15 Whisper Confessions Of Women Who Tricked Their Partner Into Pregnancy

These women deeply wanting to procreate are lucky if their partner is on board with making a baby. That's the perfect recipe! But, the ones who's...

Baby fever can make women do crazy things. For instance, I have four kids and my tubes tied -- however, now that my babies turned 1, I feel that deep aching for newborn smells. I could quite literally jump for joy over being done with the baby stages, but the wrinkle of newborn feet sends me into a fit of despair.

This feeling of a deep yearning to have children is all instinctual, I realize. It starts around age 20 and ebbs and flows until menopause. It can send the most strong-willed woman into a manic search for insemination just by smelling sweaty baby heads. Some women suck it up, spend five minutes with a baby and get slapped across the face with the reality of babies and move on with their lives. But, there are some women who can't shake the feeling.

These women deeply wanting to procreate are lucky if their partner is on board with making a baby. That's the perfect recipe! But, the ones who's significant others don't want a child at that time can do some tricky things. Like, sneakily get pregnant.

It's not just women with thundering biological clocks that "forget" to take their birth control. It's also women who feel a baby would solidify their relationship. Sadly, this tends to have the opposite effect.

Some of these women hide their secret plans to get pregnant for the rest of their lives. Some take to Whisper to anonymously confess -- hoping for a relief of the guilt. Here are 15 of the sneakiest mothers-to-be on Whisper:

15Girlfriend Thinks Baby Will Make Man Love Her

Let this be a public service announcement for any woman thinking a baby will make a man love you. It does not. In fact, in order to be nurturing, able-minded parents, there needs to be a hell of a lot of love before the baby comes in order to make it through the roller coaster of parenthood.

This woman obviously is in a hard place -- thinking her boyfriend hates her can't be a good feeling. However, if he truly does hate you, tricking him into pregnancy is only going to add fuel to the fire. Let's say he never found out, he will still be resentful that he is stuck in a relationship with someone he can't stand. Odds are, sooner or later, he will be out of there and you'll be back in the dating pool with epic amounts of baggage.

If you think: sleepless nights, postpartum depression, a deflated body, emotional instability, no sex for months and all the other lovely downsides of parenthood will make a relationship better, you're very sadly mistaken.

14Woman Uses Sneaky Pregnancies To Keep Having Wild Sex

Okay, once you pick your jaw up off the floor on this one -- I have lots of questions. First of all, no. Second of all, how does this outrageous form of abortion-contraception make you not worried about getting pregnant?! Newsflash! You already are pregnant.

Something went completely array in this woman's brain when it comes to birth control. Either she completely lacks the sexual education -- or she is a sociopath who cares about no one but herself.

I'm not one to get into an abortion debate, but I'm pretty sure we can all agree this is a blatant abuse of a service many women fought very hard to have access too. These are the types of women who create such an uproar in the abortion debate.

Maybe it's time to learn how to have shower sex on your period and avoid trips to the clinic multiple times a year. Would save a lot of money and not be morally reprehensible.

13Wife Upset Husband Is Entrapped By Another Woman

People have much more dramatic lives than I do. I'm sitting here watching Orange Is The New Black as my most scandalous activity. Meanwhile, this woman appears to be okay that her husband is sleeping with another woman and just more worried that the woman lied about birth control.

If I can say one thing, don't ever, ever, ever trust another person with the birth control. Bring your own condoms to the dog and pony show. There are much too many loonies out there looking for a baby to be taking chances. Also, don't ever believe a woman you barely know who says she is taking the pill. Use a condom. And, if you don't like condoms and don't want kids, get a vasectomy! Done deal. Nobody's going to get your child support checks then.

I truly feel badly for this man's wife, but when you are seemingly okay with your man getting it on with another woman, you have to realize women can be nuts and things like this are bound to happen. You're just asking for it.

12Woman Gets Pregnant For Rich Man's Child Support

Wow. I just can't.

I wish there was a way to make this type of thing illegal. To seduce men with money, purposefully poke holes in a condom, and want to get pregnant so you can live off his child support?! What in the actual?!

