15 Whisper Confessions Of Men Reacting To Moms Breastfeeding In Public

Men have nips and they expose them all of the time. Step out onto the beach, they're everywhere and somehow we all mange to see it as normal and enjoy ourselves.

The Aka Pygmy tribe in Africa has a bit of a different approach to breastfeeding. The women in this tribe naturally breastfeed their children. They also take on other responsibilities such as hunting. While a woman is out hunting an AKA tribesman can be found with a baby suckling on his chest. He doesn’t lactate. He simply acts as a substitute to offer comfort and care to the child until Mom returns.

I’d be curious to know how many Daddies out there have tried this technique to quiet a crying baby when Mama’s not around. Anyway, women’s breastmilk is a vital source of nutrition and will remain that way. Therefore, we all have nipples, they all serve a purpose, yet closed minded individuals insist on making a scene if a woman exposes her breasts to feed her baby.

Surprisingly many men are stepping up to the plate and offering their support for breastfeeding women. On Whisper we find our lovers and our haters but everyone’s opinions are just so interesting. So, while our men most likely aren’t as accepting about a baby suckling their nipple as the Aka tribesmen, they sure do have an opinion as to whether or not public breastfeeding is right or wrong.

15 What's The Rush?

Yes, this guy is missing something. He’s missing the reality of the world we live in. In this world when a baby needs its diaper changed, he cries. When he is tired, he cries. When he is hungry, he cries. So, to end the crying and satiate his hunger it is necessary to nurse on demand to put an end to the struggles of the baby. No one wants to hear a crying baby.

As a guy, he may not know all of the effort it takes for nursing mothers just to get out of the house in the morning. We not only have to get ourselves ready we also need to get our little humans ready. We must pack all of their necessities in our diaper bags and we must harness them into their car seat. To get from point A to point B takes longer when we are caring for a child so just popping home to nurse is out of the question.

14 Taking A Stand

Breastfeeding is beautiful. Although many of us see it that way obviously others see it as an insult. I wonder if this hater was having a bad day at the office and stepped out for a bit of fresh air. He wanted to clear his head from the troubles of the day and much to his surprise he saw an uncovered breast. He saw a nipple and an areola and a mound of flesh filled with milk entering a child’s mouth.

This horrific display must have set him over the edge enough to trot on over to that filthy nursing mother and ask her cover up. Boy oh boy I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to be covered up himself, by a flying jacket. This nursing Mama’s boyfriend had her back. I’m sure this hater will think twice before approaching another nursing Mama.

13 Throw A Blanket On It

Some people refuse to use covers because they forgot one. Some women want to see their baby while they are nursing them. Some of us don’t want our baby to get hot under the cover. Some of us have babies who freak out when their head is covered up. Then there are those of us who don’t wear a cover because we don’t want to and we don’t have to. I have a memory of an acquaintance of mine engrained it my mind.

She never looked as beautiful as she did in the moment I saw her breastfeeding in a popular picnicking area. She sat at the edge of a picnic table. She sat tall and proud as her baby nursed. As I approached her with a male coworker she didn’t flinch, she didn’t try to cover, she held her baby and greeted us. We exchanged a few kind words and walked along. We refuse to wear covers because we know we are beautiful.

12 All In The Same Boat

Stfu…How many times in life do we just want to tell someone to stfu? There is a good point made here. Many of us have been nursed as children. Breastfeeding is not a new fad that’s shocking the masses. Our breasts produce milk for a reason. We know that. Our mothers knew that, our grandmothers knew that, our great grandmothers knew that and so on and so on.

For those out there who have a problem with breastfeeding they may need to check themselves. It may be time for some personal reflection. It may be time to ask honestly, what is it about that breastfeeding mother that is really bothering me, and why?

We all have our own personal wounds and many haters may be triggered when they witness breastfeeding because of a traumatic event in their past. If something evokes a strong negative response within me I want to know why?

11 Creepers On The Street

Sure there are creeps. There are creeps everywhere. Would this gentleman like to keep his wife and baby away from all the places that creeps could possibly be? I’m sure he would. None of us want our family members exposed to creeps. Unfortunately, we’d pretty much have to put an end to all of our daily activities to ensure that we are creep free.

Anyway, just because this guy doesn’t want his wife to nurse in public doesn’t mean that she has to obey him. He’s too insecure to have his wife nurse in public. Well I hope he marries someone who shares his same values or sets him straight. I would hate for a self-confident woman to be put down by her man for being brave enough to nurse anywhere she pleases.

10 Keep It Behind Closed Doors

Just imagine if this guy was on an airplane sitting beside a mother nursing her baby. He would most likely freak out. I wouldn’t want to see that. It’s surprising to hear from people who have such a negative judgment of women and our bodies. We have come so far and everyone once in a while someone like this guy pops up. Sounds like he’s going to need to move to a seminary.

Even though he isn’t trying to see things such as underwear ads and breastfeeding, he just will. Women will not be remaining behind closed doors. Underwear ads will continue to circulate. Half naked women will be at the beach, the pool, or just walking down the street in a mini skirt.

We all are entitled to our opinion but this gentleman must be living in La La land if he believes that he can live a fulfilling life without seeing as much as an advertisement. I hope he can come to a place of acceptance or else he may end up very miserable and disappointed.

