15 Whisper Confessions From Men Who Cheat On Their Pregnant Wives

What could make a man cheat on the woman who's carrying his future child?

As I learn and grow I try really hard not to judge other people’s actions. I don’t know the entire story. I don’t know what it feels like to be them. I haven’t had the same experiences or lived the same lifestyle. I just don’t know what other people’s motivations are when they make decisions that will ultimately hurt others. I try to be neutral. So, cheating on your pregnant wife may be downright dirty in many circumstances. Other times, there could have been a series of events leading up to the indiscretion that those on the outside may never know. Expecting a baby or not, people are people.

They fight, they forgive, they disconnect, they reconnect. As I have grown I have witnessed that people’s perceptions of being in a committed relationship are as different as people are. Some people see flirting as cheating. Some people don’t. Some people think sexting is cheating. Others don’t. Some people see watching porn as cheating. Some people think masturbating is cheating. And there are those out there on the other end of the spectrum who have open relationships and have a completely different set of rules that are applicable to their personal circumstances.

The important thing is that we have these conversations about where we stand on commitment and monogamy before the ring is on the finger and we have a baby on the way. If not, we may be shocked to find out some new revelations about our partners down the road. Some ways to get this conversation going with our partners may be to reference some Whisper confessions and see how our partners react.

15Dirty Grandma

Like mother like daughter. I wonder if the newborn will be a girl? If she is, she better watch out when she finds a man she wants to introduce to the family. Both Mom and Grandma may be jumping at the opportunity to help a guy through the last week before his baby is born. Who are these mothers who are jumping on their daughter’s boyfriends? So many of us go above and beyond to make sure that our children do not get hurt.

These Mom’s seem to be going above and beyond to make sue their daughter’s do get hurt. The mentality of a Mama who is stepping up and disrespecting her child and her role as their mother is incomprehensible by me. Go get on another man Grandma and leave your daughter’s man alone.

14All In The Family

What ever happened to families sticking together. Two of the people that this Mama most likely thought that she could trust the most have betrayed her trust. There will be a constant reminder of this betrayal because the sister is now pregnant. At what age are they going to tell the children that they are also cousins.

I have seen many different family structures becoming more and more socially acceptable today but the whole sibling/cousin relationship, which I have heard referred to as a “scousin” is still something that is reserved for Jerry Springer. I hope that in the end the children’s happiness is put first here and that somehow this nontraditional family finds a way to live in peace. Things would be so much easier if people just honored their commitments.

13Caught In The Act

There really is no way to fix this. He committed the crime and now he will have to do the time. Doing the time may include winning back his wife’s trust. It may be that he will have to kiss her butt from this moment on for the rest of their lives. They may need to go to counseling.

He may need to wear a GPS tracker so that his wife can monitor his every move. He may need to check in with her every hour on the hour while he is out. Or he may just need to except that he messed up so royally and hurt his wife so deeply that she may have an abortion, file for divorce, and move on without him and his spawn.

Before we cheat we really need to think about how our partner would feel and act in response to our actions. There is no way of knowing how things will play out but cheaters usually get caught sooner or later.

129 Kids And Counting

He may be the man who will end up paying 10 different women child support but other than that I don’t know if I’d call him the man. The insensitive husband of this clueless pregnant Mama has a warped sense of reality about what makes a man a man. There are many fine qualities that women look for in men and although we enjoy a man who is fun in bed we also enjoy things like fidelity, dependability, and consideration.

The idea behind getting married is committing oneself to another person, right? I’m starting to think that some of these guys just want someone they can count on while they run off and do whatever they please. Thank goodness all men are not like this and best of luck to the women who were manipulated into marriage or pregnancy by one of these winners.

11Deep Sleeper

Embrace that feeling of disgust. Sit with it. Bathe in it. Own it. That feeling is coming from within and will only grow stronger if the cheating continues. Keeping secrets from our loved ones never feels good unless we are a sociopath and in that case it sucks to be tangled up with a person with this disorder.

This guy cheated. Strike 1. He cheated with his wife’s sister. Strike 2. He cheated with his wife’s sister more than once. Strike 3. He cheated while his wife was sleeping in the same room. Strike 4. Sure she sleeps deep. Her growing babying is consuming all of her energy reserves to develop and grow. Pregnant Mama’s need lots of time to rest and rejuvenate. At least this guy owns his disgust and hopefully he will feel so awful that he will never act in a way that makes him feel so low again.

10Preying On The Family

Creepy. I high a high tolerance for individuality but everything about this confession is creepy. If he was on Grey’s Anatomy, he would be McCreepy. Why is this guy married if he thinks cheating is fucking great? With all of the cheating that goes on these days I wonder why so many of us still insist on coupling up and getting married.

I can’t speak for all of the ladies out there but for me, this guy seems like a dream come true. He’s the type we dream about meeting and can’t let go. His wife must have really done something to piss him off or else he is just pure evil. For everyone’s sakes I hope that her sisters are not pregnant and this guy gets put in an insane asylum where he belongs.

9See No Evil, Hear No Evil

There are no guarantees in this lifetime. Just when we think we have everything figured out then life seems to throw us a curve ball. Although two people stand together and take vows we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean they will honor them. People vow to stand by each other’s side until death do they part. Is that still the case? Not so much, considering the high divorce rate.

