15 Whisper Confessions Of Parents Whose Kids Don't Know They're Adopted

For some, the secret is kept hidden for years and years.

For many children, adoption can be a life saver. Their biological parents couldn’t take care of them for one reason or another and someone with a big heart stepped in and adopted them. The lives of these children will be forever changed because they were taken in. Many adoptive parents make the decision to never tell their child they that are adopted.

Perhaps they want to protect their child from the heartbreak of grappling with feeling unwanted. Maybe a family member adopted the baby and they came to an agreement to keep it a secret so that the kid will be given a better life. Often times, these biological moms pose as a sister or an aunt to their offspring. In these cases, the family members trust that they will keep the news hidden from the baby as they grow up.

Other times, a child’s parents have died in a tragic way and the adoptive parents don’t want their little one to grieve for their mom and dad. Sometimes, the parents are drug addicts or criminals and the child is better off not knowing them. So, they never find out that the people raising them aren’t actually their real parents.

For some, the secret is kept hidden for years and years. These adoptive parents wrestle with hiding the truth from their child. The burden of keeping the news hidden can be hard on a person’s conscience. Here is a list of 15 whisper confessions of moms whose kids don't know they're adopted.

15The Babysitter Scandal

This woman’s confession is quite scandalous. Her son was lucky enough to be adopted into a family that took him in as their own. He has no idea that he’s adopted. This seems like a rare case where the biological mom is not only in contact with the child but she is actually his babysitter. The child has no idea that the woman who cares for him from time to time is really his mother.

This seems like a good situation, only if it isn’t difficult for his biological mom to spend time with her son. I have to wonder if this would be healing or painful. On the one hand, she still gets to be an integral part of her kiddo’s life. Yet, I can only imagine that it might be hard to watch him be raised by someone else. I wonder if they’ll tell him the truth when he’s older?

14Uncle Daddy

Okay, so this confession was written by an adoptive dad instead of a mom, but it’s just as powerful. It just goes to show that men deal with this sort of thing as well. I have to give credit to this guy, he stepped up in a big way and adopted his niece when her parents passed away. It seems like he treats her as if she is his biological child. The little girl has no idea that her dad is actually her uncle.

This can’t be an easy situation for him. It would be hard to keep a secret of this magnitude from a kid. It helps that they are blood relatives so she can feel an unknown connection to the man that is raising her. As long as everyone is happy and healthy, who are we to judge their situation? At least she is well taken care of, despite the deception.

13Worst Birthday Present Ever

This woman finds herself in a perplexing situation. Her daughter has no idea that she was adopted when she was just one month old. Sixteen years later, and it seems like the truth is brimming to the surface. The confessor wants to keep it a secret forever but her own mother has encouraged her to spill the beans. For the sake of the 16-year-old girl, I hope her adoptive mother picks a different day to reveal the truth.

It would more than likely complicate what is supposed to be the sweetest moment to a teenager. The poor girl would forever associate her birthday with the fact that her entire life was nothing like she thought it was. I can respect the grandma’s stance to inform her but this would pretty much be the worst birthday present, ever. This mom needs to listen to her intuition and stay tight lipped for at least one more day.

12A Sad Situation

This situation is so heartbreaking. A woman was assaulted and it resulted in a pregnancy. She made the difficult decision to have the baby and her parents stepped up to adopt the child. This little boy has grown up thinking that his mom is his sister. Fast forward six years, and the biological mom is all grown and married. She more than likely would now have the ability to care for her own child and her husband is even on board with taking the child in.

Yet, her own mother has become attached to the little guy and doesn’t want to give him up. This would be such a hard thing to work through. The only silver lining is that this little boy is surrounded by love and people who want to care for him. Hopefully they will seek guidance and find a family counselor to help them work through this complicated issue.

11Look Alike

This woman hit the jackpot when she adopted her son because she claims that they have a resemblance. He doesn’t know that he’s adopted and she plans to keep it that way. The fact that they look alike will certainly keep the kiddo from suspecting that she isn’t his biological mom. She’s totally right when she confesses that this will make it easier for her.

It must be difficult to know that you’re deceiving your child. Yet, I’m sure that this woman has the best of intentions. In her mind, she might think that she’s actually protecting her child by keeping the truth hidden from him. Adoption can be a painful realization and she probably wants to spare him any heartache. I’m sure he feels connected to her because they look like they could actually be related. Either way, it’s good that he has a mama that loves him so dearly.

10A Tragic Story

When tragedy struck for this little girl, her adoptive mom came to the rescue. The little girl’s parents died and this confessor has taken her in as her own. Now she wrestles with how she could possibly break it to her daughter that her biological parents passed away. This is a tough subject that is obviously burdensome for this adoptive mom. She wants to shelter her baby from the painful truth that her parents are deceased.

This woman came to the conclusion that she will never tell her daughter that she’s adopted. This can’t be an easy task and it’s clear that she wants what is best for this sweet girl. I can only imagine that the truth would always be on the tip of her tongue. Sometimes, it’s best just to bury a secret this big deep inside and hope that it never surfaces. Hopefully, her daughter won’t discover it on her own.

9A Lifeline

This person deserves a pat on the back for rescuing this poor child from a horrible situation. Her cousin made a mistake in picking the wrong man and the biological dad is a drug addict. Then, to make a terrible situation even worse, the biological mom ended up in jail. Rather than allowing this innocent child to get lost in the system, our confessor adopted the kiddo from her cousin.

