15 Whisper Confessions Of Pregnant Women Being Hit On

Pregnant women are not just glowing; they have a confidence about them that is seriously irresistible!

Is it just me, or have you ever noticed that pregnant women can tend to have not only that telltale glow, but also sort of an air of confidence about them?

I’ve seen friends, relatives, and acquaintances at their happiest, most confident, and most self-assured when they are with child.

And heck, I think I sort of felt that way myself! I love being pregnant, mainly because everything about it is sort of magical to me. I’m not sure I can think of anything that’s more exciting than anticipating the birth of your very own child. Plus, you get to watch and feel with awe as your body changes and the baby grows.

It’s beautiful. It’s life-changing! It’s pregnancy, and it’s a very special time, to be sure.

And whether or not a mom-to-be thinks she is or actually is putting out any extra attractive, happy, or come-hither vibes, she may certainly find herself the center of attention everywhere she goes, from grandmothers smiling knowingly and patting her belly to strangers staring and even striking up conversations.

Sometimes, believe it or not, pregnant ladies are even the target of pickup attempts. Although they’ve clearly already had and often are currently with a sexual partner, it doesn’t always stop men from showing interest. Here are 15 Whisper confessions of women being hit on during pregnancy (and sometimes secretly kinda liking it!).

15What’s Up, Doc?

This woman goes ahead and states rather plainly that she enjoyed it when she was hit on during pregnancy. And it wasn’t random strangers on the street or in the grocery store. It wasn’t people she knew from her social circles. Nope, it was a doctor she regularly saw, we’re assuming for her prenatal care!

Right off the bat, I have to wonder if her interpretation of the situation is the same as that doctor’s. Some people, for example, apparently see a man holding a door open for a woman as showing interest. To me and some others, that’s very clearly just being a polite and helpful individual, and something any person might do for any other when they though it would be useful.

What I’m getting at is that maybe the doctor, in telling her she looked nice or smiling at her while looking into her eyes, was just being a caring and kind doctor…

14Still Got It

She’s not gonna lie, folks. She likes it that she’s still hit on by men while in a pregnant state. It makes her feel like she’s still got it, or like she’s still attractive enough to be desirable.

Here’s the thing. I think it all depends on your personality. I have personally never found it enjoyable to be hit on by random strangers. Being approached or called after by random boys and men starting from a pretty young age made me really, really uncomfortable, and actually even pretty angry, like it was assumed that because I was a female I was expected to be treated as an object of lust. I’m more into forming real connections with people in life, that sort of thing.

But if a gal’s the sort to actually be flattered by someone approaching her and, well, showing interest, I could see she would continue to enjoy this type of attention even when with child.

13Like Butta’

Um, what??

Are you, like me, having a hard time understanding how she thinks that rubbing her belly and saying her baby likes butter directly led to being hit on by two guys?

I guess maybe she’s saying that she felt that she had called attention to the fact that she was pregnant. In any case, she did certainly call some attention to herself.

Was it maybe these gentlemen simply responding to her little exclamation with some friendly conversation? Or were they really trying to, well, get with her?

We shall never know. But we do wonder what she was ordering for lunch that so prominently featured butter… Hmmm… Biscuits? Pastries? Mac ’n’ cheese? Feel free to pause here to grab a snack if you need to before you continue reading.

12She Be Poppin’

I think what this chick’s trying to convey is that it’s not like there was any question as to whether or not she was pregnant. It’s not like there was a slightly round feminine curve to her belly (considered by some to be quite attractive and sensual, indeed, and not necessarily a sure sign of pregnancy at all).

Nope, she was, like, really, REALLY pregnant, nearing her due date, it seems – and with twins.

Have you ever seen a lady pregnant with twins? It can be hard not to notice her – that’s for sure!

She’s proud, perhaps, that the guys like the way she looks, and includes her thoughts on the matter in her little confession.

Hey, some people really like a huge pregnant belly, okay? They are quite beautiful, really.

11Hey, Mama!

Catcalling is not something that I would personally ever consider to be okay. To me, it’s more like a really embarrassing form of harassment, and not something any girl or woman should have to go through – because it really sucks being yelled at in public and having no good opportunity to tell the yeller to stop, get away from you, or even respond.

How exactly does this confessor feel about the subject? We’re not quite sure, and that’s up for your interpretation. But she is taking the time to tell the world (okay, the Internet) about it using Whisper.

And it seems she’s attracting much more attention than ever before in her life, as well. This incident is just one of many, she shares – more people try to hit on her in her pregnant state than when she was single.

10Sudden Uptick

This confessor ends with a question, one that may have a wide variety of potential answers, all probably quite flattering. Why would someone hit on anyone, a pregnant person, included? Well, probably because the person doing the picking up thinks the person being hit on is attractive. They may like their eyes or their smile, they may see a chance to form a connection (a variety of different types of connections…), and basically, they like what they see.

But this gal may be a bit baffled why more men are hitting on her now that she’s with child. If someone is obviously pregnant, they’ve obviously already partnered with a man, right?

Does that not make these new hopeful mates have sort of less of a chance of success? Or do they see it the other way?

9Back On The Market

I’m not going to jump to any assumptions, but does this one almost sound like bragging? We can never truly know any other person’s intentions or motivations for what they do, what they say, and more generally how they behave, so the best we can do is take an educated guess.

There is some rather important ambiguity to this confession, as well. This woman allows her confession to trail off that it has been just over two weeks… since what? Since becoming pregnant, or becoming single?