9 Guilty Thoughts

This is a topic that needs to be addressed. I realize that many of the men out there are feeling uncomfortable with public breastfeeding because they have a girlfriend and they don’t want to offend her. Jealousy is a horrible feeling and if a man is in a relationship with a jealous woman she may be putting the pressure on him to become a hater.

When women are breastfeeding in public we have the option of diverting our gaze. We can walk in a different direction. We can treat her like a perfectly normal human being and talk with her like we would anyone else. Honestly, how many nursing women do most of us encounter every day? Probably not too many unless we have a newborn or work around them.

8 Humanity Might Be Doomed

Yeah this guy has a valid point. There are a lot of heinous things going on out there in the world. People are being murdered. Kids are having their genitals mutilated as a cultural tradition. People are committing suicide. Turn your attention elsewhere. Boobs aren’t going anywhere. In fact, people are becoming more and more comfortable with seeing them the more exposure they have.

If public breastfeeding is what’s offending you then pick a different battle. How about taking a stand about domestic violence or sex trafficking. Every time a hater looks at a nursing mother he needs to remind himself that there are bigger problems in this world. Half of the population has boobs. The need to cover them up in this country is shocking.

7 It's Only Natural

This guy is a boob man and even he is not looking at breastfeeding as something that is sexual. Let’s get real people. Breasts are everywhere these days, from movies to revealing clothing, like it or not. If it makes some of us uncomfortable, look away. These haters can divert their gaze.

Just because a mother is breastfeeding in public doesn’t mean that she wants to be stared at. She’s not trying to offend anyone. She’s most likely hoping that she’s not offending anyone. No matter what we do haters are going to hate. There’s always going to be someone out there that disagrees with us and we can accept that about them. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we need to impose our opinion on others.

6 How And Wherever

When my twins were babies people tried to talk me into putting them on the same nursing schedule. I never thought that was fair because they are two different people who have different needs. When I want to eat, I eat. I’m not forced to wait until my brother wants to eat. So, when or little humans are hungry, that is the right time to feed them. If they are hungry while we are shopping, we can feed them in a store.

If they are hungry while we are in a restaurant we can feed them while dining. If they are hungry on an airplane, or in a park, or in our own home, we feed them when they are hungry. No child should have to wait to eat because a grown adult is too uncomfortable to see a boobie. What, are we in second grade. If someone sees a breast they point and giggle and get all silly. No, we are all adults.

5 Getting Even

This guy’s heart is in the right place but the whole idea that many women are trying to get across is that breastfeeding anywhere, even in public, is not that big of a deal. We aren’t trying to make a scene we are trying to feed our babies and have it be seen as normal, not offensive.

So, yeah the guys who are shaming a woman for breastfeeding need to be stopped and put in their place, I agree. However, making a scene about it probably isn’t the best way to do it. Let’s use our brains and our words to express our beliefs.

Instead of creating a big scene let’s stand by Mama’s side and encourage her and praise her for doing what is best for her baby even amongst the haters.

4 No Problem Here

That’s right, “Breastfeeding isn’t even gross,” That’s an interesting way to show his support but the rest of his confessions clarifies where he stands. This is honest and real and encouraging. Sure, men usually see boobs as sexual but they are capable of controlling themselves. Like this guy said, “it’s natural.”

Nursing Mama’s aren’t whipping out their breasts trying to seduce all the men in the vicinity. They are fulfilling their child’s need for nourishment. When a child is crying in hunger, nothing quiets him down faster than an engorged breast with sweet subtle milk flowing through it. Just because breasts are many times viewed in a sexual manner, when they are being used to nurse there is nothing sexual about that.

3 A Conservative Man's Message

I love the directness of this confession. Every person has their own definition of what makes a real man. Any respectable man would not publicly shame a woman for feeding her child in public. If offended, the gentlemanly thing to do would be to turn the other cheek, accept that you saw a breast for 2 seconds, and move on. Leave her and that baby alone, thank you.

Breastfeeding is not only about nourishment it is also a way for the Mama and baby to connect and bond. In the midst of a hectic day sometimes we just need to take 5 with our little bundle. Checking in with ourselves and our babies is important as mothers. Anyway, if we don’t nurse on the regular our breasts become extremely engorged and painful.

2 The Protective Brother

Brothers have such an advantage when it comes to women. They see the struggles their sisters go through and somehow women’s issues become something that they can relate to. Feeling the need to find a private spot to breast feed or wait until you get home adds to the stress of being a mother. We already have enough stress. One of the most glorious things about breastfeeding is that once Mama and baby have the hang of it, it’s easy.

Baby starts showing indications that he is hungry, his mother exposes her breast, then her baby is eating within seconds. There is no formula to mix. There is nothing to heat up and check the temperature of. We don’t need to carry formula around with us when we are already carrying our breasts everywhere we go.

1 Have Nothing Nice To Say?

Yes, what a nice simple way to say it. “Just shut up.” Shut up about the public breastfeeding already. Women are legally allowed to breastfeed in public. We are no longer shunned into having to nurse in filthy bathrooms or hot cars. If we choose to nurse in a secluded place than that is our prerogative.

But guess what? We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do. When it comes to breastfeeding we can pretty much nurse anywhere we want. I guarantee you, if a mother is lovingly feeding her baby in public and a hater approaches her, there will be many onlookers who will step up and help her. I’d expect her be supported in this day and age.

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