15 Whisper Confessions From Nannies Who Want To Steal The Baby

As a former nanny I know what it feels like to love someone else’s children with your heart and soul. After all, a quality nanny truly gets to know the child. She plays with him. She spends her days with him. She teaches him how to do so many firsts. She models good behavior and helps the little one recognize right from wrong. Many times the nanny gets to know the child better than the parent because she simply spends more time with him. Her job is to tend to him. He has all of her attention and her awareness is on him.

After days and nights of focusing intently on the child, it’s only natural to feel a special bond with the kid. It’s normal to desire to protect him. It’s hard to let go of the relationship when the family no longer needs the nanny. What happens when the nanny just cannot let go? What happens when the nanny thinks she knows better than the parent what is best for the child? What happens when the nanny imagines that the child is actually her own? These nannies confess their deepest, darkest secret fantasizes about kidnapping the baby because, of course, nanny knows best.

15 The Day Dreamer

At least if these parents are terrible they have enough sense to hire a nanny to take care of their kids for them. Some people are more patient than others. Some people don’t have the motherly or fatherly instincts. Some people never bond with their children. We all parent differently. This nanny wants to kidnap the kids so she can raise them in a loving home. How about she does her job and make the home they are living in a more loving atmosphere. Just because she and the parents are on different pages doesn’t mean that she can’t give the kids all the love she has to give in the comfort of their own home. She thinks the parents are bad. Is a kid snatching nanny any better?

14 An Image Of Her

I’m sorry to hear that this nanny cannot have kids. I can’t imagine what that would feel like. Having 2 children grow inside of my body was one of the most interesting and magical experiences of my life. However, it’s a little sad that she is pretending this baby is hers. I truly feel sad for her. There are alternative ways to have a child. Pretending someone else’s kid is hers is not going to help heal the wound that she has from finding out that she is unable to conceive. It would most likely do more harm than good. Maybe it’s time for this nanny to move on and let go. We wouldn’t want her getting so attached to the baby that she oversteps her boundaries.

13 The Secret Takeover

This nanny should be nowhere near a loving family. She should be locked up far, far away. If she is fully aware of how twisted her fantasy is then why is she sharing it with the entire world. She is basically saying, “I fantasize about being a homewrecker!” I hope she doesn’t get hired as anyone’s nanny. She obviously is selfish and cares only about herself. Why would she want to separate a married couple and put the children in the middle of that? Children in homes where the parents are separated have it hard enough as it is. This nanny is a drama queen and if she knows what’s best for her she won’t act on her fantasy or she will find herself in the middle of a divorce, custody battle, and financial battle.

12 A Mother's Love

It’s clear that this nanny truly loves the child she cares for. She’s loving him so much that she’s fantasizing about being his mother. Let’s hope that she leaves that fantasy alone and doesn’t do anything rash, like baby kidnapping. This woman needs to step back, create some boundaries with the family she works for, and try to build a family of her own. She doesn’t need to be thinking about snatching a baby she is paid to watch. If this little guys parents only knew that the caretaker of their child wants to be more than just his nanny, then they may kick her to the curb. It’s wonderful to love the child but it’s another thing to think about what life would be like if this little guy’s mom wasn’t around anymore. This baby needs his Mama not his nanny.

11 A Stealer's Dream

Nanny, start sending loving thoughts instead or dreaming of taking criminal actions. What is wrong with some people? Why would anyone even think about stealing another person’s child? There are so many ways for this nanny to have children of her own to care for. She could get pregnant, adopt, or hire a surrogate. There are a lot of children out there who need loving homes. Come back to reality nanny. These kids are not yours. They never will be. These kids would benefit much more from a nanny who is present in the moment than a nanny who is living an alternate life in her head. Stealing someone else’s kids is not kind. In fact, it would land nanny up in jail. Add that to the fantasy.

10 Not Enough To Give

It’s easy to say how we would act as parents when we are not a parent. As a nanny we can think we know what it feels like but it’s not the same. The nanny’s job is to love and care for that child. While the nanny is getting paid to work the parents are taking a break. If they didn’t need someone else to help them she would not have a job. She does not know what kind of love the girl is getting when she is not around. The parents are probably leaving the child rearing to her since that’s what they pay her to do. The bond between a parent and child needs to be felt. There are no true words to do it justice. So although she thinks she would be a better parent she shouldn’t judge until she has walked a mile in their shoes.

9 From Birth To Adulthood

Saying good-bye isn’t always easy but sometimes it must be done. When she took this job as a Nanny she had to know it was not going to last forever. People move, kids grow up, the world turns and life circumstances change. It’s time to let go Nanny. I now it can be hard to lose someone we love but this was a job. I mean she could follow this teenager around and stalk her but most likely she would get arrested. That’s just creepy. This nanny is not needed anymore. Unless the family is unreceptive, she could always keep in touch. To help heal this wound it is time for this nanny to find another child to love. Nothing lasts forever.

