15 Whisper Confessions Of Mom Fails

Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves. Being a Mommy can be challenging. We don't always get it right. We put our heart, soul, time and energy into raising our wee ones but things don't always run as smoothly as we would like. That's life. Just as we are teaching our children, we need to learn to roll with the punches. When life gives us lemons we make lemonade. When we mess up we don't throw in the towel. We take a good long look in the mirror.  This is about the women that we are and the women we want to become.

We are our harshest critics. So, at times we just need to let go and recognize that things aren't always going to be perfect. As long as we learn from our slip ups then we don't always need to tell Daddy what went wrong. We are allowed to have our little secrets just as they are.  Our time with our children belongs to us. We choose how to spend it. We choose how we will care for our kids and bond with them. We make choices about entertainment and fun. When things don't go the way we expect let's just give ourselves a break and brush it off. Let's make a conscious effort to do better next time. There are enough people out there who will be more than willing to point out our mistakes. How about we accept our mistakes and make light of them. If we are keeping our littles happy and healthy with food in their bellies and a roof over their heads, then we are doing a pretty good job.

Many of us may be feeling guilty about what we feel may be a Mommy fail.  These Moms from Whisper sure are!

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15 Moms Need A Break Too

This Mom should share this confession with the Dad. If she has messed up and forgotten to make time for herself and her sanity then she needs to ask for help. Sure no one wants to tell our husbands that we need some extra time to take care of ourselves but sometimes for own own peace of mind that's what we need to do. So stop messing up Mama. Tell someone that the children have taken over your mental health and that the only cure that makes sense is to have some time off. If Daddy is reasonable he will understand, We all need to remember the different roles that we play if life besides mother. We are daughters, sisters, friends, aunts, and career women. Let's nurture all aspects of ourselves.

14 Teaching Them Young

This kid has taken one to many selfies with his Mama. We all know that many ladies out there use this face as a sexy way to pose for selfies. Maybe, save the duck lips for pics that the kids aren't in and let kids be kids. Let's hope this Mama erased this pic before exposing her provocative parenting style to her husband and the public. There's a time and a place for everything and as parents that becomes more and more apparent the older our children get and start picking up on our behaviors. This boy could just be being silly but if we take moment to look up "duck lips," on the internet the definitions being used these days aren't so innocent.

13 Mommy Brain

Am I alone on this one? I surely don’t think it’s normal to forget to change a child’s diaper. It’s one of the essential things that we need to do to care for our children. I can see why this Mama wouldn’t want to share this confession with her husband. Sure there are fifty thousand things to worry about but our children are priority number one. Leaving a baby in a filthy diaper can lead to severe diaper rash and extreme discomfort. This Mom admits that she feels bad about forgetting to change the diaper then she says it’s normal. Sure we get caught up in our daily routines but forgetting to change a child’s diaper on a regular basis is unsanitary. Bump the diaper changing up on the to do list Mama.

12 Uh-Oh

Aww...let's hope this little girl didn't get a bruise on her face. What an innocent mistake and I could totally see how it could happen. We are so connected to our screens these days and so are our kids! Maybe next time, try laying on your stomachs and snuggling while watching the videos. We can also get all cozy in our beds with pillows and blankets and snuggle up while sitting up and holding the phone on our laps. This way, if someone falls asleep, the phone slips, or our arm gets tired there will be won't be any accidents or facial injuries. This Mom's heart was in the right place but if the phone didn't leave a bruise Daddy doesn't need to know about the accidental slip up. I'm sure it won't happen again. Live and learn.

11 The Wrong Jammies

The important word here is "accidentally." If this Mama is knowingly leaving her child in pee stained PJ's it's a different story. This Mom was doing her best, getting her little guy ready for bed, and maybe after a day full of changing dirty diapers she just missed the stale pee smell. We are still human. We still make mistakes. We don't need to tell our husband every little slip up we have. Our babies will be just fine. The good thing here is that this Mama recognized the mistake the very next day and she fixed it. No one was harmed. We live and learn and hopefully this Mama will remember to put the stained PJ's in the laundry hamper next time.

10 Everyday

This is quite the Mommy mess up. She chose not to tell the Dad before she had an abortion. He had no say. He had no input. He has no clue. If he had an idea he might at least be a little more careful when it comes to birth control. Let's hop this Mama learned from her mistake. It's obvious that this Mommy feels awful for her decision. She's apologizing to her child for not even giving him or her a chance at life. Women who have abortions without telling the father need to think twice about that. If she is staying with the father then she will always have that guilt haunting her in their relationship. If he finds out later down the line, I don't know, from the best friend maybe, this Mama is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

9 The Epic Fail

Yeah if this Mommy saying what I think she is saying she should feel like the worst Mommy ever. She used words like "passed out," and "came to." These expressions are usually used when someone has been drinking heavily or using illegal substances. Neither activity is appropriate when a child is around so I would have to agree with this Mommy! Epic Fail! Our children need to feel safe with us. They need to be able to depend on us and if anything had happened to this little guy while his Mommy was passed out the would be in big trouble and he could have been severely hurt without anyone conscious to come to his rescue. I know parenting can be stressful so maybe it's time for this Mama to reach out for some help instead of leaving Daddy in the dark about her issues.