I have to say -- it doesn't matter if you have a dime or a million in the bank -- never trust someone else with the loaded gun. Always bring contraception that you know is safe. Yes, if I was rich I would be a tickle more leery about women trying to get 18 years of paychecks, but when alcohol and a seductress are involved, all bets are off for most rich men.

Hopefully, this woman didn't end up pregnant, gets exposed and learns a lesson. But, that's a dream world and people like this will continue entrapping men around the world. Be warned and wrap it up.

11Woman Wishing Ex Will Have Sex So She Can Entrap Him

In my early years, I was mega crazy in the dating world. Insecure. Constantly worrying. Always texting/calling. It was obnoxious and sad but came from a place of being unsure of myself and never truly believing in myself.

With that being sad, even my crazy ass can't wrap my mind around this business. Having sex with an ex is something most people can admit to. Poking holes in condoms in order to have their child because you miss them? That's next level. Trust me, he is not going to miss you when he figures this out.

He is your ex for a reason. Remember that. You want a baby? There are other, less messy options. Adoption, artificial insemination, there are options out there for women wanting babies without men in their lives. Don't make someone who doesn't want to be with you stuck with you forever because you're lonely. That's incredibly selfish.

10Teenager Stops Taking Pill Hoping For Baby

Let this be a lesson to all of us, schools today don't have proper sexual education. I say, we load the high schoolers into buses and drop them off at houses where kids under five live. I'd say I could ruin at least two students at a crack. No one would get pregnant again.

If teenagers knew the magnitude of responsibility that comes with being a parent, there wouldn't be Whispers like this one where a teenage girl is looking to trap another child with pregnancy just because she wants a baby so badly.

Let's all send positive vibes that this wish did not come true for this truly irresponsible teenager. Teen parents are robbed of their young adult experiences and the majority of them regret this later in life. You're going to want to experience those years without being responsible for another human being

9Woman 5 Weeks Pregnant After Lying About Birth Control

Being pregnant is a chore. Your mind and body will be exhausted for the next year. That's right, it doesn't stop when the baby tears through your body -- it lingers for a few more months (maybe years) afterwards. Along with all of this, you don't need to add the guilt that comes along with hiding a huge secret like this.

No one wants their child to be born on a lie -- with a dark spot in your memory of how he/she was conceived. If you have to lie about not taking your birth control, odds are, your significant other didn't exactly agree to trying for a child. There is some reason there that they don't want a child. Forcing one on someone who might not be ready is a recipe for disappointments throughout both the child and your lives.

Although this mother has already started her child's life in such a negative way -- let's all try to take the mature responsible approach that comes along with parenthood. Better start now!

8Woman Lies About Birth Control To Get Child Support Check

I hate to break it to women who trick men into pregnancies just to collect monthly child support checks, but the money is exactly that: child support. Legally, this money is going to support the child's lifestyle -- not yours.

So, for those of you thinking you're going to be livin' large, that might not be the case. Not only would it be a custody battle, that money can disappear overnight. What if you get pregnant and tomorrow their business goes bankrupt? They lose their jobs? Die?

Then, there you sit, pregnant and now you have to support this child. It appears you don't have a huge sense of responsibility, or work ethic, for that matter, so I'm assuming you're going to continue this toxic cycle? This is a huge gamble to take and a very ugly place to bring a child into this world. Think of the responsibility before you take this dark path.

7Woman Overcome With Entrapment Guilt

Sometimes, those of us who aren't looking to make a buck off a man, get caught up in the sexual episode, not want to stop for a condom, and lie about the pill to keep things moving. Hate to say, this is still not right, but something I might be able to wrap my mind around, and this woman is facing a guilty pregnancy because of it.

It's reassuring, though, that even though it's an ugly lie, at least this woman feels a sense of guilt over it. That makes me hopeful that a child might be raised by someone with at least a moral code over some of these other lecherous women on the list.

All I can say is, hopefully it's just a pregnancy scare and this can be a life lesson for this woman to learn for the rest of her life. Rest assured, it sounds like she won't be making this same mistake again.

