15 Whisper Confessions Of One-Nighters Turned Into Pregnancy

In a perfect world, babies would be created during a beautiful love-making session between two partners dedicated to establishing a stable future together.

Breaking news - we don't live in a perfect world.

While we each know this fact to be true, it's still disappoints me every time. Maybe it does that to you, too. After all, most of us want to experience a large-than-life life. We want things to work out for the best. And, we sort of want to dictate what "best" is in our lives.

For instance, the idea of babies, pregnancy, or even family is still tattooed onto many of our minds as something romantic. Picture perfect, some would say.

This notion is awesome, but it's often very, very untrue.

For example, this post. It's all about two people who were feeling frisky and decided to act on their hormones rather than to think things through. Following are the stories of one-night stands who ended up created a baby (or babies).

Be warned that some of these confessions are heartbreaking while others will just make you gasp (...umm, make sure you get to #9, OMG).


15 His Dad Is A Guy I Met At A Concert

We've all been to concerts. Especially in our younger days. They're awesome, fun, wild, and make for great memories. If you're like most women, you probably made sure you looked your best by spending a little extra time in the mirror. Also, you most likely chose something extraordinary (aka sexy) to wear.

Well, so did the mom-to-be in the whisper confession. Though, she got a little more than what she bargained for.

Not only did her little rendezvous end up with her being pregnant, but she also didn't take the time to catch her one-time lovers name. Some might argue that this is easily done in the heat of the moment. Still, she probably didn't know that the cost of that concert ticket was just a drop in the bucket.

14 Brotherly Love...Or Not


To some people's dismay, infertility is definitely not just a woman's problem. The dice rolls both ways. I mean, have you heard the song by Heart called All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You?

Not that this situation is exactly like the lyrics in the song, but both prove that it only takes one night...with a different man, of course.

This woman and her now-ex-husband tried and tried to have children, but it just wasn't meant to be for them. Strangely enough, after their divorce, she slept with his brother and got pregnant. Infertility doesn't always run in the family. It makes you wonder how awkward family dinners could be in the future.

13 From One Night To In Love

Recently, I heard a story of a popular high school boy trying to play a trick on a girl considered to be a loser by asking her to the prom. He asked her, but the twist is that they ended up in love. They got married after graduating college together. Jokes on him.

This is sort of the same thing here. Only, there is no joke. Things just sort of worked out.

This particular one-night stand sounds like it was between two people who were already attracted to each other. It's possible they just hadn't taken the leap. Maybe a night of drinking did them in. We all know what liquid courage can do.

No matter what it was that prodded them to jump into bed, it also prodded them to stay there together.

12 Serious Triplett Trouble


Okay, this whisper confession is sort of a slap in the face. Not only was this woman a virgin, but she only got to have one (probably lousy) sexual encounter before embarking on a pregnancy.

Not fair, fate. Definitely not fair.

It's kind of a bummer that she chose a one-night stand to lose her virginity to. The choices must have been slim.

One thing is for sure - she's a fertile Myrtle. To wind up pregnant with multiples is not exactly the most common thing you hear of. In fact, most of the time, multiple births are the cause of fertility drugs.

Her life is going to be a juggling act when the babies arrive. It makes you wonder if the biological father is going to help out or just ignore the fact that it happened.

11 Can't Remember His Name

You're familiar with the movie scenes where the guy and girl are sleeping off a drunken night only to wake up screaming because they have no clue where they are, what just happened, or who in the world is in bed with them, right?

Well, this is kind of like that.

This particular woman jumped into bed for a little romp without reading his "Hello, my name is xxxxx" tag. Granted, you don't exactly need to know a lover's name to make all your bits and pieces do what they need to for a successful sexual encounter. Still, one would think that it would be an ace up one's sleeve to scream the correct name.

She's probably banging her head up against the wall right about now...

10 Dodged That Bullet


It's not uncommon for people involved in one-night stands to only exist to one another guessed it, one night. It sort of goes with the territory 9 times out of 10. Often, it's a choice in cases where a child is involved.

For this whisperer, it was her choice not only to keep her baby, but also to keep it a secret from her one-night stand partner.

In her defense, maybe he was a complete stranger (is that a defense?) and she only recognized his face in the store. We won't ever know that part of the story. While people do change bad habits for their children, addicts don't always make that choice.

Maybe it was better for this druggie father to stay out of the picture.

9 NOW He Wants To Be Left Alone

If you're like me, you're shaking your head at this one. First of all, Craigslist has somewhat of a shady reputation when it comes to selling things a couch on the site. I know plenty people who have done it, but always with the proper precautions.

Now, shopping for a couch on Craigslist and shopping for someone to have sex with are two vastly different things. Both require extreme precaution, but one is typically made of latex.

It's obvious that they both used each other for a very specific purpose and if that was the end of things, I'm guessing both would have gone home with a smiling faces.

