14 Whisper Confessions Of Kids Who Caught Their Parents Doing The Nasty

Making love is a natural part of life - it is done for pleasure, to reproduce and for love. At some point in a child’s life, they realize their parents did the dirty in order for them to get on this earth.Some kids are grossed out by the idea, while others understand- but no kid wants to walk in or witness their parents doing the act.

We all need a place to vent, and for these parents’ kids, Whisper was the place to do it without being judged or having to explain in father (disturbing) details. Did posting on Whisper give these children a sense of relief (to get it off of their chest) or did it bring up feelings and visions that they were trying to hard to suppress? Do the parents know the extent to which this scarred their kids?

We do not know the answer to these questions, but I can guarantee that these kids wished those images of their parents doing the nasty were completely out of their brains forever.

These 15 kids reveal one of the worst things a kid can witness…their parents making love. Some are scarred for life, while others seemed to be not as horrified, but either way it is an image no one wants to see.

No matter the age- 6, 17, or 36, no children want to witness their parents in the act. A parent’s love making life normally stays hush hush for their kids to never learn about, but not for these unlucky 15.

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14 How's The Weather Outside?

Oh boy!

This is incredibly weird. Most parents would be extremely embarrassed if their child walked in on them doing the dirty, but to sit there and have a conversation during it, is creepy. The older kids get the more they understand about love making, but what is between parents is between parents, and no point should a child have to witness that.

Accidents happen- someone forgets to lock a door or someone comes home early- but normally trying to hide or discard of the evidence is what parents do. These parents on the other hand were so into it that stopping and hiding the act to tell the kid to leave or to have a conversation was too much for them to handle. That’s something that may get brought up in therapy.

13 Stained Sheets

This is a bit strange, and defiantly gross. A lot of fluids get sloshed around during love making, and the last place that should be left on is your kids bed. There really is no excuse, there are plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to love making- shower, doggy style against the washing machine, on the rug, or even in the backyard. Anything is better, than in your child’s bed.

This is another situation that has to be scarring for a child, and probably super embarrassing for the parents. We get it, when in the mood, sometimes people do not care where they do it at, but come on. No amount of laundry cycles will ever get rid of the disgusting horror that went on in those sheets.

12 The Only Child

We are not sure if we should laugh at this one or be a little grossed out. However old this kid is, they know what love making looks like and that it equals a child…but they are either not at the age where they understand to be grossed out, or they just really want a sister and do not care. In a situation like this, there are so many ways to react- scream, cry, run, hide…but this confessor’s first instinct was to take advantage of the

perfect timing to ask for a sibling!

Hey, having a sibling is super fun and most kids beg for one, but this is a “wrong place, wrong time” situation for asking for a little sister! There are so many better times to discuss extending the family- at the dinner table, on the way to soccer, or during family movie night.

We hope you got your little sister, anonymous confessor!

11 Quick Thinking

I caught my parents having sex once so i pretended that i was sleepwalking just to avoid the whole situation.

Well, that’s awkward.

So, this takes some serious skill to pull off. This kid thought quick and managed to pretend to sleep walk during probably the MOST awkward situation ever. To be able to keep a straight face and pull off sleep walking while mom is moaning and dad is going to town must have been terrifying and uncomfortable. This does not make mom and dad bad parents if they kept going at it, because they assumed their child was not aware of what was going on. Little did they know the horror in that child’s head. Breakfast the next morning could not have been anything short of awkward.

I must applaud this kid for their fast thinking, there were so many other ways to react to that situation!

10 55 Years Strong

Well, whoever posted this confession does not seem traumatized or upset- instead they are cheering their rents on!

There comes a point in life where the topic of doing the dirty is not as embarrassing for some to talk about, and for this kid, they seem pretty proud of their papa for still going at it at the age of 55!

Love making is an essential part of a relationship, and some believe that the older couples get, the more the love making dies down, but not for these parents!Maybe it is not a bad thing for their kid to be rooting on their father for having a good time, but it is a little strange that he/she does not seem even a tad disturbed! I do not think there is any age where anyone wants to actually witness their parents getting it on.

9 Is She Screaming Or Moaning?

This is the saddest confession of them all, because it resorted in pure terror and sadness.

Most of the kids on this list were embarrassed, disgusted, or upset- but this little one went through the worst range of emotions. Children love their parents, and are normally horrified at the thought of losing them. In this situation, this child thought their mother was getting murdered- can you imagine how horrifying that was?

It would be interesting to hear how the rest of the story went, did mom and dad confess what was going on? Did the child feel uncomfortable around dad for a while? Regardless, this is a situation that was clearly traumatizing and did not know that moms pleasure screams were not screams for help.

8 Double Punishment

When skipping school, most kids map out (what they think will be) an elaborate plan to have a fun day and not get caught. For this kid, karma got to them in one of the worst ways. Not only did they get grounded, but the burning and disgusting image of their parents doing the act is forever engraved in his/her head. It seems like a month (or three) of revoked phone privileges would be much better than even a split second of seeing mom and dad do the dirty.

