper user feels utterly betrayed by her mother, who not only allowed her child to be raped, but stayed with the father who did the raping. It's horrible. This is one of those times where there really is no turning back. You can't be around a mother and father like that, and best you just go find a replacement family. I'm sure this woman has been in therapy, and has suffered greatly for such abuse. We don't know how long she had to live with her father, because she doesn't tell us, but my mind is conjuring all sorts of horrifying situations occurring when she was a child. Now she has a child of her own, the betrayal stings even more.

11 Mom Forms An Alliance With The Ex

This Whisper user is confessing that her mother has back-stabbed her by forming an alliance with the user's ex-husband. That would absolutely be hard to swallow, when your own mother doesn't have your back. Moms are supposed to always, always be on their daughter's side, especially with regards to men. Clearly this mother has decided to make allies with the enemy, so that she can manipulate her daughter into doing what she wants. Why else would she make friends with the ex-husband?

Girl, I don't blame you for being mad at your mom. Sometimes you've got to play the game, though. Just show her that she can't control you by using people against you. She can't get you to do what she wants by back-stabbing and conniving. I’m sure she will regret this decision sometime down the line, but don’t give in to her demands. Hold your ground and don’t let her win.

10 My Kids Have A Back-Stabbing Mother

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and this guy clearly doesn't have a very high opinion of his ex-wife. She is the mother of his children—he acknowledges that—but all dads want the best for their kids, right, and he doesn’t think this woman is it. So, he just wishes they could have a mother who wasn't such a B—bad person. He might be right. Maybe she is a total psycho who lies and back stabs, and causes others complete and utter misery. Or, he might be just a teensy bit biased in his opinion of her. Breakups can be tough…we feel your pain, dude! We shall never know for sure, but at least he got his confession off his chest. Ladies, keep your crazy under control or your ex-husband will write all sorts of things about you on Whisper. That's obviously the least of your worries, but still. No one likes to be called the psycho mom.

9 Happy Mother's Day To The Worst Mom Ever

Oh my goodness! This Whisper confession makes me laugh. How many of us think our moms are out of their minds, and yet we love them anyway? Let's be real. There is NO perfect mother out there. They are all crazy in one form or another, and at least this confessor realizes that it's a little bit of a gift to be the best at something...even if this mom is the best at lying, back-stabbing, and conniving! Hey, at least your mother isn't mediocre. I'm sorry but every mother out there has lied to their children at least once, gone behind their back in an effort to manipulate them, and did something conniving. I'm pretty sure that I totally just read my kid's diary the other day (by accident, I swear), but I wasn't ashamed, because I needed to make sure she wasn't writing about wanting to murder her little brother, or something. Sometimes moms gotta be conniving... It's part of our job.

8 Why Can't He See It?

Here's a chick who absolutely hates her boyfriend's back-stabbing mother. I'm pretty sure we've all been in this Whisperer's shoes before. It can be so difficult to get along with your mother-in-law/boyfriend's mother. The mom is so used to having her son's heart and she's used to being the woman in his life...naturally it would be difficult for her to let go of her little boy. The mom will use every trick in her bag to keep her son's attention and affection, and no, that's not creepy at all. She will happily lie to him, manipulate him, and sometimes openly back-stab you and the guy will be totally unawares. "What are you talking about? My mom is amazing. She would never do that!"

It's quite common for a woman to be at odds with her partner's mother, I don't think any of us are the least surprised by this. But while you can Whisper about it, you might not want to fess up to your partner about how you feel about his mother...because he won't like it.

7 When Your Own Mom Backstabs You

Sometimes we kids feel like we aren't appreciated. Usually it's the parent who feels that way, but occasionally it's the kid. In this Whisperer's case, he feels like he is always there for his mother, and she uses him as a shoulder to cry on, but then once she gets whatever it was she wanted (or whatever it was she was crying over), then she's going to back-stab the child who was actually there for her. You've got to feel for this guy. I think we have all felt unappreciated at some point in our lives, and if you have multiple siblings, there can be a lot of rivalry for mom's affections. Some kids are more eager to please than others, and some moms might take that for-granted. In fact, I've heard a great many people say that the reliable kid is always going to be the one who gets shafted, while mom is running around chasing the affections of the hard-to-get kids. Just be you, and don't worry about the rest of it.

