15 Whisper Confessions From Women Who Dropped The Baby On Its Head

Every parent makes some mistakes and bad decisions they wish they could come back from. Some people may have guilt for giving their kids cookies for breakfast or keeping their kids in pajamas all weekend. More often than not, these mistakes are not deadly. The fifteen whisper confession posts below focus around a potentially deadly and debilitating mistake- dropping a baby on its head. Some kiddos survive these falls with not even a bump while others get really hurt. Some accidents are honest mistakes while others are super preventable and downright stupid. There are certain things that happen that cannot be forgotten, and these whisper confessors cannot push their mistake to the back of their heads. Guilt is a terrible thing to have to live with, and we are sure that even posting these confessions was not enough to get the guilt off of their shoulders.

Some of these confessions are by dads, moms, siblings, and even babysitters. Baby dropping apparently can happen to anyone. Those little humans are wiggly, fragile and tiny; for some people, that is a recipe for disaster. Dropping a baby (whether he/she is related to the person or not) is super scary and overwhelming. None of the people who wrote these whisper confessions seemed to intentionally harm these precious little babies, but they all have different feelings about the accident. Read below to hear about the shocking, scary, confusing, and even disturbing confessions of people who dropped a baby on its head.

15 Someone Call The Plummer

We understand that babies are wiggly, fragile, and super tiny...but how does this even happen? This whisper confessor left us with so many burning questions- was there #1 or #2 in the toilet? Did she fall head first? Did she smack her head on the toilet seat? Did mama give her a bath afterwards? This confession is so vague that our imaginations run wild. As parents, we have all been there; baby will not stop crying and bringing her into the bathroom is the only option. Most of us would much rather do our business in peace, but when you are a parent, sometimes that is not an option. Most people do not hear of babies being dropped in the toilet very often. This whisper confessor claims she is a bad mom. All parents make mistakes, but it can be the repeated mistakes that can make someone a bad mom. Hopefully this mama learned her lesson.

14 Problem Solved

Well this parent definitely does not win parent of the year. We get it, a baby crying after an extended period of time can be mentally and physically draining. Parents try a million things to get a baby to stop crying- silly faces, singing, rocking, feeding, diaper changes, snuggling, gas drops, a pacifier... but dropping her on her head is a new one. We also do not know if this drop was accidental or purposeful, but (I guess) we are glad you found some relief. However, this is something we do not condone parents doing. Baby could have stopped crying for dangerous reasons due to the fall, which should have made mom/dad worried. Every parent does things differently; we just hope this is not something these parents continued doing to make baby be quiet.

13 The Fatal Accident

This confession is absolutely tragic and our hearts go out to this poor innocent baby. The death of a child is horrible to deal with and probably even harder knowing that it was caused by a parent. Unfortunately, abusing any type of drug can put baby at risk for a list of accidents. It is difficult to function properly as a parent when one is not in the right state of mind, and that can make a baby suffer and in this case, die. This whisper confessor is probably heartbroken and the mother most likely feels horribly guilty. No child should have to suffer in general but especially at the hands of their parents. Parents are supposed to protect and help their children, not put them in danger. We hope these parents cleaned up their act.

12 2 Months Worth Of Guilt

This whisper confessor clearly does not have that much of a guilty conscious being that they only felt bad for a whole two months. Dropping a baby by accident is super scary (and can be life threatening) so it is understandable why people have guilt, but this confessor was not sorry for too long. Most people's first reaction is to scream or jump when they see a spider, and we get it whisper confessor, no one wants to find a spider on them. In this case, instead of placing the baby down, their first reaction was to drop the baby and worry about themselves. Does this whisper confessor ever worry if they caused this baby any harm in the long run? We hope surviving the spider incident was worth it!

11 A Mom's Nightmare

All parents love to cuddle with their sweeties on the couch and take a nap. Most parents would hear the thud of their baby falling onto the floor and wake up, but this whisper confessor is clearly a heavy sleeper. When we read the words "I just dropped my baby," it sounds like this event happened within a short period of time of the posting of this confession. We would assume this whisper confessor would be making up for the drop with extra cuddles and watching baby for a concussion instead of being on the internet. This whisper confessor was asleep for hours which means baby could have been laying on the floor in distress for quite some time, which is really scary. Hopefully this never happens to this family again. For sleep-deprived parents of newborns, it's important to ensure your baby is in a safe position in case you doze off unexpectedly.

10 Head Trauma

Wow, this is a lot of guilt to have to live with! This is a situation where even if this whisper confessor admits what they did, it will not take away the guilt. Everyone wonders if certain bumps and bruises can cause lifelong problems. The truth is, this horrible accident could have absolutely nothing to do with the little brother's learning disability and the whisperer will never know it. Unfortunately, this is just something that this whisperer must take to the grave with them and hopefully learned their lesson for when they have their own children. We get it, mistakes happen, but sometimes the guilt is too much to live with! This is a topic that may require this whisperer to need some serious therapy. Or at least they'll learn to be super careful and always watch out for their sibling so no more head trauma occurs.

