15 Whisper Confessions From Moms Lying About Who The Father Is

Whisper lets Moms make anonymous confessions about anything she can think of without the added fear of anyone she knows finding out about what you said, or just blatantly confessed. People confess, and admit to, all kinds of wild and outrageous stories and secrets. People can like and share each other’s posts and see what other people have done that may be even crazier than what they could ever have imagined doing themselves in their wildest dreams. People from all across the globe use Whisper; moms and dads all alike. It’s a place where individuals can truly free themselves without repercussions.

Moms use Whisper to confess and say things they otherwise may have never shared with anyone. Everyone needs the space and room to get things off of their chest every now and then, and this is the safest way to do it. This is also the only way to guarantee this utmost strictest confidence.

Everyone lies, and that’s a fact. That also includes moms. Sometimes moms lie about little things, like where their husband’s favorite, and ugliest, tie got to. Other times, moms lie about major things like who their child’s father really is. There is only a minor difference there, right?

Here is a list of 15 whisper confessions from moms lying about who the father is.

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15 Wedding Day Bliss

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Wedding days are supposed to be the most memorable day of a woman’s life. Well, maybe her wedding day and the day her children are born. It is not supposed to be a day a woman looks back on a few weeks later and thinks, “Oh, crap now I am in trouble.” But for this blushing bride that is definitely how things have turned out for her. She is going to have a lot of explaining to do soon.

For this soon-to-be mom, in her Whisper confession, she confessed that she cheated on her husband on their wedding day, in her wedding dress, and now she is pregnant. She’s not exactly lying to her husband about who the father is, yet, but I also do not think she will be the type to tell him exactly what happened either.

14 Birthing Day Results

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Bringing a baby into the world is a magical day between a husband and a wife, and it is a day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. These memories are supposed to be cherished and captured for the baby so that when the baby is old enough they can cherish those moments too. Unless one of the parents does something behind the other parents back that may ruin the entire thing. Like, say, having an affair and then lying to the father and making him think he was the dad for those excruciating 9-months of pregnancy.

That is just what this mom did when she confessed on Whisper; that she had lied to her husband about him being the father of their baby. She said he did not find out he was not the father until the day she gave birth.

13 All Grown Up

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Sometimes people get away with things, while others don’t. We just have to ask ourselves, how some people are just such amazing liars. Marrying someone and exchanging vows is supposed to mean something to people. It supposed to mean that one person will be honest, loyal, and faithful to another person; and just that one person. Honesty and loyalty are not in everyone’s vocabularies I guess, and it is not always the men that are the unfaithful ones.

This mom confessed on Whisper that she looked her husband in the eyes every day for 18-years and lied to his face about something that would have torn her life apart. Maybe that is why she never told him the daughter they shared for 18-years wasn’t really his. She also confessed that her husband raised this little girl since birth. Poor sucker never saw it coming.

12 Party Hard

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Young love is a thing of the past when one becomes a teen parent. It goes from being all about the relationship, partying, and having fun to being all about the baby. Everyone needs to have fun every now and again I guess, and that includes teen parents. But no teen should ever lie to another teen about the paternity of a child because they are stealing the youth of that other teen, quite literally.

That is what this young, teen mom did to her boyfriend. In her Whisper confession, she confessed that people do not need to know that her boyfriend is not her baby’s father. She confessed that she cheated on him at a party and that they are only 17-years-old.

11 Now He Knows

Every lie will eventually see the light of day whether we mean it to or not. It may take a day, a week, months, or even years. Things one has done as a teen can suddenly surface when they are elderly and no one knows why or how. It just happens, and that is life. This mom found out the hard way that life will eventually catch up with you, and for her, it has; after 19-years.

In this mom's Whisper confession, she confessed that after 19-years her husband has finally figured out that the daughter they have shared together is not his. She stated that he said he will always love his daughter. As for her, his wife, she can die a horribly painful death and that she will be expecting to get divorce papers.

10 Screwed

Again, lies eventually get found out. People hold off on telling other people the truth in fear of what their reactions may be, or in fear of repercussions or consequences. People do not realize, that when these lies get found out later in life, things are just worse off than if the truth would have been told from the being. I get it though. People do not like to be in fear of anything. So, our natural fight or flight reaction kicks in and lying happens to be a form of flight, which tends to be the easier way out.

This mom took the flight option out and confessed to Whisper that she lied to her husband about him being her daughter’s father, and now she is an adult. He found out, and now he is taking her to court to get back all the money he paid in for child support. This mom said plain and simple; that she is screwed.

9 My Brother-In-Law

Trying to get pregnant, for some couples, is a difficult and trying challenge. For some people, having a baby is a natural and easy process that does not take much effort. For others, it takes years of planning and can cost more than most can afford. Sometimes, when couples are having a hard time conceiving they are uncertain which partner may be the impotent one unless they get checked by a doctor, which can be costly and usually is not covered by regular insurance companies.

