15 Whisper Confessions About Dads Who Messed Up And Didn't Tell Mom

Has anyone out there ever heard of Daddy Guilt?

There’s Catholic guilt and Mommy guilt but no Daddy Guilt in our expansive vocabularies. Dads mess up too. The one of the many differences between dads and moms is that it seems that as mothers we have this never ending mama guilt when it comes to our mistakes. The guys seem to look at their mistakes as being funny or no big deal. I get it, it's good to be able to laugh at ourselves but why do we get the guilt and the dads get to have all the fun whether they are telling us or not.

As long as their mistakes didn’t cause any serious damage then they keep it hush hush and laugh about it as they replay it in their minds. “Hey man, do you remember when we were using Jimmy as a human football and I dropped him on his head? Man that was funny!”

Imagine if us Mama’s thought that way. “Hey girl, do you remember when we were having that playdate and I dropped Jimmy after having one to many glasses of wine during our Mommy time? Girl, that was so funny I will never forget it.”

No Mom would ever say that! In fact we would probably be taking the kid to the doctor, then starting him on the “Your Baby Can Read” program to make sure that our accidental slip up didn’t cause him accidental delays.

Some ladies may think their man would act just as responsibly as they would but according to these daddies on Whisper, dads just don’t have the same tendencies towards guilt that we do.

15 When Dad Doesn't Baby Proof The House

The third time is a charm. I guess this dad thought that the kid would have learned his lesson after the first tumble. Nope, the kid tried it out two more times before the dad decided that he had to put an end to all the tumbling. One things for sure, even if his wife didn’t know about the three falls she was most likely very happy to have putting up the baby gates crossed off her to do list.

Some kids are just more curious than others. Some are braver. So if this little mover was on the go and the only way to get down the stairs was to tumble, then he did what he had to do. Sounds like no one got hurt. That’s always a plus. I bet this kid has a tendency towards gymnastics and jumping off the high dive. His mom will always wonder why and father and son have their little secret to look back on and laugh about.

14 The Happy Ending

I bet this guy was smiling for the rest of his vacation! I wonder if his wife was offered a full release massage as well. Mom’s posting pics on Facebook of the happy couple and little does the world know this dad just busted a nut in another woman’s hand.

Yes, this dad messed up and who can blame him for not telling mama. Picture that, a lovely vacation getaway at a resort spa. The kids are happily being taken care of by their grandparents. mom and dad are getting the first real vacation they have had in years. They worked hard and saved and were planning and looking forward to this vacation for a good long while.

I can picture it now, “Honey I just had the best massage. The therapist offered me a happy ending and man I haven’t had a hand job like that since we were dating. This is the best vacation ever!”

13 The Human Football

I hope these Dads were playing flag football and not tackle football because imagine a little kid being taken down with the Dad. I bet the kid was laughing. A bunch of grown men were all paying attention to him and playing with him. He was the center of attention. Everyone wanted him.

He was being tossed about from guy to guy and when one of them scored a touchdown with him in their arms, everyone on his team cheered. Luckily kids are resilient and do take a lot of falls naturally so this little tumble didn’t leave him in tears. I hope this Daddy wised up after the face plant and gave his kid a rattle and a teething ring and kept him on the sideline.

12 Violent Reflexes

Yeah totally a Dad move. Accidentally slapping a kid then thinking that was funny. No Daddy, hitting a kid is never funny. Whether it’s a reflex, accident, spanking, punching, teaching him a lesson, toughening him up, playing around, having guy time, etc…As Mama’s we have little one’s hanging on us every minute that they are with us.

If they are not suckling on our breast, they are sitting on our lap, hanging on our legs, holding our hands or grabbing us somewhere. Can you imagine if we just slapped our kids on accident when they tried to grab us? They would be all bruised up and feel sad and rejected. Luckily this Dad felt bad but leave it to a man to think that this reflex was funny.

11 Lifeguard Over His Pregnant Wife

He kind of had to cheat and not tell. This Daddy severely messed up and seems to think all is good. No Daddy! It’s not okay to cheat and keep your dirty little secret for any reason. Oh, his wife is heavy now that she is pregnant? Wow! What a shocker! Hold up, wait a minute. Is it true? Do women really gain weight while they are pregnant? I’m shocked that this Mama is constantly complaining. I mean, it’s not like she is a host for a tiny human being growing inside her.

How ridiculous that she is complaining while her ankles are swelling and the baby inside of her is swiping most of her energy. Who cares that this bozo cheated with a 22-year-old lifeguard? Everyone knows that if the woman is younger and her job involves saving lives and wearing a swim suit she is fair game. She deserves to be rewarded for saving lives just as he deserves to be rewarded for dealing with his pregnant wife. SMH …I’m sure this husband will make a perfect Daddy. He thinks the pregnancy was hard. Just wait until after the baby is born.

10 When A 2-Year-Old Babysits Himself

Yes, thank goodness this little guy was found by someone who saved him instead of doing something unthinkable. As a parent, there are always those moments where we feel it would just be easier to cut corners but every corner we cut when it comes to child rearing could be detrimental to our children’s futures. I’ve seen babies left in running cars at gas stations while their Mom or Dad just ran in to get something quick.

It always makes me nervous and I wait with the kids until their parent returns. As with any accident it only takes a split second for things to go downhill. For many of us it would have been so much easier to leave our sleeping babies at home when we needed to run a quick errand. However, being a good Mama isn’t about doing what’s easy. It’s about doing what’s right. Our little ones come first.

9 Head Banger

Ouch! Are we sure these were freak accidents or did this Dad just need a time out. Why was this girl sticking her head out of the car window? Did the Dad see his demon child with her head out the window and think,” Now’s my chance?” Dads get burnt out like us Mom’s do but this guy may have taken it a little too far.

