15 Whisper Confessions From Moms With The Most Shameful Habits

Every mom on the planet has one undeniable thing in common: secret shameful habits. It’s just part of the gig. Their hidden desires, hush-hush fears, furtive foibles and unseen obsessions range from pretty harmless to downright shocking. An undisclosed chocolate stash for days when the PMS is raging is one thing. An illegal side job or a destructive habit is quite another.

Skipping a dentist appointment to catch the latest Jennifer Lawrence flick is a forgivable offense, as is hiding out in the bathroom reading a gossip magazine without needing to go. Sometimes, moms just need to disappear into the void for a bit. To feel human. To meet their own needs. No one blames them for having a few covert moments every now and then to keep themselves from going crazy. However, when a mother’s cloak-and-dagger deeds go from dodgy to dangerous, it’s time to for her to seek help before unnecessary harm or pain befalls her, her partner or her children as a result.

The Whisper App has made it possible for the the most shocking little-known habits of today’s mothers to be common knowledge. Anyone with a device and a WiFi connection is privy to the often appalling backdoor behaviors of modern day moms. We’ve done the dirty work for you, and scoured the confessions made by mamas to bring you some of the most shameful habits they’ve admitted to having. Read on for 15 of the juiciest, steamiest and most sordid secrets moms have admitted to harboring. Prepare for your jaw hit the floor.

15 Mama's Got The Munchies

It's not everyday you sit next to a weed-addicted mother at PTA meeting, or brush shoulders with a daily pot smoker at your neighborhood watch gatherings. The mother who has admitted above to partaking of marijuana on a daily basis is obviously struggling in some unknown way. What ails her, and has caused her to turn to weed to self medicate, is not clear.

Whatever is going on in her life, she should quit her habit sooner rather than later. Sure, marijuana has recently become legal in many states. However, there is a huge difference between recreational use every once in awhile and taking a daily puff or twenty of the stuff.

It has been proven in recent studies that smoke from weed can make young children sick if they breath it in. It has also been stated time and again by experts that while marijuana can be a powerful form of medication, using it to help combat nausea, anxiety or depression should always be done under a medical professional's supervision.

14 Now That's Just Messed Up 

Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with a child between the ages of five and, say, eleven, knows that Minecraft is a big deal to a lot of kids these days. It's a world in which they have the power to create, to build, to leave things better than they found them.

Why on Earth would a mother ever, ever crush her children's hopes, dreams and the joy they feel when escaping from the often-crappy world they live in to one in which they have some semblance of control? Killing your own kid's avatars? She may as well just come out and tell them she hopes they never taste success in life and grow old alone.

We need more information. What is motivating this moms' sinister actions? Is she jealous that her kids are spending more time gaming than they are with her? Is she using the deaths of their Minecraft characters as punishments for not cleaning their rooms or forgetting to put the milk back into the fridge? Or, is she just a sick, twisted soul who takes pleasure in her children's pain? We'll never know for sure. We just hope she realizes at some point how mean she's being and, as a result, puts a stop to the madness.

13 Secret Seedy Side-job

Um, what?! Say that again? A stay-at-home mom with a secret porn career? That's something you don't hear every day. It's not a very common to strike up a conversation with a mom at the park only to discover that she has quite a provocative side job.

It's one thing if this mom single and has decided she'd like to dabble in the world of porn-stardom and has the blessing of her loved ones. It's yet another if she's got a partner who has no idea she's revealing her sexy side, or children who may be embarrassed among their peers if their mom's secret pastime is ever revealed.

Many porn actresses are also mothers, and do a great job separating their private lives from their professional ones. We aren't here to judge anyone. As long as the mom above is happy and comfortable with her choice to take off her clothes and get naughty for the camera, we can't fault her. We just hope she's taking her children's feelings into account and ensuring that if she ever does become a famous face in the porn industry that she prepares them and educates them about what she does beforehand.

12 Special Delivery

Alright, it's one thing if a mom has decided she can't live without her good friend Mary Jane. It's quite another if she chooses to sell it. Even worse? Getting her children involved in the drug dealing business.

Now, to be fair, we don't have any idea how old her children are. They may be in their forties. However, the way she chose to phrase her confession leads us to believe her babies have yet to leave her nest, and are young enough that if her clients ever found out she had her kids making special deliveries, they might think her decision was messed up.

