15 Whisper Confessions From Kids Who Think Their Moms Are Terrible

This may sound a little harsh but there are some extremely terrible mothers out there. I mean horrendous. As a mother, I do the best that I can. I’d like to think that all mothers do the best that they can but after reading these Whisper Confessions I do not believe that all Moms are created equal. There are some awesome, fun loving Mama’s out there. There are those of us who would do just about anything for our children. Our kids think they have it bad when they can’t get a toy every time we walk into a store or if they lose their screen time.

There are children who are being verbally, mentally, and physically abused on a daily basis. There are mothers who put their children’s wellbeing at the bottom of their list of priorities. There are kids out there who are in deep states of depression because they believe that their Mom’s don’t love them. Some Moms are out partying and getting high. Some Moms are stealing their daughter’s boyfriends. Some Moms are failing to put food on the able and are buying fancy things for themselves instead.

So let the trash talking begin. These terrible Moms deserve to be called out.

15 No Tears Allowed

Imagine being at the point where tears are about to roll down our faces. Imagine knowing that if our mother heard us crying she would freak out because she hates the sounds of our cries. I know that if I am going to cry I am already feeling pretty low. How awful it would feel to be crying and to have someone yelling at us because they are irritated by the sounds that we make when we are sad. Sometimes, especially with children, tears cannot be held back. This kid had to learn to cry without making a sound. One of the reasons crying can be so cathartic is that it gives us an opportunity to release all of those things that have been weighing us down. Crying without sound is like crying with no release or relief.

14 Three Years Later

Okay, no shower in three years. I can’t even imagine the stench that this woman’s funky body must be emanating. If I was this woman’s daughter, I would be seeking help to get out of this unhealthy living situation instead of seeking help for having the stinky body odor talk. If this mother hasn’t showed in so long she has some major issues that are keeping her from being able to mother her child appropriately. There’s a role reversal here. Why should this daughter be put in the position to have this conversation with her mother? The girl feels hated by her mom so there is obviously other stuff going on behind the scenes that she isn’t disclosing. This girl needs to get some assistance from outside the home and leave her smelly mom problem up to a professional.

13 Words Can Kill

This hurts my heart to read. I cannot believe that a mother could look into her child’s eyes and say such awful things. It is a good thing that the child is done with his mother because he should be. This Mom has most likely created some long lasting wounds but if this child moves on and gets help there is hope for him yet. As far as the Mom, I don’t know how she could even look at herself in the mirror and saying such despicable things. Who even thinks of such messed up words to say to their own child anyway? What mother wouldn’t care if her child died? She carried him in her body. He is her own flesh and blood. What mother could look into her own child’s eyes and express her hate for him? As mothers we are our children’s place of peace and security.

12 When Beauty Means Everything

Who fat shames their own child? Who fat shames anyone for that matter? It’s just downright mean. Even advertisers are embracing the different body types and body shapes that women have. There is still a long way to go when it comes to fat shaming in advertising but at least progress has been made. This girl needs someone to tell her that she is beautiful just the way that she is. After a hard day, my kids come to me for reassurance. It’s a crude woman who can’t teach her daughter self-love. It a crude woman who teaches her daughter self-hate. There are enough bullies, haters, and people who will try to shame us out there. Any mother out there who is fat shaming her daughter is a straight out terrible mother.

11 The Selfish Mom

Messing with a child’s educational future is terrible. This kid was lucky enough to have a grandfather who cared about her so much that he created a college fund for her. Too bad the grandfather did not have enough foresight to block this greedy mother from having access to the account. Sure this kid hates her Mom. She is downright selfish just like her daughter accuses her of being. Stealing from a child is deplorable. Misusing the funds that the grandfather thoughtfully left for this girl to have a brighter future is cold. Messing with her daughter’s options for college shows lack of respect for her daughter’s future. Oh and then there’s that whole infidelity thing to top it all off. Once this girl turns eighteen I hope she runs far away from her mother and never looks back.

10 The Unforgivable Lies

This child was in a severely toxic environment and yes it sounds like she had a terrible mother. Everyone has something going on in their family that displeases them but this list of atrocities goes on and on. This girl was not loved. She felt hated. She was beaten senseless. She was put in a group home. Her mom’s boyfriend was an alcoholic. He was abusive. He sexually abused her. The child was punished for speaking out regarding the abuse. What a hard start at life. Hopefully while living in the group home she will be able to get some help for the damage that her savage role models inflicted upon her. Maybe if she speaks out her mom and her mother’s boyfriend will be held accountable for their actions.