In this soon-to-be mom’s case, she now knows that she was not the impotent one when she made her Whisper confession, she confessed that 6-weeks ago she slept with her brother-in-law and now she is pregnant. She also admitted that she and her husband have been trying to conceive for two years.

8 No Longer Friends

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It’s always a difficult thing when love triangles happen and maybe one person in that triangle doesn’t know there is even a triangle. Yeah, that is definitely a difficult situation. What makes it even worse is if two people in that triangle are best friends. It keeps getting worse from there. It’s a complete snowball effect that this mom brought on herself, with maybe some assistance from her boyfriend’s best friend.

This mom’s confessed on Whisper that her boyfriend found out that the son they shared together wasn’t even his son. Of course, he left her, and this is where the love triangle that he didn’t know about kicked in; he found out it was his best friend’s baby. I wonder who tipped him off? This mom admitted that now she is single, and her boyfriend no longer has a best friend.

7 He’ll Never Know

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Some women are too sneaky for their own good. But if they can get away with something, more power to them. Everyone has their own reason for doing something or acting certain ways I suppose. If a woman, or mom, is able to get away with something, does that honestly mean they should though? This mom obviously does.

This mom confessed on the Whisper app, anonymously, that her husband has no idea that the kid she shares with her him is not his. In fact, it is her husband’s brother’s kid. She thinks that her husband will never find out because they are twins. There is a nice twist. Of course, the child will look just like her husband since her husband and her husband’s brother are twins.

6 Love Letters

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Keeping letters from the past are sometimes a good way to remember things that soon the memories will distort. No matter how hard we try, it is almost impossible to remember every single event in perfect detail without a reminder from that time such as a picture, a video, or even a letter. There are some exceptions to that, however. Some things we just need to get rid of for our own good, like anything that would be incriminating towards us.

In this mom’s case, she should have thrown out an old memorabilia from her past because it ruined her future, and probably her child’s future. She confessed on Whisper that her boyfriend found out after four years that the daughter they have really is not his. She said he found out by finding a letter she had written to her daughter’s biological father, but had never sent out. This is where the past haunts her.

5 Wrong Time

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Some people have the tendency to just yell out or say things that are true that other people just don’t believe. I think everyone has had an instance like that happen to them; even if it was over something so simple. I know it has happened to me. I may have told someone I didn’t like them with a giant smile on my face and they just laughed it off and thought I was joking. This mom’s story is quite an extreme example of that.

This mom confessed on Whisper that while she was giving birth, she yelled out to her husband that he was not the father of the baby she was giving birth too. Lucky for her, he thought she said it out of labor pains and hate for knocking her up, and did not believe a word she said.

4 I Am Ashamed

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Some women can show remorse when they mess up. This list has yet to show that so far. Apparently, women do not like to confess anything to Whisper unless they are proud of what they have done in some form or another. Sometimes guilt can be the worst feeling in the world and to live with that guilt can be worse than anything another person could ever do to you. Guilt could ever be worse than the consequences of a lie, but for many, guilt alone is not enough to come clean.

A mom confessed on Whisper that she feels so ashamed that her husband may not be her son’s father after all. She said that she is too scared to tell him though. That is where I said that guilt alone is not always enough to come clean. She also said that he really loves that little boy.

3 I Don’t Know

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There are a lot of moms out there who question a lot of things in life when it comes to their children. Like what is the best parenting style? What is the best pediatrician? What is the best car seat brand? The list is endless when it comes to the questions that mothers have to ask about their children. Some of the questions are minor, and some of the questions are major. Like, really major… paternity major.

This mom is asking the biggest question of all and could have a quick claim to fame on a daytime TV reality show. This mom confessed on Whisper that she just does not know who the baby’s father is. This necessarily isn’t lying, but it is not telling the truth either.

2 What He Doesn’t Know

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Women can, at times, be very vindictive but who is to say that the man they are being vindictive towards didn’t deserve it? Women can hold grudges for the rest of their lives. If Tammy put gum in their hair in second grade, they are still plotting revenge by senior year. That is just how it works in our world. Whatever this mom’s ex-did to her, must have been bad enough to make her want to make him pay for 18-years; and is she making him pay!

This mom confessed on Whisper that her ex is a massive jerk and that she gets joy out of making him think that the daughter they share together is his. She said she is going to make him pay for a baby that he’ll probably never find out isn’t his.

1 Today Is The Day


Some women are brave enough to fess up when they know that they have been living a lie. They may have taken a while, but all that counts is the here and the now. It is not going to be an easy road for this mom, but at least she is learning from her fight or flight response. She, at first, chose the flight and lied to her husband. Now she is trying to correct that lie, and she will probably end up alone for a long time. The truth will always set one free.

This mom was the only brave one of the bunch and confessed on Whisper that today is the day that she is going to tell her husband that the daughter he has been raising is not really his. At least, she hopes. I wish her all best and hope it turned out the best and in her favor.

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