9 The A+ Student

More often than not (or NEVER) dropping a baby on his head does not have any benefits. No good can come from a situation like that. For this family, this cousin may have done their little cousin a big favor. Most likely, this accident is not the reason for the intelligence of this child, but if it helps this whisper confessor feel okay about it, then no harm done. In this case, this confessor does not have any guilt because the baby they dropped is thriving. We do not condone dropping babies on their heads to raise their IQ; there is no known science behind this. This whisper confessor thinks this accident and their cousin's intelligence go hand in hand, but the chance of that is actually pretty slim. Whatever helps them sleep at night!

8 Brotherly Love

It is not obvious from this confession if this whisper confessor feels guilty for this incident or they were just telling a story. There are many other words someone can use to nicely describe their "dumb" brother, such as "intellectually challenged," for example. "Dumb" is usually not the nicest word to describe someone you love, even if they are a little unintelligent. Many teenagers make dumb decisions and say dumb things, and this whisper confessor's brother being "dumb" may just be a part of some typical teenage actions. Or, this poor bro is suffering from that tragic drop to the head by being less than average. We assume this whisper confessor did not do this on purpose, so we cannot hate, but there are nicer ways to describe little bro's issues.

7 Guilty Conscious

The specific cause of aspergers is not totally understood in the medical world, so it is not certain if a drop to the noggin can be the source of this problem. That being said, some of those (with a guilty conscious) who drop the baby feel a level of guilt and responsibility for the child's outcome later in life. This whisper confessor sort of blames themselves for their cousin's diagnosis. It is understandable why this confessor feels guilty. To be honest, it probably did not matter what this cousin was diagnosed with or what happened to them, this confessor was going to feel responsible for it all. We guess the only thing this confessor can do is try to be a good cousin to maybe take away some of the guilt. After all, the damage is already done.

6 Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag

This is the only whisper confessor on this list that admitted their wrongs, and they still feel guilty. We also do not know the severity of "sort of" dropping a baby. Either you drop them or you don't, so we are not sure how this situation went down, But we know it was enough to make big bro/sis feel guilty for eleven years. Maybe mom and sissy not believing this confessor is a good thing, that means they are not putting any additional guilt on this whisper confessor. We give this confessor credit for being honest and speaking up; they did the right thing regardless of the response they got in return. Maybe this whisper confessor feels guiltier because their sister was premature. Either way, this situation sucks and we hope this confessor can get through this.

5 Time For A New Babysitter

This is one of many reasons why parents decide to put nanny cams in their home. Parents search to find the perfect person to care for their child while they are not able to, and then this happens. We (kind of) get it - accidents happen - but to not inform the parents is probably not the best idea in the long run. Depending on the severity of the drop, it maybe would have been a good idea for baby to be checked out by his/her pediatrician. To this whisper confessor, keeping their babysitting job was more important than the health of the baby. We get it, money is important, but in this case, we are talking about a life that could have internal bleeding. We hope baby ended up being okay and this confessor learned their lesson about baby dropping.

4 Quick Thinking

This confessor blamed their baby brothers screams and cries on hunger instead of the truth. It is understandable for children to lie for fear of getting in trouble. And to be honest, that was pretty quick thinking on this confessor's part. Babies cry for a variety of reasons (or for no reason at all) so this is a believable lie to this confessor's parents. If baby had blood, a bruise, or a bump to the noggin then that is a whole different story. Hopefully this incident did not cause any major problems for little brother and this confessor is able to live their life without a large amount of exhausting guilt. It probably was one of many times baby brother smacked his head on things, but (hopefully) the only time it wad due to being dropped.

3 Never Going To Get Over It

The bond between you and your sibling's children can be an amazing one with years of memories to share. In this case, this uncle/aunt is not feeling so giddy. The good news is baby seems to be perfectly fine- no brain trauma, bruises, or blood, and that's a good thing. Apparently, people found out because this confessor stated that people have forgotten about it. How embarrassing and traumatizing that must have been to not only drop your nephew, but for people to know about it. This whisper confessor clearly exhibits a large amount of guilt, which is understandable. This confessor should rest easy knowing baby is okay and everyone has forgotten about this mistake. There is probably nothing that can make this whisper confessor feel any better, so living with this guilt forever seems to be the only option.

2 No Damage Done?

Most siblings deeply love and care about one another and would feel bad causing serious harm to the other. In this case, this whisper confessor still has guilt many years later, which goes to show they care about their sibling. The bad part is there is no coming back from this incident. This whisper confessor will forever live with this guilt, probably analyzing everything their sibling does until the day they die wondering if they caused any harm in their life. Guilt is a terrible weight to live with, and admitting the truth does not take away from what happened. The good news is baby brother seems to still be okay, but that does not mean there are not long term effects that could show later down the road.

1 Dads Make Mistakes Too

This dad needs to take some parenting classes or needs constant supervision. We (sort of) understand maybe dropping your baby once - things happen. But more than once? As a parent, your job is to protect your child and keep them safe, not put them in danger. Thankfully, these accidents have not caused this whisper confessor's baby to be harmed (that he knows of) yet, and hopefully it does not get to the point where the damage is too far gone. We understand not wanting to admit the truth to your wife; she may blow up and it could start a huge war. In relationships, it is important to pick your battles. Maybe this whisperer needs to spill the truth and admit he needs a little extra help.

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