15I Am Not His Cousin

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It must be hard for a mom to see her child everyday and not have him recognize who his real mom is. A young mom on Whisper confessed how much it hurts her to see her son everyday when her son thinks she is his cousin. For whatever circumstances

brought this situation about, this happens to be something that is going to be one of those events that may never be rectified. When a family member adopts another family member’s baby there is usually a good reason behind it. Perhaps the mother in question was just too young at the time and didn't feel ready to raise a baby.

This may be one of those things where the parents might think it’s best if their kid never finds out the truth. If the child were ever to find out when he gets older that his cousin was really his mother, he might take it particularly bad. Not only did the mother lie to him, but the entire family did as well. The child in question might feel betrayed by everyone he cares about.

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