15 Whisper Confessions From Women Who Feel The Pressure

Some woman long to be mothers since they were little girls, while others cannot stand the thought of having kids. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and they are allowed to not want children. It seems that society sometimes seems shocked when a woman claims she does not want kids, like it is our destiny and we are going against natures laws. Some women want to focus on their careers, cannot find a partner or they just do not want to like kids. It is a shame that unfortunately women who do not want kids are pressured into pregnancy.

This pressure can come from the husband, parents, in-laws, friends or even co-workers. It is a shame that people cannot respect the woman’s decision because at the end of the day she is the one having to carry and raise the child. Sometimes people are selfish and/or do not think before they speak. Pregnancy is a decision that a woman has to agree on because her body is the one going through it. She has to want the baby and be at a place in her life that’s right for her to raise it.

Peer pressure does not end at a certain age, in every stage of life people give their unwanted opinions and sometimes that can really affect a person. We have compiled a list of 15 whisper confessions from moms pressured into pregnancy. Read below to find out the stories of women who were not ready to become moms.

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15 The Peer Pressure

There comes a time in life where it seems that everyone around you will be getting pregnant, getting married, graduating college and buying homes. This can bring forth a lot of pressure and feelings of guilt, embarrassment, sadness and frustration. It is hard to remember that at the end of the day life is not a race. Everyone does things at their own pace in life. This whisper confessor admits she is not in a relationship which for many is crucial for having a baby. She never states that she wants a relationship or feels pressured to get into one to get pregnant. Either way, peer pressure extends far beyond grade school and it stinks. It is hard feeling that others are excelling and moving forward and you are stuck in the same spot. Do not fear, whisper confessor, things change all of the time- who knows what will happen in the future.

14 Teen Drama

This situation is really sad. Most parents are mortified to find out their teenager is pregnant and this whisper confessors mother is encouraging it. Sixteen is young, and not being done high school, having no future plans, possibly not having a license, and not being financially stable is not a good combination for some teen moms. Of course, some teen moms rock it and can handle pregnancy and having kids, but this teen in particular just seems to not be ready. She is torn because her mom seems to be making her feel sad while on the other hand she knows she is young and has no idea what she is doing with her life. We hope this whisper confessor does what is right for her and not for her mother.

13 Family Blues

Maybe this is a case of sibling rivalry or maybe grandma just itching for more grandbabies. She states that no matter what she says to her mom, she just will not back off. It is a shame that this whisper confessors mother does not see that her daughter's happiness is far more important than their own. As parents, don't we want our kids to be happy? Not only is this whisper confessor feeling the pressure from her mother, she is now getting it because of her sister. It is common to feel pressured or have some jealousy when a sibling graduates school, gets a great job, gets married, becomes pregnant or even gets into shape. Of course, we are always happy for our sibling's successes, but that does not mean we do not get impacted emotionally by them.

12 Living A Lie

This whisper confessor has a lot on her plate emotionally after all she has been though in this situation. It is bad enough her boyfriend would pressure her to get pregnant, but then she has to lie and tell others it was an accident and then decides to abort and say it is a miscarriage. Maybe she thinks she is a horrible person for getting an abortion, or maybe it is because she let her boyfriend pressure her into something she did not want and she had to lie. Either way, she did what was right for her in her life, and she is the one who must live with that. This whisper confessor could benefit from therapy after a stressful situation like this or leaving the guy that pressured her into doing something she was not ready to do.

11 Never Ever

Obviously, this whisper confessor feels very strongly about never wanting kids. Getting pregnant and raising children is just not for everybody. Some women think pregnancy is a beautiful miracle while this whisper confessor (and many other women) think it is just gross and undesirable. This whisper confessors mother just refuses to lose hope that someday she will get grandchildren. It does not seem like this confessor will be giving in any time soon (if ever.) She claims she will do whatever she can to never get pregnant, and that is a good thing if she knows that is something she does not desire. That probably would not make her mother happy to hear, but at the end of the day you have to live life for you not for other people.

10 No Boyfriend = No Baby

There seems to be this belief on what age range people should have kids. Yes, there is research that fertility peaks at certain age range and that the risk for abnormalities increase after a certain age. This does not mean that every woman should rush to get knocked up in a certain window of time. This whisper confessor is at a point in her life where she does not seem to want kids and does not even have a boyfriend. It clearly bothers her that her mother just cannot leave the topic of a grandkid alone. We get it, having grandkids are exciting, but that should be desired once the situation is ideal. For this whisper confessor, it seems like having a boyfriend and getting into a stable relationship is the first step in having a child and that just is not happening right now. Hang in their (future) grandma, maybe your day will come.

9 It's Time For Selfishness

This whisper confessor just can’t seem to win. Once again, we have another mother pressuring her daughter to provide her grandkids. It is a shame that this mother cannot understand that her daughter being assaulted and not wanting marriage have a lot to do with not wanting kids. This whisper confessor clearly has a lot on her plate emotionally and her mother just is not helping. Her mom is being selfish and looking at it from her point of view and not thinking about what her daughter is going through and would be going through emotionally and physically. Some people just focus on themselves, and it is a shame when a parent does so. Hopefully this does not harm this mother daughter relationship and mom is able to see where her daughter is struggling.

