15Princess Forced To Battle

Whisper confessions of epic Disney vacation fails.

There are millions of little girls around the world that dream of walking up to the sparkling Disney castle, decked in their very fluffiest princess dress, walking hand-in-hand with their favorite Disney icon -- would it be Ariel? Cinderella? Pocohantas? Darth Maul?

Oh, you mean there aren't a ton of

girls, dressed as Jasmine who want to get into a physical altercation with the agile Sith Lord? Weird. Because, apparently Disney thinks it's appropriate enough to force children to battle one of the creepiest Star Wars characters of all time.

In all honesty, isn't the red-faced, serpent-eyed, horn-adorned villain a little much to have at Disneyland? This is where children go and mine have a hard enough time with talking parrots, let alone Satan himself.

Hopefully this once-little girl doesn't have PTSD from her Disney stay and doesn't run for her light saber every time she hears that iconic Disney jingle.

Whisper uses confess Disney vacation fails.
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