6Woman Wants Baby For All The Wrong Reasons

A baby is not a memento or souvenir. It is not meant to warm and snuggly. A baby is a giant responsibility. It has needs (like a loving home) in order to properly survive in the human race. Getting pregnant for selfish reasons is not the best first step when creating another person.

Also, if you already predict the relationship won't last, maybe it isn't as great as you surmise? Do you really want something to remind you every day of a relationship that went sour? You will be tied to this person you already know you don't want to be with for the rest of your lives. It sounds warm and dreamy, now, when you're in love but it won't when he is in a new relationship and so are you.

Seriously, does anyone want to babysit at my house for an hour? You'll be getting your tubes tied by sundown.

5Woman's Trick Pregnancy Turns Out As Planned

I hate to even post this one in here because it is the dream scenario for women who are tricking men into pregnancies. The dream is the relationship will strengthen, marriage will be great and you'll just live forever with that tiny little secret.

First of all, please don't take this as a rule but merely an exception when it comes to entrapment. Secondly, this woman is obviously carrying guilt around every day if she is still anonymously confessing it on Whisper? Do you want that in your life? Third, what if your spouse somehow found out. Maybe a friend tells him or you do after too many glasses of wine -- either way, you have no idea how he (or your child) will react. It may seem splendid now, but everything could change in a heartbeat.

4Woman Pokes Holes In Condom Because She Misses Babies

Does she know there are other ways to have a child than trick someone into giving you one? I'm sure there are other, equally crazy, people out there who want to impregnate people they don't know. I know this because there are plenty of Whispers about that too.

So, there, now you're match-made with someone of your own caliber and let this poor guy off the hook that you're trying to lock down for 18 years. Seriously. Don't just think about your own selfish needs. Think about the pressure you are putting on this man as well as what you are bringing a baby into. Sooner or later the reality of that needs to be considered.

Please, before you make such an enormous decision, talk about it to a friend. I'm sure most people would try to explain the reality of the decision you are making. Preferably talk to a friend who already has children. You'll be scared straight afterwards.

3Woman Gets Pregnant To Win A Man Over

I'm not convinced this whisper is as "smiley face" as it seems. How great of a relationship did you win if it required you to get pregnant in order to start? That was what you wanted to remember as the reason you're "in love" is because you were trying to beat another girl for his attention?

Don't you feel like you'd live the rest of your life wondering what if you hadn't gotten pregnant? Would he still be with you? Don't you want a man to be with you solely based on what you offer and not because he feels morally obligated to? If he had a hard time choosing between the two of you makes it quite sad to begin with.

Maybe date around yourself for a bit and see what is out there. Just because it's the only relationship option you see at the moment does not mean there aren't better ones available. Trust me, there are relationships you don't have to begin based on a lie.

2Mom Shows The Reality Of "Successful" Entrapment

Here is the reality for the women who think they "won" the man over or "have him forever." The realness of being a parent erodes away the relationship they thought they wanted and they are left with the ugly truth of their relationship. Things dissolve in one way or another sooner or later. It's inevitible.

This woman felt she suceeded to save her marriage initially. That thought process carried her though pregnancy and, suddenly, you realize you just had a kid with someone who didn't want to be with you. I hope, for both your sakes, you wisen up and go off on your own. Whether or not he finds out you entrapped him -- I hope you have enough belief in yourself to want something better for your life.

I would also hope you would do that for your new child because that is the type of role model a child needs in life. Not one that tricks and lies to people.

1Woman Turns Pregnancy Scare Into Trick Pregnancy

I get the feeling. Back before I was ever old enough or mature enough or settled enough to have a child, I would get sad after a pregnancy scare. It's that damn biological clock telling you time is running out. I'm pretty sure any woman over 20 has had a sad pregnancy scare they weren't prepared for.

This woman just couldn't shake that feeling of sadness over the baby she had already imagined. So, she took matters into her own hands and tricked her husband into getting pregnant.

Her baby is a mere 4 months old and she feels guilt already about lying to her husband about the baby. That's a husband ladies. Those of you who are trying to entrap one-night stands better think long and hard about what your future may hold if you are "successful" in tricking someone into impregnating you. It might not be as dreamy as it seems.

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