8 Three For Three

Remember we are in charge and we can handle it. No need to get into a fight with the littles. Don't let their behavior get that far. If we see their behavior escalating or we feel our own behavior escalating, we can put an end to it. It's called, time out. Kids should not be arguing with their parents. They should be encouraged to express themselves in an appropriate way but yelling at Mama is never appropriate. Anyway, Daddy doesn't need to know everything that goes on with our child rearing when he isn't there. This Mom feels like a failure and she doesn't need to drag this day from the underworld out any farther. Live, love, learn, do better next time.

7 How To Eat Healthy

That is not healthy. There are 5 major food groups and I'm pretty sure this Mama came nowhere near fulfilling her child's basic nutritional needs for the day. I'm not saying that every meal has to be perfect but we should strive to model healthy eating habits for our children. I know how it is. Sometimes that's just not doable. Sometimes we are sick or just plain exhausted. Sometimes our kids are sick or just plain exhausted. If we have picky eaters it makes this challenge ten times harder. I wonder if Mommy and Daddy ate the same meal as their 2-year-old that evening. I would have to guess, no they didn't. So, let's keep this one a secret Mom and do our best to incorporate a protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy. A healthy kid is a happy kid.

6 Nap Time With The baby

Ahh yes the days of sleep deprivation. This poor, sweet mother was laying on the floor trying with all of her might to put her toddler down for a much needed nap. What happened? Mama dozed off and the toddler kept toddling. Obviously we don’t want to be sleeping while our toddlers are running around the house. This is not safe. Having said that, what Daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him. This Mama accidentally fell asleep due to sleep deprivation. She was obviously to the point of exhaustion and needed some time to catch up on her sleep. At least the toddler stuck with her and woke her up. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves as Mama’s. All we can do, is our best.

5 The Birthday Boy

Aww total Mommy fail but equally as cute. No one wants their son to be devastated and stomping but this is one of those moments that will be retold time and time again for entertainment value amongst the family. Just imagine that little cutie stomping all around, wide eyed, with the look of excitement and anticipation on his face. If he only stomps long enough and hard enough he will no longer be 3-years-old, he will be four. This Mom had to be laughing her heart out while trying to explain to her little guy that his birthday is in March. As Mama's we have to remember that kids take everything literally so we need to be mindful of what comes out of our mouths.

4 The Secret Stash

Hahaha...this reminds me of that kids board game, mousetrap. One thing is set into motion and next thing you know the whole game falls apart. In this confession, operation hide the brownies is in effect and there is a fruity combination of snap, crackle pop, all over the place. When she says, "mommy brownies," I'm not sure if she is making reference to brownies she's saving for herself or brownies with a little extra something in them. In this case it sounds like this disaster was a pretty good indicator that she is having hard time keeping things together. If the brownies are "extra special, " she should trash them and get her head on straight. This fail could seriously piss Daddy off if he is none the wiser of the secret stash.

3 From Black To White

This is an important reminder for all of us Mama’s. It only takes one second for our little ones to do something crazy that we weren’t expecting. They need constant attention and when we need Mommy time we need someone else to step in. This Mama isn’t telling us what she did that turned her Mommy time into a moment of terror but we can all imagine. We are all at where we are at and as long as our babies are happy and healthy that is ok. We are the hardest on ourselves. We need to have compassion for ourselves too. It’s easy to beat ourselves up over simple mistakes but it’s not necessary. With little ones in the house we need to keep our eyes and ears open at all times.

2 The Guilty Conscious

As Mama’s we all have those moments that we look back on and think, “Man, I wish I could have a redo.” Although we can’t erase the past we can apologize for our mistakes. We can let our little ones know that we are human and we do mess up. Just as we teach them to apologize and give forgiveness we need to be a living, breathing example of the lessons that we teach them. Lucky for us every day is a fresh start. Every day is an opportunity to get things right. When we are honest with our kids they learn to be honest with us. If this woman’s son continues to throw fits and she feels her emotions escalating she could warn him that she is about to snap. That way he will know that he is on her last nerve.

1 No New Friends

This would be a good time to share the problem with the day.  It's possible that he has a more outgoing personality.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  If the Mom is to shy to meet new friends and introduce her child to new playmates then possible the Dad could help.  If the parents at daycare don't seem to friendly there are always local Mommy groups or Mommy and me classes where this mom and child could naturally meet new friends.  The way that I met parents at my kids daycare was to attend the parent events that they had planned.  The mothers day gathering, the halloween parade, the Valentines Day party were all great chances to connect with other parents.

Source:  Whisper.com

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