8 The Bully

Infertility can be emotionally and physically draining, there is no denying that. This whisper confessor is feeling down that she cannot get pregnant and the pressure of her husband is not helping. There are many reasons that a couple cannot become pregnant, and maybe in this case, it is the man’s fault and has nothing to do with this confessor. This man clearly wants kids, but for whatever reason it is not happening. It is a shame that this husband has to put guilt and sadness on the woman who is trying to provide him a child. She does not state that she wants children as well, or if it is just him, but this has to be frustrating for the both of them. Maybe this couple can look into IVF or adoption instead, there are many options out there.

7 Mama Drama

We imagine that this is a really tough situation to be in. This whisper confessor originally wanted to have an abortion, and maybe that would have made her much happier than she is now. She only changed her mind due to pressure to keep the baby. This whisper confessor was pressured into keeping the baby and now is not a good mother, and is totally judged for it. We all have bad days as parents, and maybe this whisper confessor is just having a tough time- or maybe she really is a terrible mother. It is a shame that this mother is not able to give her child the love that she/he deserves due to the pressure to continue the pregnancy. We hope things get easier for this mama.

6 Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

Whoever this whisper confessor is talking to obviously keeps contradicting his/herself. This is really a shame for this woman because she keeps being fed opinions and being yelled at when she gives hers. Some people are just impossible to deal with, and clearly this whisper confessors husband, mother, friend, or whoever is changing their mind like night and day. The best thing this whisper confessor can do is stick to her guns and do what she wants to do despite the pressure. Being under pressure is tough, there is no denying that, but it seems that no matter what she says/does she just cannot make everyone happy. Wanting kids is a personal choice, and apparently this whisper confessor does want them, but she has to be the one who makes that decision.

5 Back Off Mom!

There is no set-in stone time for a woman to fall pregnant. Of course, they is a time in which she is more fertile, but fertility is not the main concern for some women. Maybe this couple does not want a baby in their 20’s due to finishing up college or due to wanting to travel before being tied down with kids. It’s a shame that this whisper confessors mother, the woman who is supposed to be a child’s biggest supporter, is making her feel pressured. Maybe in 10 years they will change their minds but for now they seem pretty set on their decision. Some people are not financially stable in their 20’s and it is smart to bring a child into the mix when finances are figured out and settled.

4 The Pressure

Sometimes things just do not go as planned, and this whisper confessor seems to feel pressured due to reasons she cannot control. Having medical problems can put a damper on pregnancy and fertility, and it seems that having kids at this moment would be the best bet for her health wise, but not emotionally. She claims that she does want to be a mother but does not feel confident in her marriage. Some women raise children without a spouse and do just fine but she does not state that she wants a divorce. Getting pregnant in a rocky marriage can be stressful which is not good for the baby. It seems that working on the marriage before having kids may make this woman feel better, or realize that she needs to get out of that relationship.

3 The Mom Gang

We understand that most parents hope to be grandparents someday, but sometimes dreams just do not come true. This whisper confessor admits she is scared to have kids and hubby backs her up on that. She never states that she does not want kids or will never have kids but that she is scared of having kids. Maybe someday she will change her mind and get over her fears or maybe they will just get some dogs instead. At the end of the day, the parents have to want the baby being that they are the ones raising it. Parenting is emotionally, physically and financially exhausting (and of course rewarding) at times and this couple needs to make the move when they are ready…not when mom and mother in law deem them to be.

2 Grandma Doesn't Stay Happy For Long

Some people want no children while others want a wolf pack. Either way, this is a personal preference that must be decided without pressure and influence. This whisper confessor is pregnant one child and already has two. She wants to be done, and that decision should be respected. Unfortunately, mother dearest seems to not be able to keep her mouth shut. This whisper confessor states that she knows her limit and a fourth child just is not happening, but that apparently is not stopping this whisper confessors mother from getting on her case. This grandma wants a granddaughter when at the end of the day she should really just be happy she has any grand kids at all. There are some women who never get to be grandmothers and this woman should be thankful for what she has and leave her daughter alone.

1 Did This Mom Take A Health Class?

This mom apparently snoozed during health class or is just saying whatever she can think of to have grandkids. Getting pregnant is not a sure-fire way to regulate a woman's period. Maybe that's an old wife's tale or a myth, but having kids is not the way to get periods back on track. Clearly this whisper confessor sees her mom is just trying to get her to have children. The thing is, the pressure is upsetting her, and that is when her parents really need to stop and look at the big picture. What is more important- having a happy daughter or tricking her into having grandkids? Unfortunately, some parents want what they want and are selfish. We hope this whisper confessor is able to do what she wants and is able to set her parents straight.

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