9 Out Of The Closet

Why is this even still an issue? It’s like the whole breastfeeding in public debate. We think it’s over. We think we are done hearing about it. We think the issue has been put to rest then another hater pops up. If a kid is bisexual and their parent hates them then it’s the parent’s loss. It’s sad. It’s revolting that anyone would reject their own child based on their preferences but we cannot control others. We can comment on how disgraceful they are acting though. It would hurt to be a child rejected for coming out and being honest. While this mom may hate her child there are plenty of other people who will love that child no matter who she decides to love.

8 Thanks, Mom

Omg that Mom should take that kid to a doctor or dermatologist to get that checked out if it’s gotten so bad. How horrible it must be for that child to walk around with acne then have her mom insult her on top of that. I’m sure she’s self-conscious about it enough already. What a terrible thing for a mother to say to a child. She’s basically telling her that based on her appearance she is not fit to be seen in public with her mother. What, is her mom ashamed that her daughter has a skin disorder? The kid is probably going through puberty and that’s awkward enough without someone’s own mother bashing their bodily changes. Some people should not have kids.

7 Mommy Advice

That some very motherly advice. These ladies must have a very open and honest relationship. I don’t know how many mothers would suggest that their daughters need some time under the sheets or some play time with a toy. This daughter must have been shocked since she took the time to confess her mother’s terrible advice on Whisper. I can think of many other recommendations for lack of sleep and a bad attitude. Listen to some relaxing music, take a sleeping aid, go to bed earlier, get on a regular sleeping schedule, exercise, or meditate. This girl thinks that she just needs a relaxing vacation. Her mother is taking it to the next level by suggesting that all her daughter needs is a little hanky panky to get her back on track.

6 Fear Of Women

This is a prime example of how having a terrible mother can have lifelong consequences. This guy grew up scared of his mother. She never expressed love to him. He never had the opportunity to learn how to receive love and to give love in return. He never got the change to know what being loved feels like. This has trickled down into his current social situation. Hopefully he will instinctually learn to love one day. There are plenty of women out there who are looking for love and are willing to help men work through their issues. This guy really wants a woman to love and enough though he had a rough start with a horrible mother it sounds like his heart is in the right place.

5 Hate More Than Love

This mother needs some parenting classes and personal counseling. Name calling and degradation are filthy ways to treat anyone. We are here to lift our children up. We are here to point out their strengths and help them improve their weaknesses. We are their role models. If someone hears awful things about themselves for long enough they will start to believe it. I can see how this treatment would lead to depression and a feeling of being hated. Our home is our sanctuary. It is a place for us to be with the ones we love and let our guard down. Imagine never being able to decompress. We all need a time and space just to be us with no ridicule or pressure.

4 Prisoner In The Home

This kid most likely has cabin fever and some other psychological issues if she has not been able to leave her house all summer. She has been isolated from everyone that she has bonded with. These are most likely the people who help her to feel sane while having an insane mother who locks her up like Rapunzel. Thank goodness for school. At least it gets the kids who have unmotivated or cruel parents out of the house. This sad young girl wants to die after being cooped up all summer with her tormentor. Hopefully, she will reach out for help when she finally is set free and can join her friends again at the beginning of the school year.

3 Bad Words

This child has not one but two despicable parents. The name calling Dad sure isn’t helping with her self-esteem. The physically abusive mother certainly isn’t helping her daughter get better grades in school by hitting her. Hey I know might sound old fashioned but maybe instead of abusing the kid because she got a bad grade the parent could help her study. I don’t think that whole “knocking some sense into them” approach has ever made a kid any more intelligent. If this kid is too afraid to look at her parents she doesn’t want their help with studying anyway. There should be resources offered by the school to help with that. Also, a good honest talk with the guidance counselor would help with the duo of smashingly bad parents.

2 Wishful Thinking

There we have it folks. If we treat our kids like they are worthless than one day that could come back to haunt us. This child had a horrible upbringing with a terrible mother. She was abused and now she’s wishing for her mother to experience a shred of the pain that her mother inflicted upon her. Some days she wishes her mom would meet her maker. Some days she just wants her to hurt like hell. Either way those are not nice things to wish upon anyone. This child is messed up in the head and although Mom probably is not the only one to blame she’s obviously a big part of this child’s mental issues. Watch your back Mama.

1 A Traumatizing Experience

This terrible mother is a horse murderer. People become very attached to their animals. I know horse lovers spend a lot of time caring for and training their horses. Putting a horse to sleep is not like flushing a goldfish down a toilet. That’s a huge decision. This horse was so much a part of her life that she rode him every day and participated in horse shows. I know that as mothers we want to protect our children from hurt. Maybe this mother thought that her daughter would be able to deal with the death easier after the animal was gone. This is a terrible parenting decision because her daughter never had a chance to say goodbye to her very special animal. She obviously never received the closure that she needed since she hasn’t touched her saddle since her horse’s death. Children are more resilient than many people give them credit for. Instead of shielding them from death we can be teaching them the truth about one of life’s great mysteries.

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