15 Whisper Confessions From Women Who Had Secret Abortions

Some people get emotionally attached when they become pregnant while others just want to get rid of it. Everyone has their reasons for deciding to terminate or keep their baby. Those who decide to get rid of it are faced with the decision- to tell or not to tell. If a mama getting an abortion decides to tell people, she risks getting ridiculed and turned on. If she does not tell anyone, she has to deal with bottling up this dark secret with no one to turn to. It’s a tough choice.

We found fifteen whisper confessions of mamas who aborted their fetuses and did not tell a soul. Some women keep this secret from their significant other while others keep it from their parents. These mamas needed a place to tell someone, and that is how they landed on our list of women who had secret abortions.

People confess on whisper for a lot of reasons, and for these women they needed somewhere to turn. Abortion is a very controversial topic; most people feel very strongly one way or the other about the issue. These mamas clearly were pro-choice, but not all of them are confident and comfortable with their decision now that it’s said and done. Some of these women could care less they even got an abortion. There is no turning back for these mamas, and their confessions are a mix between emotional and downright cold hearted. People keep secrets for many reasons, some by choice and some by force, and these women are a mix of both. Read below to find out about these women’s biggest kept secrets.

15 She Wasn't Ready

We can probably all agree that this mama made the wrong choice. Her boyfriend is excited and instead of letting him know the truth in the same "I'm pregnant" sentence, she is holding off on telling him. He is probably day dreaming about throwing the football with his future boy or playing hop scotch with his future little girl. This is clearly going to break his heart. This mama was probably nervous and did not mean to lead her boyfriend on, but now she is stuck in a terrible position. Some may think this is a decision she was welcome to make on her own, while others believe she should have discussed this with her boyfriend.  We wish we knew how this story ended, but we hope she could break the news without losing her partner.

14 Giving Herself A Better Life

This mama did not want to be tied to an abusive junkie for eighteen years, and the best way to avoid spending any additional time with this loser was to get rid of the baby. She is confident in her choice but feels bad about not feeling bad. She wanted to not bring a child into that hazardous situation as well as get herself away from him. She seems content in the way she chose to do so. The problem here is that she deep down assumes she should feel bad about getting rid of the baby, but she just can't. She feels worse about having no guilt about her decision. There is so much negative attention given to abortions that maybe this mama knows that what she did was not (totally) socially acceptable and wants to feel somewhat bad about it.

13 He Has No Idea

Infertility is common and extremely stressful and devastating to many couples. Many couples blame themselves or each other. Trying to deal with the infertility problem can become a huge expense and emotionally and physically draining. Even if couples decide not to go down the fertility assistance route, the outcome of not having a child is devastating. It must be hard for this whisper confessor to have to keep this secret. Miscarriages alone are traumatizing and sad, and it is a shame that this confessor has to deal with all of these losses and the secret of her abortion. She could always go to a doctor and not tell her hubby, but secrets are never good in a relationship. Whether she tells him or not, she will have to suffer to some extent.

12 When You Cant Stand The Father

This whisper confessor seemed to have to really weigh the pros and cons of making her abortion choice. No matter what anyone else believes, she made the decision that she suspected was right for her. On top of dealing with the guilt of getting an abortion in the first place, she has to hide a piece of her past from her new lover. This can be really hard especially if this new guy is really into talking about his beliefs and putting down others who make this decision. Everyone makes mistakes or does things they regret with people they regret, and maybe this new guy could understand that things happen. Maybe it would be good for this woman to find a guy who would accept her for her past. Some people do a good job of acting like things never happened, and this woman just might have to pretend like this never happened if she wants to stay with her new guy.

11 Double The Trauma

Getting an abortion is probably frightening no matter how old the female is, but as a teenager, it has to be especially scary. It is bad enough that this whisper confessor had to make this decision and live with the result of her decision for the rest of her life, but now she has even more baggage. This whisper confessor is not only traumatized from getting an abortion, she has to live with having been sexually assaulted by one of the people whose job it was to help her. This is a really sad and messed up situation because now this woman has to live with double the trauma. Maybe keeping these secrets is a good thing, and maybe it will continue to emotionally harm her, but either way what is done, is done.

10 Keeping Mom Happy

Some mother and daughter bonds are unbreakable, and for this whisper confessor saving her relationship with her mother was more important than letting things off of her chest. At the end of the day, this whisper confessor is torn. She is happy she was able to keep her mother content and calm but in the same breath she regrets not having her mother's support. It seems that this confessor has no regrets about the abortion itself. Keeping this mama's mama happy was the main goal, and she seemed to have succeeded in that. Maybe having her mother's support would have made whatever nerves she had before the procedure more calm, but then risking her moms potential disappointment and sadness was out of the question.

9 Can't Move On

Some women have abortions and move on with their lives like it never happened while some cannot forgive themselves. This mama made a decision that she thought was best for her at the time, but little did she know how she would feel over 10 years later. Maybe getting involved in therapy or confiding in a trustworthy friend would be a better alternative to keeping it bottled up inside. Some women choose not to tell anyone while others decide to tell close friends and/or family members. It really is a personal choice whether to tell or not. We wonder if this woman could go back in time if she would have decided to keep the baby and would have been happier than she is now.

