15 Whisper Confessions Of Parents Hiding Their Darkest Secrets From Their Kids

Whisper is an anonymous social media app that lets people make unidentified confessions and posts about literally anything they desire. They can share their innermost feelings without having to worry about anyone they know finding out about it. It’s like sharing a deepest, most private thought without having to fear any repercussions or consequences. Parents sometimes anonymously socialize on Whisper and air out their dirty laundry. It can turn into a competition about who holds the wildest secrets.

It’s shocking, at times, to see what a parent will confess about their kids, or what they have done as a parent themselves. Holding secrets are a part of human nature; it’s what we do. We all do it. Parents hide things from their kids all the time. Sometimes lying to a child could be for their own protection, to shield their feelings, or they’re simply just too young to know the truth. Other times, parents hide things from their kids because they have life altering information. Regardless of the reasons, sometimes parents just hope their kids never find out about the secrets they have been holding on to.

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15 I Am Not His Cousin

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It must be hard for a mom to see her child everyday and not have him recognize who his real mom is. A young mom on Whisper confessed how much it hurts her to see her son everyday when her son thinks she is his cousin. For whatever circumstances brought this situation about, this happens to be something that is going to be one of those events that may never be rectified. When a family member adopts another family member’s baby there is usually a good reason behind it. Perhaps the mother in question was just too young at the time and didn't feel ready to raise a baby.

This may be one of those things where the parents might think it’s best if their kid never finds out the truth. If the child were ever to find out when he gets older that his cousin was really his mother, he might take it particularly bad. Not only did the mother lie to him, but the entire family did as well. The child in question might feel betrayed by everyone he cares about.

14 Not My Favorite

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When a mom has more than one kid, she usually gets blamed for favoritism. For whatever reason, all the kids will think that one is the favorite because they get to stay out longer or they get better things. I think this tends to be the case in most households. There is generally always the child who appears to be the favorite child. In this mom’s case, picking a favorite is the furthest thing from her mind.

She better hope her kids don’t hack into her Whisper account because they would all probably be pretty mad to know what she confessed. This mom claims that not only does she not have a favorite child, but that she actually does not even like her kids in general. Most parents try to let their kids know how much they love them; I guess at least this mom doesn’t try to run with the herd.

13 Family Destruction

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A single decision can, and will, affect the rest of our lives. Parents on Whisper make all sorts of confessions with some ranging to minor admissions and others being life altering revelations. This mom confessed that she regretted her decision to keep her daughter instead of giving her up for adoption. Deciding on whether or not to keep a baby is a life changing decision, not only for the parents but for the baby as well.

This mom also confessed that her regretful decision to keep the baby is destroying her relationship with the rest of her family. This is an admission that could cause her daughter to feel a lot of guilt as she grows older if she were to ever find out that her mom felt this way. She might feel like she was the one to blame, even though it was not her fault that she was born. Kids tend to harbor a lot of guilt when they are the blameless victims in certain circumstances.

12 Failing Marriage

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Many people think that if a marriage is on the rocks a baby is a quick fix and that will bring the spark back to life. Unfortunately, children are not quick fixes. They are big commitments and often stress even the strongest marriages. If your relationship wasn't ready for children or was struggling before kids, putting kids into the equation likely won't help. 

This mom confessed on Whisper, that even though she loves her kids to death, she regrets having them. She says they are part of the reason her marriage is failing. Kids are hard work, and sometimes the sacred vows of marriage just aren’t enough to withstand putting kids before a partner. Hopefully the kids don’t find out about mom’s Whisper account because finding out that they are the reason mommy and daddy aren’t together anymore could be traumatic for them.

11 Sleeping In

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Kids are a lot of responsibility and a lot of hard work, time, and effort. If a person likes to stay up late, sleep in late, or even just hang out till all hours of the night, then they should really make sure they are using the best possible birth control method they can think of. It's hard to keep a crazy schedule where you sleep in late when you have little ones screaming for your attention at 7:00am. 

This mom confessed on Whisper that she wished she never had any kids because she misses sleeping in. I mean, who wouldn’t want to trade their kids in for another two hours of sleep? Let’s just hope that her kids never hear about her confession on Whisper, or that it was just an off day. I'm sure once she gets her first cup of coffee, she'll change her mind. 

10 Still No Love

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Being pressured into doing things, especially when they are massive life decisions, can be very difficult. Sometimes a person just has to make their own choices no matter how difficult they are because only that person will know what is truly right for themselves. This mom made a heartbreaking confession on Whisper that she could only hope her son will never see because it would be truly devastating for him.

This mom confessed that she was pressured into keeping her son by people who are pro-life and that she really regrets not having an abortion. She said that the pro-lifers told her that after she gave birth, she would fall in love with her son, and become a good mother naturally. This mom says she’s still waiting for that day to come, and that she has no love for her son. What a tough life to be leading. Hopefully this woman can find some support and find her way through motherhood. 

9 Being A Parent Is Hard

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Being a parent is hard. No one ever said it would be easy. There are no instruction manuals, no rule books, and no step-by-step guides. Some people willing choose to become parents, while for other people, it just happens. Ultimately though, it is a choice for everyone due to abortions and adoptions, so there are options out there if you don't want to be a parent. 

