15 Whisper Confessions From Mean Moms

Whisper can be a mom’s best friend because it lets them make anonymous confessions about anything that their heart desires. They can rant and vent about their kids, parenting issues, about their darkest dreams, and anything else they might think of. Mom’s don’t have to stop there either, they can confess things they have done that others may consider to be downright wrong without having to worry about anyone learning their true identity. That’s the wonderful thing about Whisper; no one ever has to know.

Moms can also confess to minor things in life such as how their kids think they are the meanest mom in the world. They can confess about how other moms think they are the meanest mom in the world as well. Moms get labeled as a mean mom for so many different reasons. Some of those reasons are so ridiculous to the point where it might be something as off the wall as she wouldn’t let her child eat play dough and now she is a horrible monster. Other times it could be something as serious as a mom not telling her child they were adopted and they had to find out from a sibling. There are so many reasons moms get called mean.

Here are 15 Whisper confessions from mean moms.

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15 White Hair

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Lying to a kid can definitely be considered a mean mom thing to do, even if they do kind of bring it on themselves. This mom confessed on Whisper that when her daughter asked her why she had some white hair she lied and said she gets a white hair every time she makes her sad. This lie got drug out even further when the daughter gasped and asked what her mother did to her grandmother to cause her grandmother to have to have so much white hair.

This poor little girl probably feels really guilty, and she is only five-years-old so of course, she believes everything her mother is telling her. This mom might not think she was being mean, but when her daughter gets old enough to realize her mom’s white hair was nothing but genetics she is going to be furious.

14 Trashy Redneck

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This mom, or future mom since she is getting married, has the mother-in-law from a place where the sun doesn’t shine, and the mother-in-law called her a trashy redneck. Mother-in-laws don’t have to like their son’s brides-to-be, and that is how it usually goes, but if they are going to trash talk, they should do it where the soon to be bride cannot hear. So of course, this bride-to-be is going to get mean and confessed on Whisper that, pretty much, if her mother-in-law wants trashy redneck than that is what she is going to get.

This soon-to-be bride is going to go with an expensive camouflage wedding theme. Nothing says redneck on your wedding day like some camo. It’s always best to get even every now and then. For this bride-to-be, her revenge has never tasted sweeter once she bites into her camouflage wedding cake.

13 Whooping Tree

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Sometimes moms get serious, and by serious I mean serious, and this mom’s Whisper confession lets a person know that she is mean and does not play any games. She confessed that she is not there to be her child’s friend. She is their teacher and their mother. This mom does not care if she is considered one of the cool mom’s. She confessed that she will take a stick from the whooping tree and whoop the sass out of her children.

Yikes, I would not want to get on this mom’s bad side. She seems like the no-nonsense type of person who isn’t afraid to enforce the rules of the house. Her children are probably the best-behaved children in their neighborhood. That could be a good thing, though. Her children probably know the value of please and thank you.

12 Neighborhood Mean Mom

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Standing one's ground is an important trait to have and this mom’s Whisper confession shows that she does not care if she is considered mean. This mom wanted to make sure she is not a doormat for people to walk all over, and she wants to make sure that her daughter is treated with respect. In that aspect, I think it would be worth being considered the neighborhood mean mom. This mom is not afraid to call it like she sees it if people step out of line and are rude to her or her daughter.

Sometimes standing one's ground in more important than a reputation, or caring what people think about one’s image. That’s a really good quality that this mom has, and is instilling in her daughter. Who cares what people think about you, right? It’s never right to let someone push you around and this mom is proving that.

11 Cell Phone Ban

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Cell phones are everywhere, and everyone has one. I see 10-year-olds using them better than I can. This mean mom’s confession on Whisper is one that will make teenager’s everywhere cringe. This mom banned cell phones and will not let her high school aged daughter get one. Now, that is a mean mom. Teenagers live on their cell phones. They are their lifelines. If a teen does not have a cell, then they are immediately blacklisted and have to sit at the bad table at lunch.

This mom said that if she could grow up without having a cell, then so can her daughter. Times have changed though, and people are not as nice as they used to be. Crime rates have drastically gone up since this mother was in school and cell phones, although rarely used just for emergencies, are really a good thing to have.

10 Mom Never Told Me

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Some things are really touchy subjects and telling a child they were adopted is one of them. A parent should always tell their child they were adopted at some point, but just trying to figure out the timing is the hard part. Now, having a child find out from a sibling is just mean. This Whisper confession isn’t from a mom’s perspective, but from a son’s perspective about a mean mom, and this is just mean.

This son found out five years ago from his brother that he was adopted. Within five years the mom still hasn’t told her son. That’s a lot of time to pass. A child should always know eventually because of worst case scenario, that child gets really sick and needs an organ or a blood transfusion and all of a sudden then the mom has to explain, on top of the illness, why the family is not a match.

9 Where’s the Presents?

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Christmas, for a child, is supposed to be a time a joy, cookies, and presents; however, not so much if you have this mom. This mom's Whisper confession shows that she is a mom of her word, and what she says goes. She told her children that if they did not get rid of their old toys that they would not be getting new ones for Christmas. Apparently, the kids did not listen because she said that she held true to her word.