8 Living A Lie

This whisper confessor does not tell us what her feelings about the situation are, but it is easy to assume. Maybe she feels regretful, sad, or maybe even jealous. This confessor may even be accepting of the situation but just deciding to share her story. Welcoming grandchildren into the family is usually an exciting time, but the first grandchild is always the most special. This women has a reason for not sharing her abortion with her family, and whatever that reason was, she assumed it was the best idea. Maybe she wanted to save them the heartbreak of her decision or the sadness of not getting their first grandchild at that time. At the end of the day, what they do not know, will not hurt them, but it may still hurt this mama.

7 Priorities In Check?

The maturity level of a sixteen-year-old is minimal compared to that of someone even three years older than her, so with this whisper confession that should be taken into consideration. A sweet sixteen party is something a lot of teenagers look forward to, and after planning and inviting people the last thing this confessor wanted was to have to cancel and then hear the wrath of her mother. Maybe if she was not having a sweet sixteen party she would have spilled the news, but this girl did not want her special day to be ruined. Sixteen is an exciting age. Most teens end up getting their permit and working towards a sense of freedom, and this teen did not want to be tied down with a baby. Maybe to her, her education, future and social life were more important.

6 Guilt Is A Killer

This whisper confessor obviously feels guilty, and guilt can really harm a relationship. A relationship should not have lies in general, but big lies such as this are a huge no-no. This relationship is destined to fail due to the fact that he wants children and she does not. One party has to be willing to give in if things are going to work out. Going through an abortion is scary and this woman had to do it alone and go home acting like nothing happened that day. It seems that this whisper confessor is a ticking time bomb with this guilt getting worse as the weeks go on. At family parties and get-togethers, they are probably always asked, "When are you getting married? When are you having kids?" This may make this woman's guilt feel even worse. We hope she figures this out without losing her mind.

5 Baby On The Mind

It is a shame this mama does not have a good support system. Not everyone is pro choice, and this mama unfortunately has to keep this mistake a secret. She seems to be very sad and guilty with no where to turn. We wonder if she feels guilty about lying about the miscarriage. She probably received flowers and lots of love and attention over the loss, but little did everyone know she got rid of the baby herself. Going about life with a big lie like that on your shoulders can be mentally draining, and this mama seems to be suffering big time. Maybe she wonders what that baby would have looked like or what she would have grown up to be. Whatever the case is, this mama has a long road of suffering ahead of her.

4 Change Of Heart

Most people feel strongly about the opinion of abortion one way or the other. It is rare that you hear about people flipping their opinion about the subject being that it is such a personal and delicate decision and subject. This woman had her opinion set until she put herself in this awful situation. It is true; you may never understand certain things unless you go through them yourself, and unfortunately for this woman, it took experiencing this to really have a change of heart. She decided to not tell anyone about her change of heart, probably due to not wanting to have to tell the truth (or lie) about the reason behind it. We believe everyone is entitled to their privacy, but sometimes keeping things in and not talking about them is a recipe for disaster.

3 Two Months Later

This mama does not state her feelings about her decision, but we can assume this mama is overwhelmed. An abortion can be a physically and emotionally scarring thing. Now add to that the new emotions that come with getting pregnant two months later. We wonder what made this mama decide to get rid of one baby but keep the other. Was it the cost of the abortion again or the guilt? Either way, she decided to keep her abortion hush hush, and we do not blame her. Having a baby so close to getting an abortion is a recipe for a million negative opinions and a giant guilt trip. She did what was best for her at the time. We hope she is not drowning in guilt and that she is better prepared and really wanting this new baby.

2 The Miscarriage Lie

This mama has no regrets with her decision and the story she decided to tell. This mama feels confident that this was the best thing for her and her life and seems to be definitely sticking with her story for a while. It is stressful to be in a relationship with a drug addict, and maybe she did not want to be tied to this man for eighteen more years. She seems more confident in her decision than most of the other whisper confessors above. Maybe she will live a full life of no regret or maybe someday it will hit her about what she did. To her, being done with the baby and her drug addicted husband were the first priority. Hopefully she is in a safer and healthier position in her life, free of any guilt or ex-husband ssues.

1 Feeling Guilty About Not Feeling Guilty

This whisper confessor seems to feel guilty about not feeling guilty. We cannot say what is the right way to feel or the wrong way to feel, but we do know that there is a chance this mama may have a change of heart someday. For right now, she seems comfortable in her decision, but guilty and confused about not feeling bad about getting rid of her baby. This is a tough position to be in, and maybe one day she will feel so guilty about not feeling guilty that she decides her decision was a bad idea. Either way, there is no going back and what is done is done. Having an abortion is a big deal, and some are traumatized while others could not care less. This mama wishes she cared more.

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