15 Whisper Confessions From Women Who Got Pregnant In Jail

Experts estimate that 1 in 25 female inmates in the United States is pregnant. That’s a lot of pregnant prisoners! But, as you can imagine, having a baby in jail isn’t the ideal situation. Many of these women don’t have loved ones on the outside who will care for their baby until they’re released, so these kids may be adopted out or placed in the foster care system.

What's worse, these women barely have minutes with their babies after they're born - the babies are taken away almost immediately and given to social workers or whoever is going to be looking after the baby. Would it really be so bad to allow a mother at least one day with her newborn? It's not like she's going anywhere...

So these women all took to Whisper to share about their experiences with getting pregnant in jail- and boy, will some of these shock you! If there’s one thing that all of these confessions have in common, it’s that being a pregnant prisoner is no walk in the park. From being assaulted by prison guards to having their babies ripped out of their arms, these confessions are absolutely heartbreaking. Which one surprised you the most?

15 He Told Me He Was Infertile

This would be a shocker regardless of whether you’re in prison or not! You want to be able to trust your sexual partner when they tell you that there’s no way you could get pregnant. But let this be a lesson that using protection is always a good idea, even if your partner says it’s no necessary.

The woman behind this confession says that she hooked up with a prison guard while she was an inmate. She says the guy said that he was infertile, so it didn’t sound like they used protection. But we bet she’s regretting it now since she found out she’s pregnant. To top it all off, she says that this same guard got three other inmates pregnant. Icky! We wonder if he lied to all of them, like he did to the woman behind this Whisper confession.

14 I Tried To Have An Abortion

This confession is heartbreaking! Unfortunately for most pregnant women in jail, there aren’t a lot of options for them in terms of deciding what to do with their pregnancy. In response, some women may try to take things into their own hand, but it can have dire consequences.

This woman admitted that she paid a fellow inmate to perform an abortion on her while she was incarcerated. It sounds like it wasn’t possible for her to get access to a safe, medical abortion, which is why she had to resort to this dangerous option instead.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t tell us whether the procedure was successful or not. But given how risky an under-the-table operation like this can be, this woman could have suffered serious health issues into the future.

13 I Shouldn't Have Gotten IVF

We bet this definitely isn’t how this woman thought her pregnancy would go! The woman behind this startling confession says that she was receiving IVF treatments right before she was sentenced to jail time for tax fraud. It sounds like she didn’t think she would stand a chance of incarceration, or else why would she be paying thousands of dollars to get pregnant? Talk about a Martha Stewart moment.

At least it sounds like this woman had the financial means and support to raise a child, since she was planning on becoming a mother. For many women who’re knocked up in jail, they may not have someone on the outside who can care for their little one until they finish their sentence, which is why many pregnant inmates feel they have no choice but to choose adoption.

12 I Couldn't Even Name Her

Could you imagine having your infant ripped out of your arms? That’s what it sounds like happened to this woman, who says that her daughter was taken away from her before she could even give her a name.

Granted, we don’t have a lot of background info on this woman’s circumstances, like why she’s locked up and how she became pregnant. She says that she already has five other children, but it’s safe to assume they’re either in the foster care system or being raised by other family members.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like this mom was fit to take care of her child, since she was placed for adoption ASAP after the birth. Still, this doesn’t mean that this experience would have been any less heartbreaking. Our hearts are going out to the mom behind this post.

11 I Thought Everyone Would Be Nicer To Me

Whaaat?! Most female inmates would tell you that the worst thing that could happen while being locked up is getting pregnant. You obviously can’t care for a child when you’re behind bars, and you might not have anyone who would step up to the plate and take over guardianship until you’re out.

Yet, for some strange reason, this inmate thought that being preggo would make prison easier. Unfortunately, she was sorely mistaken. She admits that she thought people would treat her differently if she was expecting, like maybe the guards would give her special treatment or the inmates would be kinder. But she confesses that pregnancy is making things even harder.

Um, did she even think what she would do with the baby when she gives birth? Kids shouldn’t be thought of as a way to make life easier- especially not if you’re currently serving time.

10 He Pressured Me To Do It

Yikes! This woman allowed her boyfriend to pressure her into getting pregnant behind bars, but (unsurprisingly) things didn’t work out in her favour. The woman says that her BF wanted to make their relationship official by bringing a baby into the mix, even though she was behind bars. One conjugal visit later and the inmate discovered she was pregnant. Sounds like the Fairy-tale she wanted, right?

Unfortunately, things went sour when she says her man left her before she could finish out her sentence. We’re assuming he also abandoned his baby, which is making us question what happened to this inmate and her infant. If she didn’t have the father to care for the baby until she served her time, it sounds like she may have had to choose adoption. We doubt this is how she thought things were going to go.

9 I Didn't Need Those Tampons

Well this confession is pretty ironic! This woman admits that she did the deed with a prison guard because she needed extra tampons. In most prisons, the inmates must buy hygiene products with money they earn through their job in the prison or money that their loved ones send to them. Can you imagine if you didn’t have regular access to feminine products?