6 The Cheating Mother

There is a reason they say that cheating hurts the kids. When you cheat on a spouse or significant other, there is always more than one person who gets hurt. Kids are innocent—they don't deserve to suffer for your mistakes. If you aren't happy with your children's father, then you need to divorce him and be done with it. Divorce will hurt the kids too, but if you are open and honest with your children about why it was necessary, you won't lose their respect and trust. When you do something selfish and sneaky, such as cheating on your kids' father, you lose a lot more than your marriage. A mother's job is to teach her children how to be decent human beings, and teaching them conniving, cheating, back-stabbing behaviors is the absolute opposite of decent. Don't be this mom! Always choose honesty over lying or deceiving your children.

5 How Could She Do This To Me?

One of a mother's main jobs is to protect her children from the horrors of this world. While we can't always protect our children from everything, we certainly should do our very best. It may not be this mother's fault that she was dating a man who tried to rape her daughter, but it is her fault that once she learned this information, she would choose to stay with him. It's really unfathomable to me that a mother could do something like this. I feel like most mothers would want to murder a man who tried to sexually assault/rape her daughter, not stay with him. This type of behavior should have been reported, and stories like this truly sicken me, and make me despair for mankind. We must protect our children from evil people. We must protect our daughters from predators who would prey on them and abuse them. A mother should NEVER do something like this!

4 You Left Us All Behind

Sometimes mothers put their own needs before the needs of their children, it's sad but it's true. Mothers have needs as well, and sometimes they make poor decisions that hurt their kids. This woman has decided to leave her family so that she could go be with another man. Whether that man is as horrible as this Whisper user says, or not, it is obvious that this child has been truly hurt by the mother's decisions. As parents, we must remember that our children are ours for life. We don't get to just stop being a mom when it becomes inconvenient for us. Sadly, there are parents out there who just don't have what it take to be a good parent. The truly good parents are the ones who are capable of being selfless, are capable of denying themselves the things they want for the good of the family. Even if this woman wanted to be with this man, she shouldn't have had to leave her children behind.

3 She Betrayed My Trust

This one was a really tough one for me to read. I totally feel for this child, who is really going through some issues, but I'm still wondering if mom was just trying to help out. Sure, mom is not supposed to go behind her child's back, but if a mother is truly concerned for her child's health and wellness, perhaps we can understand why she betrayed her kid's trust... There is a fine line when it comes to breaking your word with your kids, but when they are a danger to themselves or others, I would say that's the only time when trust can be broken. If my kid told me that she was having some serious issues, whatever they might be, I'm pretty sure I would want to inform a doctor or healthcare professional, even if I promised my kid I wouldn't tell anyone. Sometimes, moms have to make tough decisions to do what's best for our kiddos.

2 You Keep Telling Me To Trust You

Some people just don't have it in them to be trustworthy. They weren't trustworthy as children, they weren't trustworthy before they had kids, and now that they have children—they still can’t be trusted. It can be a personality fault, an inability to keep one's word, no matter what that word may be. Maybe mom is just not capable of being reliable, and she doesn't necessarily mean to back-stab her kids on the regular, but it's just who she is. One thing I’ve learned is you can't always judge someone by the way you would behave. Sometimes, people have different values than you, different capabilities, and different strengths and weaknesses. Maybe your mother just can't be a dependable person, but she's one of the funniest people you ever met, just to give an example. I've know people who've let me down many times, but if you look hard enough, you might find some good qualities.

1 You Are Damaging Our Family

Some women, not even just mothers, have a strange ability to seek out bad relationships. I've never understood this one myself—so someone else might need to enlighten me—on just what it is the woman is seeking in these types of toxic relationships?? Is it the drama they crave? Must they be in a relationship filled with turmoil in order to feel alive? I've known many women who are like this, so I'm very sorry if the woman happens to also be a mother, because she will most likely never grow out of it. Sometimes, we just have to love the people in our lives no matter their faults. You may hate that your mom returns to her toxic boyfriend, because in your heart you know she can do better. But, we can't live other people's lives for them. They have to make their own decisions, and you have to let them, even if the person is your own mother.

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