I could only imagine the look on those poor kids faces come Christmas morning and there was nothing under the tree. I definitely would not want her to be my mom. If I like something, I have a hard time parting with it. I find that very wasteful unless her kids weren’t playing with their old toys any more, then I totally understand.

8 Grease Spot

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Moms lie, and they lie a lot, to keep their kids from misbehaving. It must be something in the mom rule book that has been passed down from generation to generation. The old wives tales about sitting too close to the TV and going cross-eyed, or sticking one’s tongue out and having it get stuck like that. This mom’s Whisper confession proved that mom’s all over still lie to their kids. This mom told her kids that the grease spots on the road are little kids that got ran over for not holding their parent's hand when crossing the road.

If I were a little kid, this would probably scare the crap out of me enough to make me always want to hold my mom’s hand. This is definitely a mean mom. Little kids are like drunk humans who believe everything you tell them. I wish I could remember every lie my parents ever told me.

7 Chores

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If there is one thing kids hate, besides school, it’s chores. Kids seem to think that’s what moms are there for; to do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Well, this mom confessed on Whisper that she’s mean because she makes her kids do chores. She said she makes them do laundry, mop floors and worst of all, she even makes them cook! Her kids probably hate it, but she’s teaching them responsibility and things they will need to succeed in the adult world.

There are plenty of adults out there who had their mom, or dad, do everything for them while they were growing you and then when it came time to move out they didn’t even know how to make spaghetti. This mean mom got the right idea, and also probably enjoys the help.

6 No Soda Zone

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Soda, when drank in moderation, can be a sweet treat for children and adults, and this mom's in-laws seem to agree with that statement. This mean mom confessed on Whisper that her in-laws think that she’s terrible because she won’t give her kids soda. Her kids are 1 and 3-years old. It is mom’s choice, but these kids probably won’t like that she won’t want them to have it, especially when they get older since they are still very young.

It should really always be left up to the mother whether or not she wants her children to indulge in sweets or not. The in-laws really should have no say, but in their eyes, this mom is a mean mom.

5 Brat Free

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Sometimes things all have to do with the way you word things. You can either say something and sound nice, or say something and sound like a total jerk. This mean mom is the latter. In her Whisper confession, she said that being the mean parent sucks, but then went on to say that she refuses to have a disrespectful brat. That just sounds mean on so many levels. She could have said that in varying forms but chose to say it that way.

A disrespectful brat; hopefully her daughter never hears her say it like that because it could really hurt her feelings. This is most definitely a mean mom. However, when children are disrespectful, they need to learn that there are consequences.

4 Being Mean is Not Fair

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Sometimes parents have to pick sides. It’s like the whole bad cop, good cop thing. Unfortunately, with kids, it’s worse because you are stuck with them for the rest of your life. So, if you are the bad parent, you may get looked at as the bad parent for the rest of your life. The one who sucks all of the fun out of the air until it becomes a part of your personality. This mean mom confessed on Whisper that she is the mean mom.

However, this mean mom doesn’t always like taking on that role because then dad gets to rush in and save the day and look like the good guy. I can see where mom’s coming from, and, no, it really is not fair.

3 Acceptance Speech

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Even mean moms have to make jokes sometimes. We don’t always know what made them mean, but sometimes it doesn’t matter. This mom confessed on Whisper that after kid told her she was the meanest mom in the world she freaked out. Why did she freak out, you ask? Because she did not even have an acceptance speech ready. Being called the meanest mom in the world must be a big deal for her. It must feel like she won an Oscar or something.

When a kid gets mad at their mom, the best thing a mom can do is to look at the brighter side. Some mom’s freak out, or lash out. This mom made a massively comical joke about the situation and brushed it off. She must not be that mean of a mom after all.

2 You Didn’t Eat Your Dinner

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Moms have rules that must be followed me. Some of them are so simple but kids still don’t want to listen. This mom confessed on Whisper that she is the meanest mom ever because she wouldn’t give her kid a bite of her snow cone because he didn’t eat his dinner. All he did was smash the food around his plate a little. If he had just eaten some, he might have had some of that delicious snow cone. Kids just do not learn these days.

Being called the meanest mom over a bite of food shows how easily kids get crabby. When a mom makes rules, they usually stick to them. Kids just have to learn to live with that and understand that mom means what she says.

1 Down With Carrots

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Another mom with rules that need to be followed; kids can be really picky eaters. They tend to not like to eat their vegetables. Feeding a kid a veggie is like trying to get a vegetarian to eat meat. They act like they will die from it. This mom confessed on Whisper that her son also called her the meanest mom ever because she made him eat one carrot before he was allowed to have ice cream. That seems like a pretty good trade off.

These days, kids do not seem to want anything unless it is covered in sugar or deep fried, or comes from a drive-thru window. This meanest mom ever should have made him eat a whole plate of carrots before he got the ice cream.

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