I attended a couples wedding anniversary party in which the wife made a speech. During that speech she confessed that she and her husband had fell in and out of love many times. They had many kids and many conflicts and every time they came to a resolution that worked for them. Long story short, we live, we love, we laugh, and sometimes we leave and sometimes we work things out.

8Two For Two

Well I’d say what this gentleman has done is messed up royally unless he was trying to spread his seed in multiple different directions. Is it possible to have a woman who is the love of a lifetime and a mistress at the same time? I believe it is. So does this Daddy. Whether or not it is right or ethical is another question that each and every person can answer individually. In this situation, Daddy will need to come clean.

Hopefully he makes this choice sooner rather than later. Many couples work through infidelity and while a woman is pregnant she may be more willing to forgive, maybe not forget. She has a child on the way and she knows that she will want and need all the support she can get. As far as the mistresses needs, she will most likely be the one finding others to love and support her because as we all know the wife comes first when it comes to things that matter most.

7Shallow Hal

Just in case some men out there missed the memo, let me lay it out. There is a period in between the time that the man impregnates his wife and when the baby is born when his pregnant wife will be carrying extra weight. If she has twins or triplets it could a little more than expected. Depending on the diet Mama is craving it could be a little more than expected. However, after the baby is born much of that weight will dissipate with time.

If we plan on having a baby with our wife let’s plan on the fact that she will be curvier for a period of time. Maybe, try to embrace the new curves. Enjoy the ever changing body that is before us. This statement is just pure ignorance and inconsideration. “I cheat on my wife cuz she’s fat.” She’s carrying extra weight because there is a child growing inside of her. Stop stressing her out by blaming indiscretions on her lovely lady lumps.

6Cheating As A Way To Cope

Death and grief cause us to do things that we may not normally do. We are sad. We are vulnerable. We are grieving and imagining what life will be like without our loved one. Sometimes we turn to people who are further removed from us so that we can just be present for a little while without having to face the sad reality that is all encompassing right now.

Our partners aren’t the only one’s out there who can offer us emotional support and in fact they may not be the best at it. Having said that, there are other ways to aid in our grieving process than committing heinous acts that will leave us in sticky situations later. This guy is potentially hurting a lot of people by his selfish behavior.

5Under The Same Roof

What’s with the cheating while in the same house thing? Is there something extra hot about committing adultry while our partner is in the same house? Sounds like this “best friend” may be more than a friend. There’s that thing us women have going for us called women’s intuition. Others may tell us we are crazy or overreacting but even when we are hormonal we can usually tell when our man is attracted to someone else.

This BFF has overstepped her boundaries and if she knows what’s best for her she better get the hell out of Dodge before this baby is born. Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman scorned. Who wants to be with a guy who cheats on his pregnant wife anyway? The drama that accompanies him will never be worth it.

4Actions Have Consequences

Let this be a lesson learned. If we want to spend the rest of our lives with someone we should not have intimate relationships with other people. If we want the mother of our child to respect us as the child’s father, we don’t cheat on her. If we need to keep our actions a secret, then they are most likely not the best choice. If we want to have a family with someone it is important for them to trust us.

Trust is the foundation for all relationships. If Daddy wants to be living with his child and baby mama instead of sending biweekly child support payments to them then he needs to keep his genitals in his pants and save himself for the woman who is carrying his child. As a way of thanking our lovely woman for bringing our child into this world, let us respect her with faithfulness.

3Sugar Daddy

How original? Older guys needing younger women to validate their masculinity and make them feel manly. Sure, it’s flattering to be hit on by someone who is younger. It’s fun and exciting and it makes us feel younger too.

That’s why we hear so much about Sugar Daddies and Cougars these days. It’s becoming more and more socially acceptable for all ages to mingle as long as we are legal. However, if one decides to get married they are supposed to give up following through on hormonal compulsions.

Put the images of the younger women in the spank bank husbands. This guy sounds like he is actively seeking out younger women to fill a void that he has now that he has a wife and a baby on the way. I hope for the sake of his family that he works it out and grows up.

2Can't Go Back In Time

At least this guy realizes that he made a mistake and has a conscience. That’s a good start. A better start would have been being faithful to his baby mama but I guess no one is perfect.

He doesn’t know what to do and is scared the other girl is going to tell. In this situation it is best to call yourself out before someone else has the chance to. Although the truth is going to hurt no matter how it is presented I’m sure the baby mama would rather hear it from her man instead of anyone else.

Admitting to the truth and apologizing for it takes courage. So, when faced with this ethical dilemma own it, admit it, don’t ever do it again, and beg for forgiveness. There is something powerful in owning your truth and not letting someone else have something on you. I would rather hear the truth any day than be lied to.

1When Cheating Becomes A Turn On

I’m all for taking risks but when others’ lives and sanity are involved that’s dangerous business. It’s especially dangerous since there is a possibility of pregnancy. Where there is a possibility of pregnancy there is a possibility of spreading STD’s. Why is the risk of cheating and having a baby hot?

I understand that some people get off on being bad but this is taking things to a different level. This is getting off on the idea that his wife could find out, his marriage would be over, and he could possibly have a child for whom he would be responsible forever. Children are forever. Creating life is not a game. Just ask the many unwanted children out there how they feel about it.

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