It sounds they like they now live a normal, quiet life and the little girl is none the wiser that she has such a tragic history. This adoptive mom believes that the truth would break her child so she’s made the hard decision to never tell her daughter that she’s adopted. This little girl is so lucky that she had a family member willing to take her in and love her as their own flesh and blood. She gave her daughter a lifeline.

8A Hard Conversation

The person who wrote this confession adopted her kiddo 13 years ago. They’ve managed to shield their little one from the truth but feels like they might be old enough to handle it now. Clearly this mom has been struggling to hold this secret in. She adopted this girl when she was just as a baby and made the decision long ago to keep it hidden as long as possible.

Unlike many of the adoptive parents on this list, she feels the urge to tell her daughter the truth but doesn’t quite know how to break the news. Hopefully, she’ll reach out to a family counselor to give her the proper resources to handle the situation as gently as possible. A little bit of support can go a long way in helping loved ones during a difficult experience like this. Thankfully, this girl has an adoptive mom to comfort her.

7A Dark Secret

Here’s another example of a really sad situation where the biological parents were drug addicts. If it wasn’t for the selfless heart of our confessor, this child would be in a horrible situation. This adoptive mom is coping with the fact that her daughter was unwanted by her real mom. This would be hard for anyone to face and she is keeping the truth hidden from her little girl.

Who can blame her? Her intuition is telling her to shelter her youngster from a harsh reality. What child would want to know that her biological mom was a addicted to Meth and abandoned them? That’s such a tragic past to learn of. Hopefully, this sweet little girl will feel so love and connected to her adoptive mom that she won’t go digging for the truth when she’s older. This news would be quite a bitter pill to swallow for anyone.

6A Happy Reunion

I love how optimistic this woman is despite her sad situation. She found herself pregnant and unable to care for her child so a family friend adopted him as a baby. Now, this confessor is stoked that when she returns home to her small town because she gets to spend time with him. There’s just one catch, he has no idea that she’s his mom.

That doesn’t matter to this mama, though. She’s happy that someone took him in who lets her to see him. You can almost feel her excitement that she still gets to watch him grow and thrive, despite the fact that she gave him up, long ago. It’s really great that she’s managed to stay upbeat about the situation and that she still feels connected to her little guy. All the while, he has no idea that his biological mom just gave him a big hug.

5Time To Fess Up

Uh oh, this confessor is in big trouble. Her kiddo is adopted and she obviously hasn’t told him the news. Now, he wants to do one of those DNA tests to learn about his heritage. Looks like it’s time for this mom to fess up before he finds out. I can only imagine that would be an awful way to discover that you’re entire life has been a lie.

This is a perfect example why it might be a good idea for adoptive parents to be open with their kiddos about the fact that they were adopted. I hope that this lady sat her son down and told him the truth. Her only other option is to not allow him to take a DNA test “for fun”. Although, that would more than likely raise eyebrows as well. Either way, the jig is up in a big way. Time to come clean.

4All In The Family

It must be pretty common for family members to adopt children when the mother can’t take care of them. Here is yet another example where a child has no idea that their sibling is actually their mom. In this case, the biological grandma is raising the kid as their own and the mom is left to watch another person raise their child.

This woman has hidden this secret from her daughter for fourteen years. That’s a long time to bury the truth. At least she knows that her daughter is well taken care of and can have a relationship with her, even if it is as siblings. It just goes to show how supportive some parents can be. I have to admire the grandmother for stepping in to raise the child. I’m sure that this Whisper confessor is correct, her little girl has a better life because she was adopted.

3Chickening Out

Probably the hardest conversation a parent could have with their child is telling them that they were adopted. This confessor has reached a point where she’s ready to break the news to her daughter. Yet, every time she attempts to tell her, she just can’t bring herself to do it. She has hidden the truth for 18 years and finds it difficult to actually say the words to her teenage daughter.

This is such a heavy burden to carry and I really feel for this mom. It’s clear that she loves her adoptive daughter and just wants what’s best for her. There is never a good time to have a conversation like this one so she just needs to bite the bullet and confess. The longer she waits, the harder it will be to actually do it. I’m sure that she doesn’t want to keep the secret for another 18 years.

2No One Knows

Oh, this is a juicy confession. In this case, the entire family doesn’t know that her cousin is actually her biological son. It takes a lot of skill and secrecy to hide a pregnancy and give birth without family members knowing. How did she pull that off? It also takes some serious trust to believe that the aunt who adopted her baby wouldn’t tell anyone, either.

It must be difficult for the biological mom to keep this news to herself. Family gatherings would be a nightmare if you had to carry the burden of the secret all alone. Does she feel a twinge of guilt when she sees her son that he has no idea that he she gave him up? I’m sure that she had her reasons and is thankful that her aunt did the right thing and helped them out. Hopefully, her son is happy in his adoptive home.

1In The Dark

This confession represents the other end of the spectrum. In this case, the confessor’s cousin was adopted and they are the only one that is not in on the secret. The entire family has been hiding the truth for over 30 years! That’s an impressive and tight-lipped crew. This seems almost cruel, that everyone would know this except the person who was adopted.

Hopefully, they never discover the truth because they would probably have some serious trust issues if they did. Chances are, they will never find out because it was a closed adoption. So, the biological parents won’t ever go looking for them. It’s still a dirty little secret that it seems like will never come to light. One can’t help but wonder if this person’s cousin has a gut feeling that they are different from the rest of their family or if they don’t suspect a thing?

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