Sure, if a person chooses to deal weed it's their prerogative. But, when they use their maternal influence over their children to get help making money by selling illegal substances, things get a lot more questionable in the "Is this good parenting?" department. Let's leave it at this: we really hope the mom who has confessed above knows it's not cool to have your five-year-old passing out the left over doobies from his last play date on the street.

11 Forbidden Affair 

Wow! How low can a person go? Not only is the woman above confessing to sleeping with a taken man, she's admitting she's also carrying his child, but the baby is not hers to keep when it's born. All we can say is, when this baby arrives, it's going to be a damn mess.

Eventually, this woman will have to face the fact that her lover is paying her to incubate a baby he made with his wife. Sure, maybe he'll leave his spouse and run away with her and the baby in the end, but, most likely...not.

It sounds as if the baby daddy in the scenario above is a total, unadulterated dirtball. Time for this mom-to-be who isn't really the mother of the baby she's carrying to get the heck out of her current dysfunctional relationship before she's emotionally scarred for life. Talk about intense. Please, someone give this gal the down low on how often men leave their wives right after they throw down all kinds of cash to have a baby through a surrogate. It's most likely close to never. If we had to guess, we'd say he's using this poor woman.

10 So Not Cool 

Moms are known for doing all kinds of crazy things in order to get their little darlings to eat healthy. The above mom has gone too far. Does she really think it's nice to tell her daughter that prunes are chocolate chips? She's depriving her own flesh and blood of CHOCOLATE CHIPS, which are pretty much the best food to ever be invented.

We really hope that at some point the mom above realizes it's okay to feed her child chocolate every once in a great while. The beauty of chocolate chips is that they are really tiny, so they add a sweet kick to already delicious foods without adding on too much sugar or calories to a meal.

The healthy moms of the world may argue that this mom is a genius, and should be applauded for her brilliant efforts to get her daughter to think she loves prunes. We'd like to argue that kids are only young once, and if a little one can't enjoy a chocolate chip pancake every once in a while, she's basically being robbed of one of the most quintessential and wonderful childhood experiences ever.

9 Freaking Her Kid The F*** Out 

Want your kid to get out of the bath? Great. We don't blame a mother for wanting her child to obey her when she tells him it's time to exit his blissful personal hot tub. However, is giving a little one a sure-fire case of arachnophobia that will most likely plague him for the rest of his life really a kind thing to do?

It's great to use crafty techniques to motivate our children to do what we want them to do. However, According to experts in the field of child psychology, getting them to do what we want by completely and totally terrorizing them might not be the best way to do it.

This poor child will most likely have anxiety attacks every time he gets near a bathtub drain for the rest of his life. That is, until he discovers that his mother has been lying to him. Next time, just tell him if he doesn't get out right away, you're going to kill off all of his Minecraft characters.

8 Big Little Lies

Brilliant! Actually, wait. There are some other unsavory side effects to smoking that don't include the false fact that they're made up of cat feces. Some examples? Lung cancer, mouth cancer, emphysema, bad breath, wrinkles, stinky clothes, expense, etc, etc. Most kids are pretty willing to stay away from cigarettes if you just tell them the truth.

This poor girl is going to go out into the world someday. She's going to see people smoking. She's going to think they are puffing on a cute little package of feline doo doo. We wouldn't be surprised if she goes around town slapping cigs out of unsuspecting people's hands to rescue them from their stinky nicotine sticks.

Someday, she'll go to middle school. If she hasn't yet been set straight on what cigarettes actually contain, she may find herself feeling pretty embarrassed when she encounters the rebel kids lighting up and informs them that what they're smoking is made of pet excrement.

7 The Lunch Thief

This confession is an interesting one, and we've got all the questions about it. First of all, we all know that mama's gotta eat, but does a mom really need to make her hubby put together school lunches for her kids just so she can eat them? Second, don't the kids ever tell their dad he's going to all sorts of trouble for food they're never going to see? Third, is there a reason she can't just go to the kitchen and get food for herself when she's hungry?

We could go on and on with the many things we wonder about the situation outlined above, but we'll just ease our minds with the knowledge that at least the mother who made this confession isn't starving to death.

It's hard to find the time and energy to eat when caring for children, so we guess it's comforting to know that at least one mom out there in the world is getting a regular helping of sustenance to get her through the daily grind of motherhood.

