15 Whisper Confessions Of Men Who Can’t Get Enough Of Mama’s Milk

The public debate over breastfeeding versus formula leaves plenty of moms shaking their heads. But when we’re not talking about breastmilk for babies, but instead breastmilk for grown adults, the topic is even more divided.

As awkward as it sounds to many parents, moms or not, there are plenty of stories about adults drinking breastmilk. From partners accidentally tasting milk during intimate moments, to that one dad who was in the news for making cheese out of his wife’s pumped breastmilk, there’s no shortage of interesting stories about lactating moms and their significant others.

As for the male partners of the milky moms behind these Whisper confessions, there’s a lot more to the story than pumped breastmilk in their babies’ bottles. Check out these fifteen Whisper confessions from lactating moms who fed their husbands breastmilk, and make your own judgments about whether it’s normal and healthy, or creepy and weird.

15 Hooked On What?


It’s one thing to taste the breastmilk, as many nursing moms have done out of curiosity, and it’s entirely another to drink it so often that you become “addicted.” This SO clearly enjoys drinking breast milk from their wife, but we have so many questions! Is this a straight-from-the-tap situation, or the kind of “oops we’re out of creamer” snafu that results in a coffee and breast milk combination that left this SO wanting more?

Either way, we’re sort of glad to know that breastmilk is delicious and addiction-worthy. That means that nursing moms are giving their babies not only great nutrition, but a sweet treat that even adults enjoy drinking. Besides, it’s gotta be healthier than chocolate milk or even creamer in dad’s coffee, right? We’ll reserve judgment here since this is a fairly benign husband statement.

14 Milk For Money

This milky mama isn’t even limiting her milk sharing to one man or her SO, she’s sharing it with anyone who’s willing to pay! She maintains that it’s nothing intimate- just men willing to throw money at her in exchange for shooting them with breast milk. We wonder how she got into this gig, and then we also wonder how much money she’s making.

It must be worth it if she’s kept up pumping for years since her baby was born. Moms who pump know that it’s hard work, so the money must be great for her to keep it up. Then again, how does she find these guys, and does she have some sort of vetting process to keep from getting matched up with weirdos? We totally want to know more, but we’ll have to keep guessing since she’s not sharing any more secrets.

13 When You Think About It...


This lactating mama has a point- if you think breastfeeding is gross, whether it’s a baby or an adult, you might want to reconsider the gallon of cow boob juice that might just be sitting in your fridge at this very moment. Sure, the media tells us how great dairy is for us, so many people are brainwashed into thinking it’s normal. What isn’t normal is that we process this milk and bottle it in gallon containers, and then wince when a mom admits that her partner drinks breastmilk straight from her breast.

What’s the difference, except that the nursing mom is obviously totally willing to share her milk, while a cow has no say in the matter? This angle makes us think that maybe vegans do have a point about milk sharing with other species, especially when human breastmilk is designed especially for humans.

12 Husband-Baby Role Play

This one’s a little kinky, and not something that most breastfeeding moms will likely relate to. With sore, cracked nipples and an overabundance of leaky milk, most moms don’t envision intimate encounters with their partners while their milk-swollen boobs bounce around. But hey, if that’s what floats your boat, go for it. It’s funny though, that this mama notes that she’s not pregnant or lactating, and that she wants to lactate for her man.

This sort of gives breastfeeding moms a bad rap, because we nurse our babies for their nutrition and emotional needs, not so that we can offer milk to our men during intimate moments. If the whole point of your breast is to be a sexualized object, then why the heck does it make something that nourishes babies (and not adult men)?

11 Coffee And Pumped Creamer


This guy is missing his ex, and it’s kind of understandable. Doesn’t everyone want an SO who’s willing to make them coffee daily- and not just that, but make their own creamer to add to it? We’ve heard that breastmilk is delicious and sweet, so it makes sense to use it as creamer when you’re in a pinch and haven’t run to the store.

This guy sounds like he’s missing more than just his ex’s breastmilk though, since he says it made him feel special. We’re a little concerned that he’s projecting more onto this experience than what the face value of it is, which is sad, because now we wonder whether his mom ever breastfed him, and maybe that’s why he’s emotionally attached to his ex after her lactating culinary feats.

10 Volunteer For Milk Testing


When this guy says he wants to drink another woman’s breastmilk, that’s telling. He’s saying he’s already had his wife’s, and that he’s curious how other women’s milk tastes. We wonder how his wife feels about that, since she’s evidently open enough with him to let him drink her milk.

Then again, this might not be as skeevy as it sounds, except for the fact that the image on it is a woman with her breasts prominently displayed. We hope this guy doesn’t consider lactating breasts to be a turn-on, since it’s apparently not just his wife’s breasts that he’s interested in. Then again, maybe his wife is down with it and encouraged him to seek out other milk to taste-test. But we say, when you’ve tried one sample, you’ve tried them all.

9 Straight From The Tap


Now it’s not clear whether this Whisper confession is from a guy or a gal, but it’s safe to say that he or she has already had breast milk, since they say they love to drink it straight from the tap. Whisper is kind of an odd platform for this request, though, since it’s basically anonymous, and odds are there aren’t local women who are lactating that will be jumping all over this post.

Plus, many women aren’t going to unlatch their nursing baby to feed a stranger, unless it’s some kind of mutual agreement for money or something. Besides, the image on this confession creeps us out a little, since it’s an actual image of a mom nursing her toddler, which is so not a sexualized situation, and it seems that the comment on the actual Whisper has such a vibe.

