15 Whisper Confessions From Women Who Ate The Placenta

In the western world, we are starting to hear about, and see more women eating the placenta after their baby is born. On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim not only discussed eating their placentas, but they prepared it for their whole family as a joke. On Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry has the discussion about eating her placenta and in the form she would rather consume it in. Placenta consumption was once taboo, but it seems to be increasing in popularity—particularly among celebrities.

New moms are eating the placenta of their baby in all different forms. Some are cooking it and eating it as a meal; some take it in capsule form or raw in a smoothie, and others have their own unique way of consuming the nutrient-dense organ.

Some people eat the placenta for the potential health benefits that come with it, while others eat it just to say that they did. While some may not eat it, there are stories of saving the placenta after the baby is born, just in case. Some people even bury it as part of a symbolic practice that align with their cultural beliefs. The shock value still exists to the point that some mothers do not share their placenta stories publicly. We went to the Whisper website to get some anonymous confessions about eating the human organ.

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15 Feeling Like A Superhero Post-Birth

Via: Whisper

New moms can try a variety of ways to get back to normal after they give birth. A new mom’s hormones are running crazy. Her body is adapting to little sleep and the production of milk, and she may want to get back to her pre-baby weight.

It can be frustrating to try to accomplish all of these things while trying to heal from giving birth. This new mom’s confession showed the pro-placenta side and that this mom felt great power after consuming the organ.

Like so many moms, she found that eating the placenta was greatly beneficial. Bouncing back quickly can have great benefits for mom, baby, and the rest of the family! A strong mama is a healthy mama and that’s a great start to the baby’s life.

14 Placenta Savings Whoopsie

Via: Whisper

Some moms decide that they are going to save their baby’s placenta in case of emergency. Some save it for the stem cell potential or the other health benefits, while others may just hold on to it to have a piece of their baby with them.

What happens when you are storing placenta in plain sight? According to this mom’s Whisper confession, things did not go as planned. Whoops! It sounds like this teenager got his own placenta smoothie.

We have so many questions about what happened after. Did he find out what he drank? Did it improve his health? Next time, maybe it should be marked a little clearer. Storing the placenta in various forms can help give the necessary boost a mom needs at any given point in time, so long as her kids do not beat her to it.

13 Fur Children Are Not The Same

Via: Whisper

Moms of human babies consume their placenta to try to increase their own health benefits, which could help their baby’s development along the way. Since this placenta combines cells from both mom and baby, that is understandable.

What about the people that do not have human children? These are the dog and cat moms that proudly wear fur that was shed from their animal and call their animals their fur babies. One extreme Whisper confession showed that a woman ate her dog’s placenta, which is normally what the female dog does post-birth.

This is something that we had not found many cases of before. Whether there are health benefits for the human from an animal’s placenta is doubtful, but this is an interesting case for this dog mom. This is some serious dedication to the dog and her pups from the human owner’s perspective.

12 A Piece Of You Will Live In Me

Via: Whisper

It is tragic to hear about cases in which a baby is stillborn or dies shortly after birth. The heartbreak that the mother and entire family must go through is hard to imagine and process. Loss is not something that is easy to deal with for anyone.

In one of the Whisper confessions, a mom confessed that she wanted her next baby to have a piece of her deceased child within them. This would be a way for the mom to have both children with her, always. This is a sad statement to read, as the pain from the initial loss is evident.

Whether this mom ate the placenta right after the loss of the child occurred, or if she waited until she was pregnant with her new baby is unclear. The sentiment is easily understandable; it is just the execution of the idea that is hard to process.

11 Simply The Best

In general, moms want to give their baby the best of everything. Having a healthy, strong baby is something to take pride in. Consumption of the placenta may aid in this, providing mom and baby with some of the vitamins and nutrients that they need in order to coexist and survive in the best way possible.

According to Whisper, this new mom confessed that she believed in the nutritional value of the placenta. This is a simple statement that causes a chain reaction. By eating the placenta, the new mom believed she was getting the nutrients from it. In turn, this would help her provide for her son better by making her stronger and by being able to pass the nutrients on to him if she was breastfeeding.

10 Let’s Throw A Dinner Party

Via: Whisper

Moms can have quite a sense of humor. When a new mother responds that she would like to consume her placenta, doctors likely do not imagine a dinner party. Some new moms take home the placenta, cook it like regular meat, and serve it to other people. Sometimes, these people do not know.

This confession on Whisper says it all. Being a dinner guest at a placenta party is not something most people would expect—especially when the placenta being served was not that of the hostess. These unsuspecting dinner guests may have raved about the steak or beef they ate at the party, but it was the hostess’ daughter’s placenta. This seems like a waste of placenta and a cruel practical joke. Let us hope that they never found out.

9 Capsulation Captivation

Via: Whisper

Placenta is made into many different forms for consumption or use after the birth of a baby. There are products that vary from lotions to shampoos, as well as edible forms of placenta. All of the different methods have varying benefits for mom and baby.

One soon-to-be mom took to social media to tell her plans of encapsulation for the placenta post-birth. Capsules can be created from the placenta by specific encapsulators—often doulas—or hospitals in order for the mom to consume the placenta without having to prepare it in edible form.