Let’s take another educated guess here and assume that she means she is only very recently single. Because she’s implying that people can tell that she has a baby on board, and it certainly takes much more than two weeks to start showing.

8Minding The Shop

Ah, working retail… Many of us have done it, and we all know you end up putting up with conversations and actions from allll sorts of people who feel quite free to say all sorts of things to you just because you work there.

I found myself telling guys that I wasn’t allowed to date customers so they’d take the hint and leave my sales area (and leave me alone).

Anyhow, to me, that’s what the word “customer” implies – that this pregnant confessor works in some type of store. (“Client” would mean more of a business setting, while “patron” would mean a restaurant or bar, don’t you think?)

I’m a little disturbed by the use of the word “aggressively” here, and hope it’s just a strange word choice.

Well whatever went down, this woman does seem to be saying in so many words that someone found her attractive enough to hit on her – at a time when she didn’t otherwise feel so hot.

7Can’t Leave The House

For them to actually comment specifically on the pregnant belly seems just so odd to me. Who goes around harassing (or at least trying to pick up) pregnant women as they walk down the street?

Isn’t it a more appropriate time to, say, offer up your seat on the bus, let a gal go ahead of you in line, and generally be polite and courteous?

But these two dudes decided it was an okay to time to make a move.

The question we have is if they were together and both commenting at the same time (and this is perhaps more likely?) or if these were two separate instances all right within a few blocks of this pregnant gal’s home.

Maybe she’s using Whisper as a venue to vent her annoyance, but who knows.

6Advanced In Age

I just can’t really imagine any scenario in which a normal person would feel comfortable approaching a young pregnant woman and telling her he had a thing for her type – the type being those with a baby on board… and someone else’s baby, at that!

This is really kind of starting to gross me out, if I’m honest, guys.

This confessor doesn’t really include her reaction. Is she boasting that this happened? Or just stating the facts? Maybe she’s amused. But she doesn’t specifically say that she’s annoyed or weirded out, in any case.

What a strange experience to have, just going about your pregnant day and then someone says something so unexpected to you…

I wonder how she reacted to this guy. Ignoring or walking very quickly away would have probably been my move.

5Notch On The Belt

Wait a second. How do you become another notch (essentially a tally meaning a dude has bedded another woman) if you never actually do anything?

Maybe she means more like “twisted bucket list.” Do some people include the line item “hit on a pregnant lady”? Just… what?

And upon a closer look, it seems that she’s saying she thinks all these guys who apparently hit on her all the time are trying to get her to sleep with them, or in other words trying to get her to become another notch on their belts.

The wording and phrasing of this whole thing is just a little odd, though, leaving you to sort of wonder what the heck is going on. Why is it necessary to include how attractive she is, for example?

In any case, you are what you decide you are, lady, not what some rando dude tells you or tries to make you become.

4Take A Number?

Is it just me, or is the tone of this one that this woman is currently dating – maybe even online? It sounds to me like she might be accepting offers, so to speak, from a wide variety of gentlemen. And during this process, she’s noticed that some of them are interested for a kinda strange reason.

Pregnant women are people, too, we know, and there is absolutely no rule saying that they are not allowed to date. Man, it would be a strange time to do it, though!

It seems like you’d almost be likely to either need to reveal to potential partners that you were pregnant only to scare them off in true sitcom fashion or risk attracting creepy dudes with fetishes.

Whether this gal is bragging about the amount of men who hit on her or genuinely creeped out, we don’t know for sure.

3Attracting Attention

I think I’m sensing a pattern here – are you? And I have to sort of guess that maybe women can tend to attract more attention in general while they’ll pregnant, including, perhaps, from the opposite sex (as these many confessions seem to prove).

And you know how it goes. It’s almost impossible not to notice when a passerby or fellow grocery shopper is swollen with child. It’s a special time, and it is definitely likely to catch your eye.

People I’d never met before certainly started talking to me everywhere I went when I was pregnant – but my interpretation was almost always that they were being particularly friendly and kind. And the extra interaction continues once you have a baby or kids. They’re built-in conversation starters, they’re just so cute, and for many, they are a joy to behold.

2Troubled Teen

It seems unlikely that teenage boys are hitting on this pregnant young woman – so are creepy older dudes hitting on her? Just… yuck.

The thing is, as we’ve seen from this small sampling of Whisper confessions, it doesn’t seem to matter if a woman is married, engaged, old, or young (in this case, very young). Females from all walks of life and in many different situations are getting hit on – while pregnant!

Do these dudes think they’re flattering the pregnant lass in question? Do they think, and I’m sort of grossing myself out even to say this, that not many others could possibly be hitting on a pregnant chick so maybe they’ll actually have a chance or something? Yuck.

Sadly, it might be easy to imagine that some men see a pregnant and unmarried woman as vulnerable and perhaps eager to try to secure a partner to help her or support her along the road ahead.

1More To Love

Well, it can’t be that all these women are mistaking some extra attention they receive while preg for people showing romantic interest. There has to be some truth to it, don’t you think?

Is it that these women are pregnant but not out and about with a man? And that brings the important question of where all these pick-up lines, flirtatious glances, and phone numbers asked for are occurring…

You’ve got to hope that these pregnant women aren’t out at places where people commonly go as a pretty clear sign that they’re hoping to meet someone (such as without a date to a bar).

Is it, like, at the library or doctor’s office? Or at their place of work?

The other important factor, perhaps: How many of these gals do you think are wearing some sort of especially significant jewelry on their left ring finger?

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