15 Whisper Confessions From Dads Who Found Out Their Kid Isn't Theirs

Many men are as excited as women are when they find out that they are going to become a father. They long to hear their child call them “daddy” and can’t wait for all of the incredible love and amazing moments that come along with being a father. However, what happens when a man thought he was the father of a child, and then finds out that the child isn’t biologically his?

For women, there’s no denying that a child is hers. She carries the baby and delivers him. But for men, it’s not that easy to tell whether or not they are a child’s father. Of course, paternity tests can reveal whether or not a man is a child’s biological father, but for most guys, they believe that they are the father when their significant other tells them that they are.

Sadly, a lot of fathers are hit with a bombshell of heartbreaking news when they discover that the child they thought was theirs actually isn’t. When a man learns that he really isn’t the father of a child he has raised and loved unconditionally, his world is turned completely upside-down. To say it’s unfair is an understatement.

Here’s a look at 15 whisper confessions of men who found out they weren’t the biological father.

15 5 Years Later

Wow! Just, wow! So, this guy found out that his girlfriend our spouse was pregnant, and naturally, he assumed the baby was his – Why wouldn’t he? He goes through the entire pregnancy, the labor and delivery, and then raises the child as if she was his own. Five years later, he learns that he, in fact, isn’t the father.

It’s bad enough that he found out he wasn’t the birth father, but for the mother of the child to say, “I just said I was pregnant, never said the baby was yours”? Well, if that’s not the definition of being a bi$*h, I don’t know what is? What a heartless thing to say and to do! Not only is it terrible for the man, but it’s also terrible for the child!

14 The Truth Is In Her Diary

It’s hard enough for a man to learn that he isn’t the father when his significant other breaks the news, but finding out from a journal is even harder. Can you imagine the heartbreak this man suffered when he found out that he wasn’t the father by reading his girlfriend’s journal? Reading just a few entries that his girlfriend wrote undoubtedly changed his life forever.

Since he raised the little girl, thinking she was his own, and he dedicated himself to being a stay-at-home dad, not only does he have to contend with all of the struggles that come along with realizing that he isn’t the father, but he also has to worry about how the little girl is going to be cared for. What a horrible situation to be in.

13 Say One Thing, Do Another

What in the actual F$*K! This dad who selflessly served in the military learned that his baby wasn’t his when he returned home from being deployed for six months. Can you even begin to imagine the horror he felt? For many service men, thinking about returning home to their families when they are deployed really helps to get them through some pretty tough times. This honorable man was probably so eager to get back home to his wife and child; however, instead of being greeted with tons of love,

For many service men, thinking about returning home to their families when they are deployed really helps to get them through some pretty tough times. This honorable man was probably so eager to get back home to his wife and child; however, instead of being greeted with tons of love, affection, and praise, he was smacked in the face with learning the truth that his 4-year-old wasn’t really his. And, to add insult to injury, his wife actually accused him of cheating! Seems pretty hypocritical, don’t you think?

12 Trapped At 17

It can’t even imagine what a grown adult man would feel like if he found out that he wasn’t a child’s father; let alone how it would feel to find out this earth shattering information at the tender age of 17.

Even though teenagers may feel like they are responsible, they usually aren’t ready to take on the challenges that come with being a parent. This 17-year-old’s girlfriend cheated on him and got pregnant. He could have easily walked away from her, but instead, he chose to stay and support his girlfriend, and raise the child that isn’t his as his own son.

I give credit to this teen, as most would run away if they found out their girlfriend was pregnant, even if the child was theirs. There is no doubt that there will be hardships ahead, though.

11 The Quick Exit

I get it; when a guy finds out that he isn’t the father, it has to be one o the hardest things in the world. And yes, kids do offer some great perks when it comes to tax season. That being said, if a man finds out that he isn’t the father, isn’t there more to think about than financial gain?

In my honest opinion, this guy didn’t handle finding out that he wasn’t the father in the best way. Yes, it’s hard, and I don’t know that there is a “best” way to deal with such a situation. However, perhaps he could have said that he would leave the mother and stay in the kid’s life, or take the tax money and start a savings account for the child? I don’t know; just my opinion.

10 Do What's Best For The Kids

This whisper confession totally breaks my heart. This man obviously suspected that he wasn’t the child’s father, so he took a DNA test. Turns out that the DNA test does, indeed, confirm his suspicion, and that the child’s real father isn’t exactly “father of the year” material. So, he kept the secret and continued to be the daddy and raise the child as his own.

I think that this dad is beyond admirable. He has is burdened with this horrible secret, that undoubtedly weighs on him daily and has completely changed his world; but, in order to protect the little girl, he continues to raise her as if she really is his daughter. What a selfless man and the definition of a good dad: he put his daughter before himself.