They can be taken in pill form. There is no cooking involved for the new moms that choose this form of placenta consumption. New moms often get excited about new ways to incorporate the placenta into their post-baby life.

8 A Surprising Delicacy

Via: Whisper

Everyone has different tastes. Some people eat meat, whereas others do everything to avoid any kind of animal products. Every culture has different cuisine as well, ranging in a variety of flavors and spices. The perception of the placenta varies by region.

Some new moms think it is a necessity to eat it, while others are firmly against it. This new mom took to Whisper to say that she enjoyed the taste of her placenta and believes it is something more people should try.

She is trying to break the stigma against placenta consumption post-birth. This mom likes the taste of placenta and breast milk! Instead of trying it just for the potential benefits, she is suggesting people try it because it is yummy. Maybe there is more to consuming placenta than the potential health effects. It could be a delicious meal for the whole family.

7 Sucking It Up For The Baby

Via: Whisper

Placenta consumption can still be considered taboo or gross. Mothers seem split on the decision to consume placenta. Some new moms cannot get past the idea of consuming something that was just expelled from them. Sometimes, a mom just has to consume it as quick as possible and remind herself that it is all for the baby.

This Whisper confession explained some of the sacrifices that new moms make, from staying up at all hours to take care of the baby to consuming the placenta—even hesitantly. Her baby is the reminder that she needs that everything she sacrifices and does is for that little one’s best interest. For many new moms, doing what is best for the baby becomes an instinct. No matter how extreme the act is, new moms will likely to it to guarantee their baby is happy and healthy.

6 Romaine With Placenta Caesar Dressing, Please

Placenta can come in unexpected forms. As made apparent by some of these confessions, the taste can be something that people prefer and seek out. The most common way that we have seen people consuming edible placenta is just by cooking it, but there may be other forms out there.

This Whisper confession states that they eat their placenta with something that many of us eat on the daily—salad! That is one way to get all of the vitamins and nutrients a person needs in a day within one meal. With salads being a healthy meal choice in general, and placenta offering some unexpected benefits, this could be a major breakthrough for health. While it is unclear how this dressing is made, or what the nutritional value is, it is apparent that this user uses placenta dressing on a regular basis, not just right after birth.

5 That Sounds Like A Jelly Bean Flavor

Via: Whisper

While it is common for mothers to ask about the health benefits of eating placenta, it does not seem as though it is very common for them to ask what to expect the placenta to taste like. The experience is ultimately a mystery.

In an honest Whisper confession, this new mom explains the taste of the placenta as her doctor explained it. This is quite a combination of flavors and sounds. While this can offer more health benefits than that disgusting jelly bean challenge, it is the first thing that comes to mind when moldy chocolate is brought up.

A whole new question comes up with cake farts line. Is this implying that new moms hallucinate a bit after consuming placenta, therefore they hear things? Or does this new mom just associate moldy chocolate with cake farts?

4 Daddy Dearest

Via: Whisper

For some new moms, they want to share in the placenta consumption process with the baby’s father as a way to help them grow closer. This can also be so that the new father does not feel excluded from a step in the baby’s life.

In this Whisper confession, we have a father that consumes the placenta of each of his children, per his wife’s request. At least this father is being included and is being a good sport about it. This could be a great way for him to feel bonded to his children.

It is nice to hear that the new mom has good intentions when involving the father of her children in this sacred bonding process. It is equally as nice to hear this father is a willing participant about it. How chicken liver pate and moldy chocolate taste alike will remain a mystery.

3 And I’m Feelin’ Good

Via: Whisper

While health benefits are constantly reinforced, we do not hear how new moms feels after consuming the placenta in most cases. It is supposed to help new mothers heal quickly and make them feel significantly better after giving birth.

This person confesses on Whisper that by consuming placenta capsules, they are feeling their best ever. It is unclear if this is a new mom that encapsulated her own placenta or if it is a person that is taking someone else’s encapsulated placenta.

As long as it is making this person feel their best, this is great news! The health benefits are supposed to be significant enough that it should make a new mom feel more energized and on top of her game than ever, but now we want to know if it will help regular people, too!

2 Fear Of Judgment

There are a lot of moms-to-be and new mamas that feel as though they will be judged if they consume their placenta. Many first-time mommies may pass up this opportunity just so they do not have to take the harassment or funny looks from their family and friends.

This mom confessed that she wanted to get her placenta encapsulated after she had her second child. There is an emphasis on how gross this is, which seems to be coming from outside sources. It sounds like this mom may have been ashamed to do it the first time around, but now she is ready to reap the benefits of placenta consumption. An important message for new moms is to stay true to your beliefs—not what everyone else makes you think that may cause you to doubt yourself.

1 Oh, Bring Us Some Placenta Pudding

Via: Whisper

Serving placenta to unexpected, innocent people seems to be a relatively common trend for some new mothers. The creative use of placenta is also something that seems to be increasing in popularity. This mom confessed to Whisper that her special ingredient in holiday pudding was the placenta from her most recent child.

This is the first instance of placenta pudding that we came across. That is a festive way to consume placenta during the most wonderful time of the year. Whether or not this mom served this to her holiday guests—with or without their knowledge—is unclear within the post. The more appetizing that forms of placenta consumption get, the more common it could become in the western world. This new mom gets major props for thinking of this idea.

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