8 Shaky Behaviour

No one wants to think about a parent shaking a defenseless little baby. How is this supposed to stop a child from crying? If anything it would freak them out and make them cry more. This baby is lucky that he has his nanny to look out for him if the shaking is as bad as she makes it out to be. This nanny is stuck between a rock and a hard place because if she reports the parents for shaking the baby she would most likely lose her job. Then she couldn’t keep an eye on the baby anymore. Maybe the nanny needs to step in and settle the child before the parents are so frazzled that they resort to shaking.

7 The Half Mom

Dear Nanny, it is the job of the nanny to complete all tasks and duties that the parents don’t want to do. The parents of these kids leave the bathing and changing up to the nanny because that is her job. If the infant smells of sour milk and baby sweat, then the nanny needs to step up her game and bathe and change these children more. Too bad for her that she wishes that they were hers because they are not. She’s making it seem like the kids are being battered and abused when she says she wants to take them away from this. No child is going to be taken from their parents because they have dirty clothes and smell like milk. Step up Nanny, do your job and get over your superiority complex.

6 Throwing Bills

There should be no competition with the Mom here, Nanny. You are not the Mama. This woman is probably one of those people who is trying to one up everyone else. She thinks her way is best and doesn’t take into consideration that there are different ways of parenting. “The only thing the Mom does is financially support her.” Financially supporting another human being is huge. This working Mother’s contribution to the family should not be minimized. She’s never around because she is working to pay the Nanny, feed everyone, buy all the baby supplies, pay the bills, and keep the household running smoothly. This Nanny is naïve and hopefully one day she will grow up and realize that this baby’s Mother is doing the best she can.

5 A Friend, Not A Mother

What’s up with all these nannies being in competition with the mother? These women are supposed to be working together for the greater good of the children. The Mom may be stepping back from her parenting duties while the nanny is around because that is what she hired her for. There is no competition between nanny and mom. Mom will always be Mom. Nanny will always be Nanny. This mother is paying this nanny. This mother is not only supporting her child she is providing the nanny with a pay check. This nanny says she likes the mom as a person. If she likes the mom as a person she should stop talking trash about her and help her out in any way that she can.

4 Morning Mishaps

Is a 7up in the morning going to kill the kid? Nope it’s not. Is a 7up in the morning going to hurt the kid? Nope, it’s not. Is having soda for breakfast ideal? Nope it’s not. I’m not saying soda is the answer. I’m just saying it’s not the end of the world. This Nanny needs to but out and shut up. Once she becomes a parent she may see life from a different perspective. As parent’s we improvise and I’m sure the nannies do that too. This nanny needs to stop judging, take a chill pill, and check herself. If she is working for a family that gives their kid an occasional soda for breakfast and she can’t handle that she needs to move on and leave that kid behind. Nannies don’t always agree with the parents but in the end their opinion doesn’t matter.

3 Lucky Number Three

They consider her another parent. What is she, a sister wife to a few different families. How weird is it that all of Moms and Dads consider her a mom too? How does she find this information out? Does she ask the parent’s “Hey, does it seem like I’m Mom #2? Really? I’m sure the parents are grateful for her help but I wouldn’t count on living a life of polygamy quite yet? Usually the parents also love and care for each other and with this comes intimate relations. Is she planning on putting out too? Sounds like she is being dramatic and has an inflated ego. These people don’t consider her family. The first time she screws up and pisses some parents off she will see just where she stands as part of these families.

2 How To Lay Down The Law

It kills me to see bad caretakers thinking they know better than the parents. If this nanny has such a big problem with being a nanny, then she should find a new profession. Nannies are supposed to be fun and playful and enthusiastic and compassionate. No one is looking for a police officer or security guard when they are hiring a nanny. Who wants a nanny who wants to lay down the law so bad? Kids are learning and growing. They mess up sometimes. They need direction sometimes. They have enough rules to follow and enough people who want to lay down the law in their lives. I hope this nanny moves on and doesn’t decide that her harsh ways are better than the parents more laid back parenting style. The kids are not hers.

1 The Competition

This is just sad. As a mother, the idea of my children cheering when I leave, is a heart-breaking thought. Notice how this nanny says that she is a better mother. The nanny is not a better mother. She is the hired help. If this nanny thinks she is a second mom to these children, then she needs some psychological help. If this nanny truly cared about the children’s wellbeing she would not be bashing the mom and getting off on the fact that her children cheer when she departs. Part of being a nanny is teaching kids to be good people. Sounds like this nanny is in competition with the mother and that is not healthy for anyone involved.

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