9 Love And Hate

It’s totally understandable for a man who finds out the child he thought was his actually isn’t to feel tons of different emotions. He’s raised the child and loves her unconditionally, but he can have strong feelings of hate toward the woman who lied to him.

This dad perfectly exemplifies how challenging the emotions are that a man experiences when he learns he isn’t the father. He raised his daughter for 19 years, so naturally, he loves, and always will. His wife, on the other hand, he wishes death upon. Is that the right thing to do?

I totally get being pissed as hell and hating the woman who hid the truth; however, wishing death on her might be going a little too far. After all, she is the mother of the child.

8 When There's No More Value

When a man finds out that he really isn’t the father of the child that he thought was his, it really changes his entire life. This dad, for example, lost all hope and was overcome by feelings of worthlessness after he learned that his son isn’t his. He turned to two addictive vices in order to cope: drinking and gambling.

Certainly, he knows that excessive drinking and gambling aren’t healthy activities, and that they won’t repair the situation; however, they are vices that he believes help him feel better after his entire world was turned upside-down. Now, not only does he have to deal with the fact that the son he thought was his isn’t, but he also has to deal with the consequences of drinking and gambling, as well as his feelings of worthlessness.

7 Everyone Makes Mistakes

Forgiving someone is one of the hardest things a person can do, especially when it comes to finding out that your wife lied about her husband being a child’s father.

This man confessed that he not only forgave his wife, but that he would go on to protect his wife’s honor. Is that something you think that you could do? I guess because he loves his wife and son so much, it really doesn’t matter to him that he was lied to about being the father of the child. In the end, I think that he made the right decision regarding his son; however, I would have some serious trust issues with my wife. I wonder how their marriage really is, and if she is keeping any other secrets from him…

6 The Hidden Truth

When a guy finds out that he isn’t a child’s real father, he has two choices: he can walk away, or he can step up and continue to play the part. This guy chose the latter.

Even though he knows that he isn’t the child’s father, he still treats him like a son and is committed to raising him. It’s easy to see why he made the decision to play the role of dad, too. Just because the man knows that he isn’t the dad, he doesn’t have to break the heart of the little boy. He can still be an excellent role model for his son while he’s still young, and even later on, when his son finds out the man he thought was his dad really isn’t. Now that is the definition of selfless.

5 A Sigh Of Relief

When a guy finds out he isn’t the real father, he can experience a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand, he may feel relieved because he doesn’t have to handle all of the hardships that come along with parenting, and on the other, he feels disappointed because, well, he isn’t the father.

I think that a lot of dads who learn that they aren’t their child’s birth father may feel a sense of relief; however, I think that the feelings of disappointment probably outweigh that relief. Even though a man may not be ready to become a father, when he learns that he is one, he instantly bonds with the child and his love for him grows. Talk about a mixed bag of emotions.

4 What Will He Do?

This guy was married and found out that he was going to be a father. Of course, he would assume that the baby was his; after all, he was married to the mother. He goes through the entire pregnancy and the delivery, greets his newborn child, and undoubtedly is full of joy. Then he’s hit out of left field with a bombshell: the blood work reveals that the baby isn’t his! The baby that he waited to meet for 9 months; the baby he just welcomed into the world…

What would you do if that happened to you? I can only imagine how heartbroken and devastated he was. What a horrible thing to have happen to you. Bottom line: it’s beyond unfair.

3 Blood Doesn't Make You Family

While yes, blood does play an important role in a family, as it constitutes genetic makeup, when push comes to shove, blood doesn’t define a family.

This man found out that he wasn’t his child’s father, and his wife has no idea. That didn’t dissuade him, however, from accepting that his daughter is, in fact, his own. In the end, being a father doesn’t come down to the genetics a man shares with a child; it comes down to how he connects with the child. Any man who steps up, raises a child, and gives her love and support can be a great father, whether or not he shares the same blood and DNA as a child. Bravo to this dad!

2 Rocking The Boat

It must be so hard for a man to suspect that his child isn’t his. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to wonder whether or not he is the birth father, day in and day out. Does the child have features that look like his real father? Does he share the same mannerisms? Are there any concerns about the real father’s family history that could affect the child? Will the real father ever find out that he is, in fact, the real father? And if so, what happens then?

This dad must have so many questions running through his head. Instead of finding answers, however, he has chosen to leave well enough alone. My question, however, is it really wise to leave it alone?

1 The Glass Is Half Full

Naturally, it can be very unsettling for a guy to learn that he isn’t the father of a child that he thought was his. Some men can take that information and let it crush their worlds, while others look on the bright side of things.

This man is the perfect example of someone who did the latter.

After 10 years of being a father, his wife revealed that he wasn’t the father. Sure, he could have left the mother and walked out on the kid’s life; but instead, he looked at the bright side and was grateful that he didn’t know until a decade later. He felt that not knowing for so long was a blessing, because it enabled him to have a family that he adores.

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