15 Whisper Confessions From Kids Who Sabotaged Their Parent's Relationship

Having parents who aren't together can be hard enough for a kid to deal with no matter what their age is. It makes it even more difficult when the parent starts dating, and their kid does not like the new boyfriend or girlfriend. Some kids have don't like the new person simply because it is not their mom or dad. Others have more legitimate reasons, the new boyfriend or girlfriend is mean to them, or abusive, or maybe just crazy.

People act differently when beginning a new relationship, and that means they don't always treat people how they used to, including their own kids. Which can lead to problems and even jealousy from the new significant other or the kid. Many people who have dealt with their parents dating or remarrying have tried to sabotage the relationships. And sometimes, they actually succeed in ruining the relationship.

It may not be right, and some people have even felt bad later on for running of their parents significant other. Some have found it was the right thing to do for themselves and their parent. No matter the reasons, or the turnout, some of the confessions we are about to see are down right scandalous. They all have their reasons though.

15 Time To Book The Plane Ticket

I would love to know the back story here. The writer hates their dad's girlfriend so much they are getting her deported! That is simply savage. They are willing to screw someone's life up, simply because they don't like the person. Not getting along with people is simply part of life. And it takes some maturity to deal with people we don't like. The writer must be older since they know how to get someone deported. Perhaps instead of being cruel, they could grow up some and learn to deal with the girlfriend and let their dad be happy. That being said, they found a good way to break the couple up. Having someone deported will definitely get them out of their lives.

14 One Sneeze Away From Leaving

Getting a dog doesn't seem like any reason for a person to leave their spouse. unless they are allergic to the dog. Whoever wrote this brought a dog home, knowing the stepdad is allergic in an attempt to make him leave. Breaking up a marriage will probably take more than a dog allergy. More than likely, they will get rid of the dog, or put him outside.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, but not well thought out. People with allergies can take medicine to help with the allergy. Now if the stepdad's reaction was so severe, the dog would more than likely not even be allowed at the house. I think this person needs a better plan.

13 A Hairy Situation

Some people, when trying to sabotage their parent's relationship simply try to cause conflict. Making two people miserable seems to work when breaking them up. This confessor took a different approach. Instead of causing problems and fights, they put hair removal cream in their step-dad's shampoo. The mom is not attracted to bald men. The confessor believes that by causing their step-dad to go bald, their mom will leave him.

If the mom and step-dad are really in love, she won't care if he balds. If the hair removal cream even works, it isn't likely he will be bald. It may cause some thinning, but it is doubtful it will work. This sounds like some teenagers poor attempt at a prank. If it does work, karma will get them.

12 Caught Red Handed

Hacking into someone's private email is wrong, right? Well, if it is to help someone is it still wrong? Yes, but with good intentions, it makes it better. The writer hacked into their step-dad email and left it open for the mom to read. The step father was busted! Now, we do not know what the emails said, it is insinuated they were pretty bad. They must have contained some nefarious information on him, stuff he wanted no one to know about.

My guess is that there was an affair of some sort happening. Whatever it was, I am with the writer on this one. If my mom was being played by her husband I would want her to find out and have no problem making sure she did.

11 Mom's Dirty Past

Obviously, the person confessing's mom has quite a history with men. The confessor also does not like her mom's new boyfriend and has a plan to get him to leave. By telling him of her mom's history with many partners, she thinks it would make him leave. Most people don't care if their partner has a long list of partners before them, but for some, it can be a deal breaker. The writer has issues with the boyfriend, but it seems pretty harsh to reveal her mom's past like that. She could come up with a better way to break them up, or at least try talking to her mom before revealing scandalous secrets. Desperate times call for desperate measures though.

10 The Gold Digger

The writer says they are "so over" their step-mom and plans to spill the beans about the wife's dirty little secret. Apparently, the wife spends a lot of money behind the husbands back. Golddigger much? It is not uncommon for spouses to spend money without the other knowing.When the spending is so great and continues to be hidden, it can definitely cause problems when the truth comes out.

Some men will not tolerate excessive spending (and being lied to about it) and will end a marriage over it. The writer's plan may just work. This secret will undoubtedly cause at the very least, some conflict for the married couple. Will it be enough for the dad to want a divorce? We will never know.

9 Exposing The Truth

To get rid of their step-mom this confessor told her about an affair the dad had. It was the only way to make the step-mom leave. The woman has the right to know about the affair, but the motives for telling her were so wrong. The confessor only cared about their own feelings. Does it make it ok though? Even though the motives were self-serving; the step-mom needed to know and now can move on. Who wants to be with a cheater?