This parent confessed on Whisper something that most parents probably want to confess at one point or another. That they wish they never had kids simply because being a parent is hard to deal with at times. That doesn’t necessarily mean that their kids should hear them ever say it out loud or read about it on Whisper though. But most parents probably read this confession and nod in agreement. 

8 He Deserves Better

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Being a parent is hard; being a single parent is even harder. This mom confessed on Whisper the struggle of regretting giving birth to her son due to the battles of being a single mom. Everyone needs help every now and then, and unfortunately all too many times single moms just don’t get it. This mom also confessed that her son will hug her and smile at her, giving her pangs of guilt for feeling the regret in the first place.

When this single mom starts to get the guilty conscious, she’ll start to wish that her son has someone else for a mother. She feels that he deserves so much better than her. It gets tough, and hopefully, her son will never have to find out that she ever regretted him. I hope things get better for this mom. Just the fact that she wants better for her son at least shows that, yes, she may have regrets but she still loves him.

7 It’s Not Rewarding

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There are plenty of things in life that people see as being rewarding such as landing that dream job, taking a fabulous vacation, and to some people, having kids. To this mom, though, her kids are not rewarding at all. She has major regrets and credits her children with ruining her life. 

We can only hope that her kids never find out that she thinks they ruined her life. After all, they didn’t ask to be born; it just turned out that way. Life happens; kids never want to find out that they are why their parents turned out to be so miserable in life. And hopefully things turn around for this mom and she's able to find some positives in parenting. 

6 The Busy Pot Mom

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Moms take on all kinds of activities for their families and still try to find time to do what they love. Just because someone has kids and a full-time career does not necessarily mean they have to give up everything that they love doing, right? This mom made a confession on Whisper that would be for the best if her kids didn’t find out about. Actually, maybe it would be for the best if others, in general, didn’t find out about depending on the situation.

This mom admitted that she has a career, is a mother of three, a member of the school’s PTA, she actively runs her neighborhood watch group, and still is able to partake in her favorite past-time activity; she actively smokes pot every day. Sure, it’s not the worst thing in the world and is getting legalized in some states now. However, until it’s fully legalized, maybe it’s best left anonymously on Whisper.

5 I Was A Great Parent

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Everyone can be a great parent, especially before they have kids of their own. That’s when the actual work kicks in and the need for parenting is crucial. That’s what this mom confesses on Whisper, and how true that is! So many non-parents think they have parenting all figured out. Well, they are in for a big surprise! It's a lot of hard work and on the job learning. 

No child wants to hear that their parents were great parents until they came along and ruined it for them. It’s the truth though, I suppose. This mom also confesses that she can’t wait until her smug, pregnant friends see what they have in store for them once their own children are born. Seeing their smug looks get wiped off their faces would probably feel pretty good. 

4 Linked To The Ex

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Just like children can’t help the fact that they are born, they also can’t decide who their parents are or that their parents will forever be linked together because of them. This dad confessed on Whisper that although he does love his son with all his heart, he seriously regrets the fact that now he is forever linked to his ex-wife. This dad says that was his biggest mistake.

Maybe this dad should have said his biggest mistake was marrying his ex-wife, which would have sounded much nicer. His son can’t help the fact that he was born into this former broken marriage. Hopefully, his son will never find out that he was part of his dad's biggest mistake that was confessed openly on a social media app, albeit anonymously.

3 Undermining Mom

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Becoming a mom, there should be certain priorities such as, feeding your children when they are too young to feed themselves. Facebook, or any other social media outlet, should be something that is second to a hungry baby. Hopefully, these kids never find out about this parents confession, because it could truly show them where they ranked on their mother's priorities list when they were just little ones.

This dad confessed on Whisper, that while his children were screaming due to being so hungry their mother was just goofing around on social media sites. I get it though, being a parent can get weary. Plus, when the father stepped in to feed his children, the mother said he was undermining her. From here, it seems like mom should just let her partner help out and take care of some of the feeding. Although, we don't have mom's side of the story. 

2 Trade In

Isn’t it every parent’s dream to just have the perfect child? Or to design their own kid? Maybe even choose the kid they wanted? Well, that is what this parent confessed on Whisper - anonymously, luckily enough for their own children. This parent asked if there were any other parents out there like her that wanted to be able to trade in their kid for someone else’s. Things would probably be much simpler if they just had a different kid.

I can’t help but imagine how many times my own mother wanted to trade me in for a newer model. Hopefully, this parent's own children don’t actually find out about this parental fantasy because they might just take some offense to it to. I'm sure at the end of the day, they are grateful for the kid they have. 

1 Resentful Mom

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Being a mom is hard; being a teen mom is even harder. This teen mom confessed on Whisper that she resents her son being born because he ruined her life. But children do not ask to be born, so it's hard to assign them blame for any resentment a mom might feel. This child came into the world with no malicious intentions; he had no idea what circumstances he was born into. 

Hopefully, for her son’s sake, he never finds out that she felt any resentment towards him. Knowing that can mess a child up psychologically because their birth was out of their control. It's painful to hear that your own existence ruined someone else's. At least this mom was still able to confess that, yes, she does love her son. Times might feel tough now, but the storms don’t last forever.

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