15 Whisper Confessions Of Teens Who Got Knocked Up On Prom

Prom is a night that many ladies look forward to for years. We get to dress up, have our hair and nails done, and feel sexy as hell. We are the star of the show for a night. We get to have our pictures taken, ride in limos, have fancy dinners, and feel close to someone we feel a deep connection with. Our minds are flooded with lavish thoughts of remembering this night forever and possibly ending the night in a hotel room or the back of a car. What happens after prom has consequences. After the party is over think twice about whether or not that dress that we spent days picking out, will stay on our body or hit the floor. Some of us think that sharing our bodies with our prom dates is what makes the night complete. It’s not!

Wait! Wait until the world has been traveled, the perfect husband has been found, the dream job has been achieved, and the bank account has some savings in it. I am not naïve and I know that teenagers will do what they want to do but there are a lot of pregnant teens out there who are petrified and unsure of what their futures hold for them now. They feel scared, they feel unprepared, they feel alone, and they feel betrayed by the ones who they thought loved them the most. The baby daddy has the choice to walk away, to party, to keep going to school, to keep working, to keep living the life he was living before the mother of his child became pregnant. He can still be wild and free.

These pregnant moms who took it too far confess what life looks like after the deed has been done and the magical night is over.

15 What They Didn't See

These girls never see it coming? Let's get real. These ladies are just as excited about their roll in the hay as their dates are. By the time we attend prom we are well aware of how we get pregnant and how a baby is created. We are also well aware of our contraception options. There is an association between prom and sex that no one can deny. There are loads of Whisper confessions from people who are anticipating finding out who the pregnant Moms are after prom. Let's just hope that these ladies play it safe and abstain or take proper precautions so they don't get pregnant. Please, just because we are women it does not make us victims. We are not poor uneducated girls. Teenage girls want love too.

14 No Silver Lining

Wow! She was ditched at prom and now she's pregnant, all alone, and planning her abortion. All of these circumstances are stressful. Although this Mama has had a string of bad luck, there are other options for her baby. Surprise pregnancies happen each day and it takes a lot of courage to carry babies to full term, give birth, then give them up for adoption. Adoptions can be open or closed. The birth mother can pick the adoptive parents. She can take control over this situation in which she feels helpless. She can continue to go to school and come back after the baby has been born and she has had time to recover. If this Mama doesn’t want to have the baby and wants him gone she has choices.

13 Karma's A B

The guy who wrote this confession is such a creep. Is this a regular thing for him? He prays on his fellow classmates who are considered "easy" by his definition and then tries to get with them? In this case he takes an innocent girl to prom only because he knows he can get into pants (well... dress) and wants nothing more from her. Use and abuse? Pathetic! The couple went to prom together, hooked up, and now she is pregnant. And did he really just ask WTF? Why weren't you using protection? Well look at him now, he's a father in the making. Does this constitute as karma for his trashy actions? I think so... He used her and she had no clue and now both their lives will be changed forever - unless she decides to abort the baby.

12 Sweet Nothing

Listen up teenage ladies. Some boys and men will tell us anything to get us to have sex with them. They will get to know us and tell us anything that they think we want to hear. If they want to get into our panties they can conjure up all sorts of lies. Hey, maybe they even believe them in the moment of passion. They might just whisper sweet nothings in our ear to get us warmed up. They say they love us. They comment on our beauty. They make promises of marrying us and being with us forever. Don't buy it until the ring is on the finger. There are many pregnant teens out there who are dropping out of school to raise babies and they are doing it alone.

11 Lose One, Gain Another

That magic moment after prom when everyone believes that, ready or not, they are supposed to give up their virginity. Hold on tight to that virginity ladies. Once it's gone it can never be gotten back. If we want our prom night to have a fairy tale ending, losing a piece of ourselves is not a fairy tale ending. The truth is, the first time we have sex it can be weird and disappointing. If it's the guys first time he may not last very long. If it's both teenagers first time it will most likely be more awkward than anything else. It does get better with practice but breaking the hymen is not the most romantic moment we will experience in our lives. Also, that fairy tale could turn into a nightmare very quickly if an unplanned pregnancy occurs.

10 A Disturbing Ending

Don’t panic! That’s not good for the Mama or the baby. Take some deep breathes and exhale. A teenager may find herself in a situation like this where she does not know what to do and freak out. Girl, that is not necessary. We need to have faith in our capability as women to adapt when we need to. Step one, take time to process what is happening. Step 2, speak with a trusted adult and seek out help. One thing that moms learn early is that there is no shame in asking for help. Guess what? There are plenty of people out there who love to be around tiny babies and who will gladly step in if asked. If the family is not a good source for help reach out to friends and support groups in the community.

9 Double Trouble

I hope this girl thinks it’s funny and is laughing at herself too. Teenagers can be cruel and this Mama is probably taking enough heat at school as it is. I could barely walk at the end of my pregnancy. My feet and legs were swollen and walking any distance was physically painful. I don’t know how I would have reacted to my man laughing at my waddle. It probably would have depended on the tone of voice, time of day, what I was doing at the time, and when the last time I had eaten was. Many men are in tune with their girlfriend’s sense of humor. Let’s hope these two are laughing together and that she is not crying alone. Pregnancy does crazy things to our bodies and emotions. If I was her man I would think twice before I made a comment like that.