Thought, it didn't end there. I'm not sure if she wasn't informed, but I haven't met a woman yet who actually believed a man who said he shoots blanks. It's a pretty old trick.


8 It's Her Parents' Fault


This is the classic tale of the strict parents who raise children under a sort of "don't do this" umbrella. These kind of parents think that if they just raise the kids right and teach them how to behave properly that their children will always behave properly.

It comes as no surprise to you that children of strict environments often go a little haywire when they are "released" into the big, bad world. It was no different for this young lady.

Though, it could be somewhat of a stretch to blame your dad for your one-night stand pregnancy like she did. When it's all said and done, we each make our own decisions and create our own life despite how our parents treated us when we were children.

It does explain her behavior, but I doubt many people would consider it an excuse.

7 Meet My Two-Faced Boyfriend

This. This one tops them all. This whisper confession is sure to turn into a least a Netflix special or something. If you're anything like me, you've already read it like a dozen times thinking that maybe the 13th time will offer you more information that the first 12 times you read it.

Sadly, this is it. We get no ending. We don't know how it turns out. It's like the worst cliffhanger in the history of cliffhangers.

She had a one-night stand. Okay, oops, but whatevs. Except that oops turned out to be double pink lines. Okay, we can handle this. Deep breaths.

So, she goes to meet her BFFs new boyfriend. No biggie, right? Wrong. Not only has she seen the guy naked, but also in action and to top it all off, he's the father of her child.

I'm guessing they didn't get the matching tattoos they'd planned on, her and her BFF.

6 Don't Need A Man Except For That


We're back to the Heart song All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You. In fact, if we here at BabyGaga could assign a theme song to play behind each of our posts, that song would be the song of choice. Since we can't, maybe you could just hum it?

There is a strong possibility that the lyricist who penned the Heart tune was BFFs with this particular confessor. Much like the song's main character, this woman had a one-night stand for the sole purpose of getting pregnant.

As she wrote, it worked. From the sound of things, she was sort of done with men. Maybe not an all out man-hater just yet, but she certainly had been listening to a lot of Heart.

And maybe some Kelly Clarkson, Miss Independent.

5 Turns Out He's Married

I don't know if you've noticed a theme in this roundup of whisper confessions, but several married men have made an appearance. And there are only 15 confessions on this list. It's not a good day for married people.

This women had a one-night stand with a man who apparently hid the fact that he was married. Well, she found out anyway (as women often do) and is debating whether to tell him about their unborn child.

Most likely, half of you reading this will vote "no, don't tell" while the other half will vote "yes, he has a right to know." I kind of wish there was such a thing as a follow-up whisper confession so we all knew how the story ended.

Maybe whisper confessions should follow the example of talk shows and feature follow up episodes. I, for one, would greatly appreciate the closure.

4 Her First Had A Girlfriend


This has heartbreak written all over it. Granted, this woman chose to have a one-night stand with this man. So for him to forget her the next day is almost written in the one-night stand rule book.

Still, he had a girlfriend and he's cheating on her. Then he totally ghosts this woman after she told him he was the father of her child. And now he's not even aware that his baby died before ever being born.

Although the decision to be involved with this fellow was obviously unwise, no one should have to feel that kind of rejection and pain all at the same time.

It stinks how one bad decision can hurt you for the rest of your life.

3 It's The Questions She Dreads

The "where's daddy" question is notorious. Often dreaded by moms, but altogether notorious. For whatever reason, it can become a difficult question to answer. After all, how do you explain that daddy hit mommy so he's now living in a house with bars or daddy likes to drink bad juice that makes him sick so he doesn't visit.

Then of course there is the awkward situation of trying to explain questionable behavior - much like the whisper confession above.

This women was probably drunker that a skunk and the two college students decided to sew their wild oats. And sew they did!

Rather than telling her the entire story with every gory detail of the sock on the door handle and all, mom will probably find a more generic answer that will suffice.

2 Life Is Funny Sometimes


Why is it that timing plays such a huge role in either making our dreams come true or screwing up our lives royally? It is a cold hard fact - timing is everything. Just ask this whisper mom-to-be.

She had a one-night stand on a drunken Friday night, probably never heard from him again only to find out she was pregnant with his child. As life would have it, she met her dream man a week after finding out she was pregnant.

The two will be raising the child together as one happy family. The story would get better if he wasn't able to have children or some other wild turn of events making this situation even more epic.

Things often work out for the best, just not in the way we would ever imagine.

1 Clueless And MIA Military Daddy

Many, many military dads are in the unfortunate circumstance that they either haven't even met their new babies or haven't seen their children in months...sometimes years. Such is the life of being a soldier or a military family.

Though, it's far less common for one to impregnate a woman, leave for duty, and not even be aware that the child exists.

Since he's in the military, contacting him won't be impossible forever. I'm not quit sure why it is now unless he's involved in some top secret mission or something like that.

My guess is that the mother of his child has been long out of his mind, so this news will come as a complete shock. And he thought bootcamp was a shock.


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