Mom and dad thought they were in the safe zone by making love when kids were not home, but we can all agree that the chance of this happening again is very unlikely. You probably having nothing to worry about mom and dad, your kiddo learned their lesson.

7 Massaging Out The Stress

Walked in on my mom and dad last night gettin nasty...my dad told me this morning she was only massaging his stress lever.....I'm 18

The only thing maybe as worse than finding mom and dad getting it on, is the conversation that occurs after. Some parents may get mad that their child walked in, others may not discuss it all, while some may give a lecture on love making and privacy. For this family, things got….weird.

By age 18, it is safe to say most if not all high schoolers have partaken in a sex education class. By this age, most know the basics if they have not experienced the act themselves. The dad in this scenario probably was so mortified that their kid saw this that he tried to say whatever sounded less dirty.

Well dad, you failed with that one, because anyone with a partial dirty or some sort of sex knowledge knows what was really going on. That kid will never be able to hear the word “stress lever” again without maybe vomiting in their mouth.

6 A Dollar For Your Troubles

This is a confession that has to make you LOL. This kid saw an opportunity and totally jumped at it. This is another incident of quick thinking. Clearly, this kid was not as phased as some of the other kids in this list, instead he/she saw a chance for some profit. The kid did not state if he was traumatized, but if he/she was, they were not phased enough to go back in there.

We wonder if mom and dad were caught off guard, or did they throw him a ten and kept going at it? Either way, we hope this confessor got his money, spent is wisely, and is not scarred for the rest of their life over seeing their mom on top of dad.

5 Handling It Well

I caught my parents having sex. They seem more traumatized by it than me.

Some parents are more lax than others about the topic of love making. For this family, the parents seemed horrified and humiliated. This had to of been a very awkward topic to discuss for everyone involved that night.

Many people go by the motto “forgive and forget”, but it’s more likely that everyone in this situation “forgave but never forgot.” We assume that if this child did not forget this night, then neither did the parents. We wonder, did they post their own whisper confession?

Whichever way their child ended up witnessing the act, we can all agree they probably did whatever they could to make sure that did not happen again. There is a good chance Dad was on Amazon prime soon after ordering a key entry door knob for their bedroom.

4 Three's A Crowd

So last night I walked in on my parents doing it....with another guy there ?

This one defiantly made us all sympathize with this kid. It is bad enough to even walk in on a parent coming out of the shower in a towel- so this is a whole new level of traumatizing. No one wants to see their parents undressed, or doing the deed for that matter.

But, to add another guy in the picture potentially porking their mother (or father), must be one of the most disgusting and disturbing things to go through.Everyone is entitled to their own fantasies, and hey, threesomes are not unheard of, but no kid wants to actually know about it or see it! This whisper confession probably has given this kid a nightmare or two.

How the heck did mom and dad explain this one?

3 Traumatized Since 6 Years Old

Kids are so cute when they try to play tricks or surprise and scare their parents. No kid goes into that expecting to witness their parents doing the unspeakable. For this kid, that had to of been confusing, disgusting and traumatizing all in one. At age six, some may know the very basics of the birds and the bees, but this is a full on (very unwanted) birds and the bees lesson. This is another situation that will most likely never be forgotten. That poor child was probably so scared to make a noise in fear of getting caught. This kid definitely learned their lesson, stay out of mom and dad’s room at bed time!

The plan was for the child to scare the parents, but in this situation, who scared who?

2 Indifference Is Bliss

The first-time catching parents in the act is most likely a horrifying event. The second time, is probably just as horrifying. After that, this confessor just said F it, and does not even care anymore. Clearly, neither do these parents if they keep letting themselves get caught.

We are not sure if this confessor is so disgusted that they do not care anymore, or if they got used to it and understand that doing the dirty is a natural part of a relationship. It seems that no one in this situation is totally phased by this situation, but after so many times, the shock factor probably wears off! This is probably not something this confessor talks about on a first date, but they seem to be more accepting of this than most people would be!

1 The Bunny Metaphor

When I was little I rushed into my parents room and saw them having sex. All I wanted to do is show them the bunny outside my window. I can't look at a bunny straight in the eye ever again.

One of the best joys in life is seeing a child’s eyes so full of excitement and passion….and there is nothing sadder than seeing that expression go to sheer terror. For this kiddo and this bunny, this was definitely bad timing. This is such a shame for this child, and the parents probably are not too thrilled about this either.

This clearly is an incident that this confessor will never forget, and now a sweet, fluffy and cute little bunny rabbit has a whole new meaning. This was most likely a mix of emotions for the child- upsetting, mortifying, embarrassing, and frustrating to say the least. We can all assume this kid knocked before entering their parents room from that point forward.

Hopefully no one gets this person a chocolate bunny in their Easter basket.

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