8 Through Salty Eyes

This is stone cold mean. Wishing for these classmates to have their lives ruined effects more than just the mean girls at school. It will effect their children and their families. Having a kid is no joke and slut shaming is a thing of the pass. In this day and age women are encouraged to own their desires just as men are. Prom is meant to be a night to remember not one that we want to forget. Even if we aren't the prom type there is no reason to hate on those that are. We all had some tough times in high school. This teen isn't alone. There may have been a time or two that we wished ill will on others. In the end, watching someone else suffer is never fun.

7 The Baby Bump

This is a life changing thing about having a baby. That beautiful dress we wore to prom won't fit us again for at least 9 months. It may never fit again. Most women had no idea that our bodies could actually stretch to the size that it takes to carry a baby. Each mom experiences that shocking moment when none of the maternity clothes that she bought fit over her gigantic, beautiful belly anymore. When I was pregnant I was sure that extra-large junior sized shirts would last me throughout my entire pregnancy. Boy was I wrong. Have no fear. With hard work and determination, the baby weight can be lost. As Mama’s grow to accept their ever changing bodies other people will not refrain from commenting on how large we are getting. Accept it now.

6 The Blame Game

Here's the opposite end of the spectrum. So, this guy is not a winner in the Dad category. He may be immature and not ready to emotionally process it yet. The part that really bothers me are the emoji at the end, like he’s laughing so hard he’s crying. There is nothing funny about a Dad abandoning his girlfriend or children. This is a good reason for teenagers to remember to use protection if they are going to engage. Like it or not, the Mama and baby daddy will be connected for life. While all that might feel good in the moment no one knows what the future holds. Oh, and remember, many boys and men will tell women whatever they think they want to hear to get them into bed. It’s a hard lesson to learn.

5 A Classy Hook Up

Wow isn't this just the most romantic confession on Whisper. Just imagine, this girl is pregnant. The happy teenage couple have to break the pregnancy news to their parents. Mom and Dad ask with disappointment, "How did this happen?" Well great news mom and pop, these teens have the perfect explanation. "We got down and dirty in the Walmart parking lot after prom." I bet the families of these kids are going to be so proud. What make this situation even worse is that this girl thinks it's funny. Wait until 9 months from now. Wait until 9 years from now. Then check in with us again and see if you are still laughing. Let us know if we will be able to find the face with tears of joy emoji. What does so much shady stuff go down in the Walmart parking lot?

4 The Senior Mom

7Just keep saying, “I can handle this. I can handle this.” No matter what situation arises from here on forward, “I can handle this,” is the new mantra. It’s natural to feel scared when we receive the unexpected news that we are going to be a Mama! After accepting where we are at, I highly suggest finding a good counselor. Being a teen Mom includes a set of challenges that are unique in and of themselves. Telling family can be scary. Telling friends can be scary. Figuring out finances and childcare can be scary. The relationship with the baby daddy may be challenged. Through all of this the focus needs to be kept on keeping the baby healthy and happy. The first step to having a healthy and happy baby is for the Mama to be healthy and happy.

3 The Hidden Truth

This sounds a little sarcastic and judgmental to me.  I once heard someone say, “What someone else thinks about me is none of my business.” I do not want to hear hurtful or judgmental statements being made about me. I know that's hard in high school.  Gossip gets around fast.  Part of growing into motherhood is putting aside that need we have to gain everyone else’s approval. Everyone has different ideas of what it takes to be a good mother. When we become mother’s people give us their opinions on how we should raise our babies all of the time. I imagine people would feel a greater burning desire to give a teen mom advice. Who cares that we are being judged. We all are. It’s not only teenage moms, it’s every mom.

2 The Sacrifice

If the father doesn’t want to be in the picture for any reason, then this mama-to-be should let him go. It’s better to be alone and happy than in a forced relationship and be miserable. People are not bound together for life because they have a baby on the way. Sure it sucks for the Mom to have the raise the baby on her own and sure it sucks for the baby.  That's why we need to be smart when we decide to go all the way.  We all make mistakes and we all deal with the consequences. Getting pregnant in high school is irresponsible. I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to be a teenage father. Just because he’s not staying with the pregnant mom doesn’t mean that he won’t be there for his kid.

1 A Success Story

I love this success story. It gives us hope that each person’s situation is unique and that there are teenage pregnancy success stories. I am in no way suggesting that teenagers go out and get pregnant. I am suggesting that there are plenty of teen moms who have had babies. They have successful relationships. They have successful lives. They have happy babies. Each situation is unique. Hey, if we can’t change our situation and it freaks us out a little bit, let’s look at the success stories not the failures. Many men will stand by their women no matter what life throws at them. Many teenagers are successful, thriving parents. Even if the baby daddy doesn’t stick around there are plenty of good guys out there who are looking for love and would make phenomenal Dads.

Source: Whisper.com

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