8 My Milkshake Brings All The Boys


Is it weird that the picture on this Whisper confession looks like a frothy milkshake? We’re seriously hoping there’s no drive through that serves breastmilk milk shakes, but it sounds like this guy probably wouldn’t mind. His wife says he likes drinking her milk, and she enjoys the experience too, but why do they have to ruin a perfectly good milkshake with this info?

Then again, some kids who nurse past learning to talk report that breastmilk tastes a lot like melted ice cream, which is essentially what a milk shake is anyway. It’s just a little odd thinking about a grown man making a milk shake with breast milk, but maybe his wife is one of those extreme pumpers and has stockpiled so much milk, they’re not sure what to do with it anymore?

7 Withholding Over Milk


From this confession’s perspective, drinking breastmilk isn’t taboo, and it definitely isn’t gross at all. In fact, their comments tell us that they’ve likely either shared breastmilk, or tasted someone else’s, since their attitude is that men who don’t want to drink breastmilk shouldn’t be having doing it.

Plenty of lactating women have experienced their breasts leaking during intercourse, but does that mean the husband or SO is obligated to drink the milk? We kind of vote no, although it could get pretty messy and sticky if he doesn’t step up. Then again, intercourse gets messy on its own anyway, so we’re sort of divided on this opinion. Refusing to drink breastmilk probably shouldn’t ruin a guy’s chances of getting lucky, unless it’s not his wife or his kid’s milk that he’s being offered. That would be a little weird.

6 Sleeping On The Job


Sounds like this mama makes a habit of not only soothing her baby to sleep by nursing, but also her man. We wonder how this came about, since although tandem nursing isn’t unheard of, it is a little odd to be nursing a grown man on one breast and a baby on the other. Maybe it’s about comfort, but hopefully it’s not about anything else, because after all, the baby’s right there.

This mama enjoys the experience though, and we understand enjoying the feeling of providing food and comfort to your baby through breastfeeding, so maybe it’s not that far of a stretch to consider that she’s comforting her SO in the same way. Still, this would make us uncomfortable if we saw it in public, considering most men have a beer to relax rather than some boob milk.

5 Wife Harbors Milk Wishes


It’s safe to assume that a lot of women hide this same kind of secret- wanting their SO to drink their breastmilk if and when they ever get pregnant. We say, enjoy it if it happens, because once the baby arrives, you probably won’t want him anywhere near you for a while. That said, because she’s confessing this anonymously through a Whisper confession, and she says it’s a secret wish, we doubt she’d ever tell her husband that this is what she wants.

Part of being comfortable with your spouse is being honest, and if she really wants him to drink her milk, she’d better get used to being up close and personal in sharing her secrets. Besides, we’re sure her husband would be more than happy to indulge her fantasy, since we’ve already heard from plenty of men who enjoy it.

4 Mom With Lots To Give


This mom is so practical and reasonable, both in her planning to breastfeed and her logical way of embracing her husband’s desire to drink from her breast. She states that when she has another baby, she’s going to breastfeed, and she says she had plenty of milk the first time around. She also says she’d let him drink her milk, as long as the baby is fed first.

The great thing about this mom’s confession is that breastmilk works on a supply and demand system, so if she’s got enough milk for her baby, and then her husband is nursing from her, he’ll support her milk production even more. The downside is, she might end up with so much milk, the baby can’t handle it. Oversupply is real, ladies, so take caution when letting your husbands encourage an even bigger milk supply!

3 A Side Of Milk


This mom says it plain and clear, that her boyfriend likes to drink her breastmilk. But with plenty of characters that went unused, she sure could have given us the bigger picture. We assume that plenty of breastmilk taste testing comes out of intimate encounters, so we want to know how this guy ended up tasting the milk in the first place, and what he likes about it.

She also doesn’t say whether he’s drinking pumped milk, or if he’s sampling from the tap alongside their baby- or even if she has a baby, or if it’s his! A lot of women continue to lactate after having a baby, so this mom might not even be nursing a baby alongside providing milk for her boyfriend. We’d rather think that they have a baby together so it’s just dad having a snack alongside his kiddo.

2 Mutual Satisfaction


Not only does this mom openly admit to her SO drinking her breastmilk, she also says that she likes it. We assume that means he’s nursing from her just like her baby, or their baby, does. How do people come up with this, when most moms who are nursing a baby for the first time would rather hear nails on a chalkboard than have anything attached to their nipples- even their cuddly newborn?

Beyond the pain and discomfort of nursing a newborn, then you have babies that are cutting teeth and gnawing on mom’s breast, then toddlers who insist on performing acrobatics while nursing. Yeah, we think we’ll pass on nursing the boyfriend, too. He can go to the fridge and get his own glass of milk anyway, so leave the nipples to baby Jesus.

1 Have Your Cake And Milk Too


We sort of wonder if the glass of milk in this photo is actually breast milk, because that cake looks delicious but we might need something to wash it down with. Like this woman’s boyfriend, who apparently loves to drink her milk while he’s having chocolate cake. Baked goods aside, this one doesn’t specify whether she’s using her milk in an intimate capacity or not, so we’re left to wonder.

We can understand a mom loving when her SO drinks her milk if it’s helping to free a clogged duct, or to relieve engorgement when baby’s not ready to nurse or mom’s making way too much milk. But in general, do women really feed their SOs breastmilk for fun in a non-intimate way? We have so many questions for this mom, but we’ll have to leave her to her cake.

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