Unfortunately, it sounds like this inmate had no choice but to use her body to get the products she needed, which points at a huge problem with the prison system. But in a crazy twist of events, she didn’t end up needing the tampons because she got pregnant. We hope that this insane tale at least made the prison wardens realize that something needed to be done about their inappropriate prison guards and lack of access to hygiene products.

8 If Only There Was Birth Control

Here’s another confession that points at the problems with the justice system and inmates’ lack of access to everyday products. This prisoner admits that she was only 17 when she became pregnant while behind bars. She seems to be insinuating that she got knocked up while she was already in prison, since she says this wouldn’t have happened if she had access to birth control.

Granted, we doubt that prisons think many of their inmates are going to get pregnant when locked up, since most prisons are separated by gender. But (as evidenced by these confessions) women can still become pregnant while locked up for a variety of reasons. That’s why it might be a good thing to have birth control available for those inmates who’d like to take it. It would have been a good idea in this girl’s case, at least.

7 He Should Be The One In Here

OMG! We would be fuming if we were in this woman’s shoes. Based on this confession, it sounds like this woman was unfairly jailed after hitting her abusive boyfriend. Assuming that her man was being physically violent towards her, then she had every right to defend herself. But evidently the courts didn’t agree because she ended up behind bars as a result.

However, this woman’s story gets more heartbreaking as she admits she later found out she was pregnant. We couldn’t imagine the feeling of discovering you’re expecting in prison, and not knowing how things are going to work out. For her sake, we hope she was able to break off contact with her abusive BF and go on to raise her child after serving her sentence.

6 I Lied About My Attacker

This is a HUGE secret to be hiding. The woman behind this post confesses that she was attacked by a guard working at her prison. But it appears like she was too scared to name her attacker. She explains that she instead claimed she became pregnant before her sentence. This is making us wonder if the guard threatened her into silence. Why else would she be hiding such a huge secret?

For this woman’s sake- and the safety of the other inmates- we hope the identity of this dangerous guard was eventually revealed. We can only imagine how many other prisoners he may have been able to victimize thanks to his position of power. There are far too many sexual assaults in prisons that go unreported and it needs to stop now.

5 No One Believed Me

This makes us so angry! There are way too many survivors of sexual assault who aren’t believed when they come forward with their stories, and this former inmate is one of them. But the fact that she was assaulted by a guard while incarcerated makes it all the worse. Prison guards are supposed to keep the prisoners safe, not cause them harm.

To make this incident more traumatic, the woman adds that no one believed her when she shared details of her experience. This is ridiculous given the fact that the attack ended in her becoming pregnant. You can’t dispute DNA. One paternity test could prove that the guard is the father, which would then corroborate her story. Hopefully someone eventually believed her story and helped her get justice.

4 It Only Took One Time

Hey mistakes happen, right? It sounds like this inmate made a huge mistake when they forgot to use protection during a conjugal visit. They confess that that one ‘whoops’ moment led to her discovering she was pregnant, which we’ve already established wouldn’t be a fun thing to find out if you’re locked up.

Unfortunately, this mom-to-be sounds extremely upset with her pregnancy news. She described it as being a prison of its own. It’s true that being pregnant can greatly limit a woman’s mobility. After all, growing life can be tiring. But pregnancy can be even more limiting if you’re already behind bars. We’re curious to know what decision this woman made about her pregnancy, or if she had the option to decide at all.

3 They Ripped Her Out Of My Arms

This is so sad! It’s a known fact that many prison inmates don’t get to spend a lot of time with their newborn babies after giving birth. The inmate is still treated like a prisoner, even though she’s pregnant and possibly in labour.

Regardless of whether the child is being placed in the foster care system or with a relative on the outside, most inmates report their children being taken away from them immediately after giving birth. In some cases, the mom isn’t even allowed to hold her newborn, which is completely heartbreaking.

This woman says that very exact thing happened to her. She confesses that her infant was taken away from her ASAP, and she may have even not known what happened to the infant next. Could you imagine that being your birth story?

2 I Guess This Is A Plus

Even if it was consensual, it’s still considered sexual assault if a prison guard has sex with an inmate. Why is that so? For the very reason that a prison guard is in a position of authority and it’s seen as taking advantage of the prisoner.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases where an inmate may sleep with a guard because they feel pressure or are promised something in return. Either way, most people will agree that it’s wrong.

It seems like this woman’s prison tried to cover up this scandal as she claims they gave her early release after discovering her pregnancy. It might be far fetched, but one might assume that this was their way of getting her not to report the assault. Either way, hopefully this mama and her baby were able to make a good life for themselves after her release. What a way to start fresh.

1 They Took My Baby Away

Could you imagine not knowing where your baby is? It sure sounds like this inmate has no clue, as she confesses that her baby was taken away from her after the delivery. The confessor says she’s unsure if she got pregnant before or after she wound up in jail, but that doesn’t really matter at this point. What matters is that it sounds like she didn’t have much of a choice to give up her infant or not.

While of course the prison needs a mom’s permission to place an infant up for adoption, that doesn’t mean pregnant prisoners have many options. If she had no one to care for the child and wasn’t getting out for some time, then foster care is really the only option. For this mom’s sake, hopefully she was able to regain custody of her baby upon release. Fingers crossed!

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