6 Those Crocs, Though

It is absolutely no big deal whatsoever if a mother chooses Crocs as her go-to footwear. They're comfortable, stain resistant and easy to slip on and off. The kicker in the above confession is it seems the mom in question doesn't wear Crocs because she loves them, but because she loves to embarrass her kids.

Her children shouldn't care what their mom wears. She birthed them, after all. They should be proud of her no matter what, right? Those of us who have older children know that at some point or another, the flip switches, and they go from absolutely adoring every step mom takes and every move mom makes to being mortified by the same.

There isn't a lot a mom of a child who has decided she's uncool can do to change his mind. She's just got to ride it out until he goes off on his own and realizes how much he loves his beloved mommy. In the meantime, if donning Crocs gives the mom above pleasure, we'll leave her to it. No real harm done.

5 Get Away From Me

The secret habit of the mother confessing above is a common one. It's easy to build a wall around one's heart after past experience has revealed that doing so is the best way to avoid getting hurt in the future.

Our hearts go out to the mom above. Raising children on your own is no easy task. Giving all of yourself to your kids all day every day makes it hard to leave time or energy to take care of yourself. Despite this fact, those who make the effort to build time into their lives for themselves will only become better, more well-rested and happier parents as a result.

The good news for the mom above is that she recognizes that she has a habit of pushing people away. She's on the road to opening herself up to the love and appreciation she deserves. For any moms out there who are currently struggling to make time in their lives for themselves, may we remind you that you are worth it, you deserve it, and you usually won't regret opening yourself up to new possibilities.

4 Fashion Disaster

We must ask, what's wrong with pajamas and Uggs? Isn't that a mom's basic uniform when the weather turns chilly? If this mom's kids are embarrassed, they're not alone, 'cause it's likely that all of their friend's moms are decked out in the exact same getup as the one mentioned above.

Any mom who drops her kids off in daytime clothes and a full face better have to be somewhere. If she rolls out of bed and gets all done up just to drop her kids up, you'd best believe she has a crush on the principal or some other ulterior motive.

In fact, the mom above's confession isn't really anything that every other mom on the entire planet hasn't done before. So why did she make the list? It seems she felt the need to confess that she's letting her kids down somehow by not being supermom. We'd like to remind moms everywhere that you look fly no matter what you're wearing. Cut yourselves some slack.

3 The Tampon Queen

It's one thing to embarrass your kids by dressing in a way they don't approve of. Like we've already said, no matter what you wear, they're probably going to pretend they don't know you when they run into their friends.

The mom who has shared the above confession has taken mortifying her child in public to a whole new level. She's decided it's funny to ask her SON if he needs feminine items in a loud voice when they are at the store together. Hilarious...or messed up? Her poor kid. There is most definitely a line when it comes to joking around with your offspring. A time when things go from laughable to just plain gross. The mom above has crossed that line, and then some.

Even some fully grown women who purchase feminine supplies every month blush a little when they pick them up. While menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of, it's not really something moms and sons should share one-sided inside jokes about.

2 Blackmailing Her Baby

The mom above is saving up embarrassing photos and videos of her little angel to use against him when he's older. He'd better behave, or suffer the consequences. When children are young, they have no control whatsoever over the ways their parents choose to document their lives. Is it really fair or nice for a mom to purposefully freeze in time forevermore moments that may be used against her son someday?

This is a parenting grey area. All we'd like to say is that if she hopes to build a relationship of trust and respect with her child, she may be going about things in the wrong way. Sometimes, the best way to teach is by example.

Want your child to trust you, respect you and obey you? It might be a good idea to demonstrate those qualities by not assuming he'll be a terror when he gets older and stockpiling images that paint him in a negative light to use against him when he misbehaves.

1 Too Sweet To Be Shameful

The mom who made the confession above is just the best. Is it considered uncool to be dishonest with your kids? Most of the time. But, when it comes to letting go of a stage of their lives you can never get back, parents get a pass.

At least in the scenario above, the mother's lies weren't traumatizing her daughter or scarring her for life. Her truth-stretching gave she and her precious baby some time together to create a lasting memory before she sent her precious child out into the great wide world. The above confession is one secret we can definitely get behind.

Moms of the world who are currently harboring secrets of any kind should know that they are not at all alone. In fact, moms who are hush-hush about certain behaviors are most definitely in the majority. Mama's, it's time to stop feeling guilty about your shameful habits. After all, it's the mystery surrounding mothers that gives them their beautiful, beautiful edge.

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