Not once but twice, this girl’s head was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why was this girls head in a place where the car door could slam into it? Once again did this Dad see this as an opportunity to take out some pent up aggression and call it an accident? She thinks she turned out fine. I wonder what her Mom thinks?

8 When Mom's Not Looking

When I read this, that Carrie Underwood song, “Jesus Take The Wheel,” pops into my head. This is one of those times that Dad and daughter may have kept the truth from mom but no harm no foul. Brittany Spears did it too!

Why can’t the average Joe get away with it? This sounds like a lot of fun for the kid and the Dad. Maybe Mommy’s a little uptight so they didn’t really want to get her panties in a bunch by telling her. This is one of those memories that I’m sure will last a lifetime for this little one. When she looks back on her youth she will remember the day her Daddy let her sit on his lap and drive.

7 Behind Mom's Back

Dads let’s stop talking trash about our wives in front of our kids starting now. Not only is this dad being disrespectful to his wife he is also being disrespectful to his daughter. Putting a child in a situation where they have to hide our secrets from our spouse is unfair. That is too much of a burden for a child to bare.

It also teaches kids poor lessons regarding the importance of communication in a relationship. This mommy-bashing dad needs to find a shrink and leave his mommy bashing in the therapist’s office. Talk about a girl having daddy issues in the future. Her male role model is a wife basher. Let’s hope this girl learns that she deserves better than that.

6 Locked In A Dangerous Place

What is wrong with people? Why would anyone lock a 7-year-old alone in a car for twenty minutes? Also, how did this seven-year-old not know how to get out of his car. I have six year olds and they have known how to unlock their car doors from the inside for a while now. I don’t like thinking about a poor little guy being left in the car like a dog then sobbing all alone.

Where was the Dad parked? What was he doing that he would have left the kid alone in a car for so long? Whatever it was it could not have been good. I hope this Dad did something nice for his boy after upsetting him. I bet that boy never told his Mom about the 20 minutes alone in the car in fear that the next time it happened he would be left locked in for much longer. Was this cruel and unusual punishment or just neglect?

5 Overexposed Mama

My boobs were popping and no one told me, including my husband. Yes, my husband, the man who vowed to stand beside me for better or worse. I guess he needed a good laugh at my expense. That makes sense. Let me apologize for letting the spectators see my breasts. I truly didn’t want to take part in this exposure but my husband was cool with it. What’s his is yours. What’s mine is yours.

For us breastfeeding Mama’s out there we can all relate. We are so used to having our breasts out for nursing or pumping that there may be the occasional slip up when we unintentionally expose more than we were trying. Those easy access nursing tops make it easy for a thirsty little one to pull out a breast in Home Depot before we have the chance to stop the pop.

4 The Unfit Parent

How do you lose a kid in a restaurant long enough for him to be found and the police to be called? This guy took his kid to IHOP as an excuse to get out of the house and call his mistress. He figured he could leave his kid entertained at the table with stacks of pancakes and a variety of syrups. Heck yeah! The waitresses were his babysitters and his wife was none the wiser.

Once this scandalous Daddy set up his next hotel rendezvous he popped back into the restaurant to find his kid and a real surprise. He may not have gotten in trouble with his wife but he sure had to answer to the law. Whatever he was doing, he was acting shady and it’s safe to say that bad judgment or illegal substances were most likely involved.

3 Cry Me A River

Once again how very traumatizing. There were no swim lessons for this kid. Just think of the kiddie swimming lessons offered at the local pool. Babies get to be held by their mommies, singing songs and bouncing up and down. They sit on the side of the pool to practice kicking and splashing their parents. Once the little ones are ready they dunk their faces in the water, blow bubbles, and finally use a noodle or paddle board to learn how to stay above water.

If a 7-year-old was thrown in water, I imagine he would panic. How did this situation end up? Was the kid so traumatized from the unwelcomed swim that he never touched the water again? Maybe Daddy jumped in after his son and gave him some real lessons. This Dad should be grateful that his son didn’t spill the beans and tell Mom because I’m pretty sure she’d be pissed to hear that her son’s life was in danger.

2 Missing Kids

Oh man this dad got so caught up in his sanctuary that he forgot he was a father. All the tools and remodelling supplies warped his brain. He not only let his kids out of sight he forgot that they were with him all together.

I wonder at what point after unstrapping his kids from their car seats, maneuvering their way through the parking lot and into the store, that he forgot about them. Did he see the grille he’s been eyeing up for months and daydream about outdoing his brother in law at the next cookout? Did he loose the kids on purpose for a little while thinking that he just needed to take 5 to clear his head, then oops he forgot about them altogether?

Most moms panic when their kids wander out of their line of sight. The possibility of just forgetting that they are with me is unthinkable. Sounds like these kids ended up safe thank goodness. This Dad must have given these kids an incredible bribe to convince them not to tell their mother? How traumatizing!

1 The Wife Trap

Hold up, wait a minute. This dad messed up in so many ways and chose not to tell his wife.

Sure the mama was at fault in this one too. No married woman should be sexting and talking trash on her husband. Let’s focus on the dad. He Whisper stalked his wife, impersonated another man, basically setting a trap for his wife and she took the bait. That’s just mean.

This woman thinks she’s made a secret connection and low and behold it is her pervert husband who is getting off on the idea that his wife thinks he’s bad in bed. This daddy needs to get off the computer and into the bedroom. Open up those lines of communication with his wife and start doing the dirty in a way that will satisfy her.

Sometimes the truth is shocking and for this guy it’s a turn on. He’s married to this woman till death do they part so he better step up his game.

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