It seems pretty low though, the writer ratted out their own father for personal gain. The dad was wrong for cheating. But isn't the writer wrong for spilling the beans for their own benefit? It can't be changed now, and the writer should be happy.

8 Who Will She Choose?

Giving the mom an ultimatum might just do the trick to get rid of the boyfriend. Many parents will ultimately choose their children over a significant other. Some don't. The scary part of giving the mom the ultimatum is that she just might pick her beau. It may have seemed like a good idea to do in the beginning, but is the writer doesn't get the answer they want, they will have to live with the decision forever.

It is a tough situation for any kid to deal with, not liking their mom's partner. Kids are often left to deal with their parent's relationships and can feel like they are an afterthought. They don't get to pick their parent's new partners, and it can cause problems for everyone.

7 Pretty Little Liar

We are taught from early on that lying is wrong. People lie for a variety of reasons. Getting out of work or an event they don;t want to attend, or in this case, trying to break up a marriage. The writer tells white lies to their mom about their step-dad in hopes their mom will leave him. Depending on how big the lie is, it may just work. Couples who have been together can usually see through lies and know what is true about their partner.

The mom will more than likely believe what her child is saying about her husband though. Why would she doubt her child? It is a pretty crappy thing to do, and due to the writer's selfishness, they are causing their own mom's grief.

6 A Guilty Conscious

This one got the results they wanted and caused their dad's girlfriend to leave. Now the confessor feels bad about it and says they would apologize if they ever saw the ex-girlfriend again. The person was only 13 when they caused so much grief for the girlfriend causing her to leave. Age and maturity have made them feel remorseful about it though. Many of the people on this list act out of selfishness and desperation, not seeing that one day they may regret their actions. Hurting people for our own personal gain is not right. That is just common sense. Kids are selfish though and typically care only about their own happiness and comfort, as opposed to caring about their parent's happiness.

5 The Secret Exit

It is common to hear about a kid hating their parent's new partner and trying to break them up. What is not so common to hear is the opposite. This confessor wrote they spent 2 hours talking with their step-dad about leaving the mom in secret. The step-dad made plans with his step-daughter to leave with his son and get away from his wife, who is described as "destructive". Many kids would not want to go against their parents. This is not the case here. It sounds like the writer has the best of intentions, and really helping their step-family out. No person, man or woman, should stay in a destructive relationship. Hopefully, they were able to leave, and the writer was able to keep this a secret.

4 The Jerk Technique

Being rude to a person you don't like is a way to keep them from being around. The writer says she is mean to her step-dad when her mom is not around, with the hopes he will become so unhappy he will leave. The behavior is childish, but it just might work. It seems pretty mean to break up her mom's relationship, simply because the writer doesn't like the step-dad. It is pretty typical though. Assuming the step-dad is not abusive, the writer should just learn to deal with it. If the mom is happy with the person, breaking them up doesn't make sense. Many kids just have a hard time dealing with a new parental figure, and it sounds like this person does.

3 Stirring The Pot

One way to cause problems between partners is by causing fights between them. This confessor does just that. They hate their step-mom and try to cause fights between the step-mom and mom. Kids have been causing fights in relationships forever. Whether the parents are still married or with a new spouse. And sometimes the fighting is enough to make people divorce. Playing this game, and trying to make the step-mom leave may break the mom's heart though.

The writer, if they succeed, will have to live with the fact they hurt two people who love each other, for their own selfish gain. It is hard to see past a situation when you hate someone, so it is easy to become very selfish and do something that will later be regretted.

2 Change Is Scary

In this case, the mom wants to leave the step-dad for whatever reason. Perhaps he is mean, abusive, or just not the man she thought he was. The writer tries to talk to their mom about it, but she won't leave because she is scared of change. It sounds like the writer is truly concerned for their moms well being, and wants what is best for their mom.

Change is definitely scary, and plenty of people stay in bad marriages for fear of change. If she is unhappy though, staying out of fear just isn't a good enough reason. It is very sad when a person remains unhappy for fear of change. It happens all too often though. Life is short, and there is no reason to be unhappy.

1 The Evil Stepmother

It is not easy for any one to become a step parent. Stepmothers really get a bad wrap. There have been numerous stories and movies with evil step mothers featured as the villain. Which brought about the evil step-mom stereotype. This writer hates their stepmother and tries everything possible to cause a divorce. There is no reason given for the hatred, many times kids don't need a real reason to hate their step parent. They just hate them and will do anything to drive them away. Having a parent remarry is a big life change and most kids feel some sort of resentment towards their new parental figure. The resentment turns into hate, which leads the kid to try any way possible to cause the demise of the relationship.

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