14Dad Jokes Get Family On The Disney Blacklist

Whisper uses confess Disney vacation fails.

Oh, dads always think they are so funny when they are publicly humiliating you. As a child, there was nothing that turned my face a deeper shade of red than when my dad would do cookies in our farm truck in the high school parking lot.

However, sometimes our innocent dads

cross that weird Dad line and get their butts in trouble. Or, in the case of this family, get their entire family blacklisted from the place every family wants to go: Disneyland.

I'm sure there were some words after this if Mom was on the trip. I can't imagine shelling out all that dough and my husband being a moron at the gate and we can't go in. I mean, you can see the glitter of the castle at that point.

I would need some serious marriage counseling after that. Not even kidding. Hell hath no fury like a mother robbed of a Disney vacation.

Whisper uses confess Disney vacation fails.
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